Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

Music - The Universal Language

Pupils of the Music Theory class study the technical side of music. They experiment with simple melodies and learn to arrange parts for music.

These music majors are undoubtedly the civic music leaders of tomorrow — the members of our music clubs, orchestras, and choruses.

To accomodate students with a special interest in music, Springfield High School offers courses in theory and music literature, officially called Music Major.

In Music Literature classes the students study and compare the effects of various instruments, the performances of artists, and the types of music, both modern and classical.


James Logan, Bob Crabtree, Lanny Beekman, Roger Hileman, Bob Bradley, Jerry Oberly, Jim Kincaid, Jim McCampbell, George Spears, Ronnie Howard, Dick Halloway, Paul Osborne, Dick Rude, Dick Tope, Emerson Oberlin, Jim Hagans, Dick Tossey, Richard Freeman, Dave Nelson, Don Jones, pianist. (Click on image for a larger view in a new window)

Carol Wright (pianist), Shirley Armentrout, Barbara Beasley, Nancy Shaw, Mary Ruth Van Horn, Polly Petty, Jan Dunbar, Bryer Chynoweth, Betty Hansell, Jacqueline James, Anne Wildman, Joyce Osborne, Ann Cox, Marilyn Ansevin, Anne Kyle. (Click on image for a larger view in a new window)

A Glee Club

Sue Kelly, Betty Feagans, Marselene Gray, Charlotte Boster, Ruth Ash, Joan Patten, Susan Hoyle, Roberta Upshaw, Clarinna Reeves, Carole Crow, Wanda Whitelow, Rita Patton, Nina Murphy, Carolyn Peel, Marilyn Myers, Peggy Sharpe, Carolyn Longo, Mary Hopkins, Leona Beegle, Mary Jane Roberts, Peggy Fenton, Louise Ayers, Joyce Boilon, Carolyn Yarger, Carolyn Henry, Mary McDonald, Alvina Bules, Delores Challender, Pat Morgan, Shirley McCullen, Betty Slough, Marjorie Kennon, Pauline Whitaker, Diane Buzzell, Evelyn French, Catherine Bostick, Alta Lou Ray, Sue Nave, Ethel Glenn, Evelyn Bogard, Florence Montgomery, Donna Frazier, Norma Balzer, Nancy Osborne, Annabelle Circle, Mary Ann McCarthy, Dorothy Newland, Doris Denney, Janet Corwin, Shirley Kimble, Joanne Clark, Marian Stauffer, Ruth Spragg. (Click on image for a larger view in a new window)

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