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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers


was organized from a battalion intended as a nucleus for the 6th Ohio Cavalry. It was ordered to the "far West" in April, 1862, and arrived at Fort Leavenworth soon after, when the greater portion were sent 700 miles farther on to Fort Laramie; then began a campaign, which for hardship, privation, exposure and all that goes to make a soldier's life uncomfortable, was not experienced by any other body of volunteer troops from this or any other State. The reader will find a good account of all this in Reid's "Ohio in the War.

The family of the late Capt. Thomas P. Clarke are residents of this city, and were, during a portion of the time, with him in the field. From them a narrative of the details has been obtained, but the limits of this article forbid any extended use of the same. Capt. Levi M. Rinehart was killed by the Indians, while on duty with this corps, and through the personal efforts of Capt. Clarke the body was cared for, and by him brought to frineds here, and buried in Fern Cliff. The 11th was mustered out in July, 1863, being the last troops in service from Ohio. This county furnished the following-named men for this regiment:

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, Thomas P. Clarke, dd.
Sergeant, John M. Merriman.
Sergeant, William H. Morris.
Corporal, James S. Rice.
Corporal, William Powell.
Bugler, Ira B. Smith.
Brown, John W.
Baker, Enoch
Cook, Albert L.
Cowan, John S.
Drake, Thomas C.
Franklin, Hiram
Heckman, Absolom
Hagerty, Michael
Jones, Newton B.
Kimball, William
Durkee, Thomas H.
Madden, Peter
Myers, William
Micholland, John
Mason, Nathaniel
Perry, John
Reynolds, James D.
Rathburn, David
Warren, Thomas
Captain, Levin M. Rinehart, killed by Indians.
Bretney, H. Clay
Andrus, Ezra
Rockerfield, D.E.
Finch, S.I.
Cook, Charles A.B.
Garrett, John A.
Kaove, William P.
Kelly, George P.
McCluskey, Joseph
Roddy, Michael
Tallman, Stanley W.
Dellinger, John
McMeen, John
Meed, Alfred W.
Gallagher, Cushing
Petters, William
Holbrook, Calvin B.
Ingersoll, Oscar E.
Palmer, Daniel L.
Warrell, William
Coan, Patrick, k
Dellinger, L.C., w
Gearheart, George
Lyman, Samuel E.
Main, Peter
Osborne, George P.
Rhodes, John, w
Ward, Timothy, Sergt.
Drum, Thomas, d
Carne, William, w
King, Thomas p

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