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From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


This Company was organized at Camp Piqua, Miami County, Ohio, under the immediate supervision of Col. Joseph W. Frizell. The officers were appointed on the 22d of July, 1872, and, so vigorously was the recruiting prosecuted, that in just one month, 1,010 men were mustered into the United States service.

On the 28th of August, without uniforms or camp equipage, and never having been drilled as a regiment, it was ordered to Kentucky to resist the approaching columns of Kirby Smith. The colors of the Ninety-fourth are emblazoned with the battle names of Hoover's Gap, Dug Gap, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, Sherman's march to Atlanta, Buzzard's Roost, Resaca, Kingston, Pumpkin-Vine Creek, Kenesaw Mountain, and some half a dozen others. It was the first body of troops to enter Raleigh, N.C., was in the grand review at Washington, where it was mustered out on the 6th of June, 1865, with an aggregate of 338 men, "All that were left of them, left of" one thousand and ten.

Clark County contributed Companies A and G of this regiment. Col. David King went out as Major of this corps, and was promoted Lieutenant Colonel.

The following is from official rolls, field notes, and statements from Capts. Winger and McConkey, and others:


k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, Perry Stewart.
First Lieutenant, Hezekiah Kershner.
Second Lieutenant, Amaziah Winger. pd Captain.
First Sergeant, Henry C. Cushman. pd First Lieutenant.
Second Sergeant, George Elder pd Second Lieutenant.
Third Sergeant, William H. Arbogast.
Fourth Sergeant, George W. Hardacre.
Fifth Sergeant, Levi Kolp.
First Corporal, John Symonds. k
Second Corporal, John V. Pursell. w
Third Corporal, Thomas C. Hirst. w
Fourth Corporal, Jacob Volmer. p
Fifth Corporal, Samuel Shellabarger. d
Sixth Corporal, William A. roberts.
Seventh Corporal, Andrew C. Glace. w dd
Eighth Corporal, Jacob A. Henkle.
Teamster, Cyrus Rhodes.
Musician, Frederick Baugh. dd
Musician, Valerius C. Gelwicks.
Alexander, William J.
Albin, Lemuel k
Babb, Jacob S. dd
Baker, William C. d p
Baker, Rudolph
Bennett, Lucius A.
Bruner, Adam
Babb, Peter k
Bruner, John
Conrad, G.W.
Clum, George
Collins, John S.
Colison, I. M.
Conklin, David J.
Cowan, Sameul S.
Colison, Samuel R. dd
Crane, Charles A.
Detrick, George
Detrick, Samuel
Dessenberg, John
Doyle, Thomas
Dudley, Nathan T.
Elder, W.
Elder, R.N.
Filbert, T. P. k
Faux, J. C.
Faux, James
Fell, Williams
Filbert, Jacob C.
Gorden, Olly k
Gram, Joseph
Grisso, George
Hagan, Augustus
Hensley, Adam
Haynes, William H.
Harris, Samuel
Hardacre, Milton k
Harrington, John dd
Heffley, Charles
Henkle, Clark
Henslee, Peter H.
Hensley, John
Herr, John
Herman, William H.
Hoffman, Martin
Hoover, Michael
Huffman, Peter
Hughes, Patrick
Jenkins, Daniel
Kauffman, Abraham
Kingore, Samuel B. w
Kitchen, Ed. N.
Leedle, Richard
Lohnes, George k
McKinlee, David E.
McKinney, Tully p
Minnich, Joseph
Minnich, John L.
Mills, Thomas D.
Miller, Samuel
Moore, William, Jr.
Patterson, david
Pool, Roswell A. dd
Parks, Charles
Rickett, Robert k
Shay, Timothy
Schaeffer, Joseph W.
Schrader, William d
Schuman, Joseph S.
Sidenstick, Daniel
Sidenstick, J.H. k
Simpson, George
Suitz, George
Sparr, Andrew J. w
Stewart, James
Swabb, Solomon
Taylor, Elijah
Twist, George W. w
Varvel, John P.
Walker, Robert J.
Walker, Joseph S.
Winger, Benjamin D. d
Winger, Granville
Whitmyer, Adam R. w
Wooley, Samuel
Ward, Timothy
Young, Daniel
Young, Malcolm
NOTE. — The above is copied from the Republic issued the day that this company returned. It has been inspected by Capts. Winger and Perry Stewart, and pronounced correct.

Captain Charles U. Gibson. pd Major
First Lieutenant, Nathan M. McConkey. pd Captain.
Second Lieutenant, Morrison M. Markwith. pd First Lieutenant
First Sergeant, Hiram L. McConkey.
Sergeant David B. Hale.
Sergeant, Marfitt Hawkin.
First Sergeant, James B. Cross. k
Sergeant, Benjamin Golden. Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps.
Corporal, Aaron S. Turner.
Corporal, William Jones.
Corporal, John W. Ball.
Corporal, Eli Ropp.
Corporal, George W. Harris d
Corporal, William Kills. wd
Corporal, Harrison Willson.
Corporal, Isaiah Wood. w
Corporal, Franklin B. Turner. Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps.
Wagoner, Levi McClintic d
Thomas B. Finney.
Bymaster, George W. w
Cremer, Samuel G.
Evans, William
Fuller, Absalom J.
Harnish, Jacob p
Hartley, Samuel
Jones, Sandusky
Judy, Jesse
Lintner, Julius
Lockhart, John
Micklin, Michael
McCorkle, George W.
Near, William H.
Pearson, George L.
Ropp, John W.
Roberts, Isaac M.
Turbutton, Jesse
Wiltison, Edmund B.
Wilson, Edmund B.
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, John
Bumgardner, George W. p
Ritchie, John S. p
Waltman, Joseph p
Bell, Wales M. k
Dutro, John k
Lockhart, James k
Taylor, Stephen D. k
Beason, George W. d
Beason, James V. d
Cremer, Andrew d
Cox, Melyn d
Davis, Archibald d
Demoy, Jacob M.
Dulany, John W. d
Harden, Thomas d
Johnson, John W. d
Jones, Sylvester d
Laybourn, Henry V. d
Muma, Christian d
Palmer, Francis M. d
Roher, K. d
Stephenson, Joel d
Young, William R. d
Barringer, Benjamin
Bumgardner, Isaac
Clayton, William H.
Evans, Jesse M.
Ferguson, Enos N.
Fisher, Joseph H.
Hammon, Jacob
Harris, William J.
Hoover, John
Melona, James
Price, Isaac D.
Slusser, George
Wallace, William
Wingfield, Felix w
Everhart, William C.
Lang, James
Near, James
Roberts, Daniel M.
Smallwood, William
Tavender, Flavius
Wilson, John
Brielry, Henry C. Shanks, William B.
NOTE. — The above is from a very complete and well preserved official duplicate, furnished by Capt. McConkey.


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