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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


This Battery was organized at Dayton, Ohio, by Capt. A.A. Blount, and mustered in the United States service at that place on the 21st of August, 1862. It entered the field on the 3d of September, to assist in repelling an expected attack from Gen. Kirby Smith. It was present at the destruction of O. & S. Railway, and at the five days' fight at the Chickasaw Bayou; it participated in the capture of Arkansas Post, where it suffered much from disease, poor rations, and no surgical attention. it is next found with the Thirteenth Army Corps, in the campaigns against Vicksburg, and was engaged in the battles of Port Gibson, Champion Hills, Black River Bridge, and forty-seven days in the siege of Vicksburg; after which it took part in the demonstrations against Jackson, and went with the Thirteenth Army Corps to New Orleans, where it arrived about the middle of August. It was in the fight at Grand Coteau, November 3, 1863, where it lost twenty-five men, twenty-one horses, one gun, and one caisson. Next it took part in the capture of Fort Morgan, and was in the expedition against the city of Mobile. While in the service, the Seventeenth was in ten battles and sieges, fired 14,000 rounds of ammunition, lost upward of forty men by death, and marched more than ten thousand miles by land and water. It was one of the organizations which received the thanks of the Ohio Legislature for services at Arkansas Post, and was honorably mentioned in the official reports of Gens. A.J. Smith, McClernand, Burbridge, Washburn and Col. Owen, by the last, for special services at Grand Coteau.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, Ambrose A. Blount.
Captain, Charles S. Rice.
First Lieutenant, George A. Ege.
First Lieutenant, William A. Hunt, Jr.
First Lieutenant, Absolom H. Mattox.
Second Lieutenant, William C. Howard.
Second Lieutenant, Jeremiah Yeazel.
Second Lieutenant, Abner Tuttle. d
Second Lieutenant, Absalom H. Mattos, pd First Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant, Wm. Hunt, Jr., pd Dirst Lieutenant.
Second Lieutenant, Frank H. Houghton.
Second Lieutenant, Solomon R. Strayer.
First Sergeant, Clay H. Osborn
Quartermaster Sergeant, John Fry.
Sergeant, John L. Kyle.
Sergeant, John Osborn
Sergeant, Martin Mahar.
Sergeant, John E. Tuttle
Sergeant, Emanuel Mitzell.
Corporal, John Huffman
Corporal, John B. Croft.
Corporal, Henry J. May.
Corporal, Wm. A. Yeazell.
Corporal, William Roller.
Corporal, Jacob Stoler.
Corporal, Upton Elifritz. pd First Lieutenant, O.N.G.
Corporal, Isaiah Richards.
Corporal, John Sultzbaugh.
Bugler, William Eby
Artificer, Robert B. Canfield.
Artificer, Frederick J. Funk.
Arthur, Joseph
Berker, Soloman P.
Brand, James
Barcafer, Clemens
Barr, Andrew
Boyer, Adam C.
Bukingham, Oliver M.
Clark, Oliver T. dd
Condron, Thomas
Cunningham, P. dd
Chamberlin, Usiah
Doyle, Frank
Davy, Thomas P.
Elifritz, Charles
Fry, Henry
Freeman, John F.
Fareman, Samuel dd
Gorden, Giles
Hyle, Samuel
Hause, Samuel B.
Judy, David
Juppenlatz, Fred D. dd
Krudig, Martin
Kiger, Moses
Kelley, Charles W.
Henry M. Breneman
Bishop, Benjamin
Burns, Bernard
Dalie, John G.
De Lang, Alfred
Dolon, William
Gallagher, James
Hooren, Alfred
Harrison, William H.
Jackson, Augustus
Kennedy, John
Levick, John P. p
Livingston, William
May, John A.
Nicholas, Sebastian C. p
Nixon, Morris H.
Nixon, Martin
Prince, James K.
Pry, Jacob B.
Quinn, John p
Rodgers, Hamilton A. dd
Reed, John
Sheckey, Valentine
Scranton, James H. p
Sultzbach, Henry
Shipman, Hampton dd
Stover, Martin L.
Sprecher, Gus A.
Sparrow, Elisha dd
Teach, Martin
Troxel, Robert dd
Ulery, Abraham
Venrick, Henry J.
Venrick, Levi
Vinal, William H.
Warner, William
Weeks, Charles E.
Whitmyer, Israel dd
Webb, John dd
Welsh, John B.
Wright, Clayton
Smith, Samuel B.
Wheatly, F.H. dd
Lowery, James M.
Martin, William C.
Mason, Frank
Nall, Henry
Tucker, Albert J.
Woodall, John
Wood, Charles
Snyder, Edwin dd
Smith, William
Shockey, Isaac dd
Shockey, Joseph dd
Teach, Isaiah
Thompson, Henry
Thatcher, John L. dd
Allbright, Solomon
Butler, John
Bumcrats, Samuel M.
Brant, Cooks
Bumcrats, James S.
Coffee, Jeremiah
Clindeh, Adnrew
Dwane, Edwin dd
Fitch, Charles
Goudy, William A. d
Heaslett, Abram E.
Kiblinger, Jacob
Ledbetter, Joseph
Moody, Peter d
McKanny, Patrick d
Nowlon, William
Phares, James
Canada, Matthew
Hardman, Nelson
Wentz, Charles R.
Brown, William, pd Major
Davy, George F.
Foley, James W. dd
Fry, George W.
Gotwals, Christian dd
Haley, Michael dd
Haley, Luke
Harrison, John F.
King, Mathew
Mills, Thomas
Potter, B. Charles dd
Perry, John
Robbins, Chan. Jr., pd Lieutenant U.S. Col'd Troops
Shorkey, Jacob M.
Scott, John
Shottler, Frederick dd
Venrick, Adam dd
Wilker, William D.
Wood, William J.
Wolf, John W.
Alexander, William J.
Crawford, Eli
Hunt, William F.
Lodge, William N.
Littler, Nathan C.
Moody, James
McGlynn, Thomas
Mitchell, Charles E.
Rue, Walter
Shoupe, William A.
NOTE. — The data for the above are from rolls, notes and statements, furnished by Corporals Upton Elifritz and Isaiah Richards, late of this command.


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