Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield High School Class of 1951

Any student interested in art may be a member of the Art League; however, membership is composed largely of the art classes. The group, which is made up of twenty-eight members, meets monthly.

The Art League helps Springfield High by taking the responsibility of advertising for various school projects by drawing posters. Winners of the 1950-51 drawing contest were Howard Tuvelle — first, and Susan Bullock — second. This entitled them to become members of the Springfield Art Association.

The programs vary during the year. Different projects are appreciation subjects such as Thanksgiving, a drawing contest, or an outdoor sketching trip. Each year the Art League holds one meeting at the Wittenberg Art Department, or if occasion permits, a trip to the home of Mrs. J. W. Morgan to learn about firing ceramics. Through these programs, our future artists discover new interests in their field.

Photographic Society

The aims of the Photographic Society are many. The most important aim of the organization is to give its members an opportunity to express their creative abilities by taking, developing, and printing pictures.

Since photography is the hobbyof most of the members, another aim of the club is to give its members a chance to gain more experience in the field of photography. At various meetings the members have discussed the physics of light, the lens, and the filter. They have also visited several commercial photographic establishments in Springfield. Thus the members all receive valuable experience and training.

Members of the Photographic Society pictured at the left are Ronald Naille and Terry Valentiner. In the center is Ronnie Rowand. At the right of the picture are Norman Roberts and Bob Forster. This picture was furnished by the Society.


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