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Springfield High School Class of 1951

Board of Education

Springfield HS 1951 Yearbook

The members of the Board of Education are Mr. Bitner Browne, Mrs. E. T. Bodenberg, Mr. Don Applegate, Mr. E. E. Forrer, Mr. Max Reigh, Mr. Mark Snyder, and Mr. E. E. Holt, Superintendent of Schools.

E. E. Holt
E. E. Holt

Dan Ackerman
Dan Ackerman
Director of Personnel for
Springfield Public Schools

The Springfield schools suffered a great loss this year in the death of Mark Snyder. He has for many years been associated with the work of our city schools. For a time he was Supervisor of Music and for the last twelve years he has served as a member of the Board of Education. We have indeed lost a friend in his passing.

The interests of the Board of Education cover the entire school system — the construction and maintenance of the buildings, the curriculum, the faculty, the wise choice of texts. Springfield High School has recently become conscious of their activities in the refurnishing of rooms, in the installation of modern phosphorescent lighting, and in the modernization of our kitchen, dining room, and study halls planned for next year.

Thus, through wise management, our Board of Education plans to secure and keep for us, the students of Springfield High School, a better and happier World of Tomorrow.

Chandler Sweet
Chandler Sweet
Carrie Vonderheide
Carrie Vonderheide
Dorothy Botkin
Dorothy Botkin
E. E. Forrer
E. E. Forrer, Business Manager
Armelda Funderberg
Armelda Funderberg, Secretary
Helen Foster
Helen Foster, Secretary
Pauline Dillahunt
Pauline Dillahunt
Ruth Foster
Ruth Foster
Mildred Hartman
Mildred Hartman, Clerk
Virgie Bright
Virgie Bright
Olive Reeves
Olive Reeves
Barbara Locey
Barbara Locey


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