Clark County, Ohio

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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


was organized from the One Hundred and Seventeenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, during the summer of 1863. August 12th of that year is the date of its muster, as an artillery corps. It was composed of twelve companies, with five officers and one hundred and forty-seven men each, and an aggregate strength of one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine officers and men.

During its recruitment, it constructed the extensive earthworks around Covington and Newport, making Cincinnati one of the strongest fortified cities in the Union. After a tedious march of nine days, through the deep snow and extreme cold, the regiment arrived at Knoxville, Tenn., the 9th of March, 1864. In August, it was one of the principle [sic] forces employed against Wheeler, to protect the rear of Sherman's army. Among other affairs in which this regiment participated, was the plan of trapping the rebel guerrillas, by taking possession of the fords at night, and ambushing them; in this way Capt. Norman and his whole band of "Bushwackers;" were killed or taken prisoners. The First Heavy Artillery was with Gen. Stoneman in the advance of 1865, and after the surrender of Lee and Johnston, it was stationed in the mountains of Georgia and South Carolina until it was ordered to Camp Dennison, Ohio, where it was mustered out and discharged on the 1st day of August, 1865.

NOTE. — From official rolls and data furnished by W. W. Burnett.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

First Lieutenant, Wm. H. Wallace
Vongilder, James
Waldron, John
Wildasin, Jas. K.P.
Owens, Samuel H.
Judy, Patrick
Wike, Albert
Frock, Daniel d
Fergason, Benjamin
Toland, Moses dd
Linaweaver, Wm. Corp.
Howell, Frank
Biser, Theodore
Burnett, Wm. W.
Cline, Henry
Farrell, Alexander
Ford, Wm. C.
Gilmore, Michael
Knott, David P.
Lacrone, Lewis
McCullough, George W. Corp.
McLellan, Abram
Byon, Michael
Sheets, Henry
Sheets, Samuel
Strayer, John F.
Strayer, Edward L.
Moser, Isaac
Burk, Wm.
Cary, Joseph P.
Hill, Samuel, Jr.
Hill, Samuel, Sr.
Hill, Robert
Smithson, Wm., dd
Hermon, Chas.
Jones, Edwin, d
Lowen, Henry
Cline, John L., Sergt.
Custer, Geo. L., Corp.
Costello, Patrick, Corp.
Copes, Wm., Corp.
Blair, John F. dd
Cordell, Israel.
Flynn, John. dd Soldier's Home
Gellespie, Henry P. dd
Ingersoll, Albert L.
Lockhart, Jas. W.
Miller, Robert M.
Mendenhall, Jas. Corp.
Reid, Nelson
Rickert, Christian
Sayler, John W.
Store, Edwin R.
Thompson, Wm. H.
Knott, John d
West, Stacy
Baker, Jonathan F.
Coss, Samuel
Nye, Ephraim
Underwood, A.H. p
Warner, Philip, pd Capt.
Hedrick, P.L.
Landaker, Isaac
Shafer, James
Coss, Washington
Fryer, Thomas
Pierce, Jacob
Warner, Lewis. w
Hedrick, John, pd Capt.
Hartwell, William
Landaker, Gideon
Sprague, Charles
Williams, H.K., pd Lieut.


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