Clark County, Ohio

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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


In September, 1862, the rebel forces, under Kirby Smith, made a demonstration in front of Cincinnati, which, at that time, was in a comparatively unprotected condition. Immediate preparations were begun for the proper reception of the attacking force. Business was suspended, and the city placed under the strict requirements of martial law. Every one was armed with something, and assigned to duty, either in the ranks of the militia, or in the gangs of laborers on the earthworks. Gov. Tod called upon the citizens of the State to rally to the defense of its Southern border, and the 'Squirrel Hunters' came by thousands." The command of the city and environs was given to Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace, who, upon taking his leave of the district, after the thretened danger had been averted, issued the address from which this quotation is made: "You were appealed to. The answer will never be forgotten. Paris may have seen something like it in her revolutionary days, but the cities of America never did. The Legislature passed a resolution of thanks, and authorized the issue of a finely executed lithographic discharge certificate to every one of the minute-men who rushed to the rescue.

Clark County furnished a great number of men during this short call. As little effort was made to keep any record of the improptu organizations, the only data to be had is from the mouths of those who participated in the movement, and an occasional scrap from some private note book. From one of the latter, in possession of W.J. Irving, the following roll is taken:

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, Luther Brown, dd commanding the Provisional Battalion.
Lieutenant, Edward M. Doty, commanding the company.
Lieutenant, Martin Carey.
First Sergeant, William J. Irving.
Ashley, M.M.
Archford, T.
Arbogast, Harvey
Alexander, A.J.
Allers, A.
Buffington, S.K.
Burnett, W.R.
Bancroft, —
Buffington, B.V.
Baker, J.E.
Brown, Lew
Bockway, F.
Brain, W.G.
Bacon, Charles H.
Blakeney, W.
Bancroft, L.
Burnett, Theodore
Bretney, Clay
Crooker, H.E.
Crooker, C.J.
Craig, W.
Cooper, J.M.
Coles, F.E.
Carrigan, J.
Compton, D.
Compton, C.H.
Cochran, A.P.L.
Castle, Mart
Christey, R.V.B.
Croal, A.B.
Clark, Lew
Cushmer, D.
Coleman, J. Lamar
Dawson, H.
Dean, A.
Driscol, George W.
Dorwin, L.C.
Dunlap, A.
French, Q.A.
Foos, L.M.
Foos, G.S.
Flemming, J.
Foley, H.C.
Funk, J.
Fisher, C.
Green, G.W.
Green, F.W.
Humphreys, J.W.
Harrison, J.M.
Himes, J.M.
Hubbells, R.
Holt, C.B.
Huffman, A.O.
Hayward, J.N.
Hass, G.W.
Huckins, J.
Humphrey, A.J.
Hatch, Asa
Hartstoon, Fred
Johnson, E.
King, C.
Kennedy, M.
Keller, Jerry
Kershner, L.
Ludlow, F.
Ludlow, J.W.
Lowry, J.W.
Lock, W. B.
Littler, J.H.
Leffel, F.
Michael, W.G.
McIntire, A.H.
McIntire, S.S.
Martin, J.C.
May, J.
McLean, D.
Miller, C.J.
Moody, J.
Meenick, R.B.
Miller, C.
Moore, Morrison
Myers, Edward
McCormic, F.
Muzzy, R.H.
Neill, W.W.
Nixon, H.M.
Nelson, H.
Neely, D.W.
Nash, M.
Peterson, H.
Phillips, H.Z.
Phillips, Jason W.
Powell, S.
Powers, J.W.
Paige, A.J.
Pierce, C.H.
Pool, Rodd
Runyon, A.L.
Roderick, C.
Shaffer, S.N.
Stewart, John
Sheader, John
Spencer, R.K.
Skilman, Phil
Smith, Nelson
Spicer, —
Shaw, W.
Smith, Ed.
Simpson, Ed.
Steelman, W.
Turner, G.W.
Tolland, Moses
Williams, E.A.
Wood, Samuel
Wait, Oscar
Wright, W.
Ward, Washington
Ward, John
Worthington, John.


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