Clark County, Ohio

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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


First known as the Second Ohio Cavalry, and raised under the direction of Gen. Fremont — upon his removal, Gov. Dennison changed its number to the Fifth. Its rendezvous was Camp Dick Corwine, near Cincinnati. It left for the field February 28, 1862, and was mustered-out October 30, 1865. About ten pages of Reid's valuable work are devoted to the outline history of this corps. As will be seen from the following, furnished by Sergt. Isaac Kindle, Clark County was well represented in teh Fifth Cavalry. Most of the men from here were in Company C, though there was a few in other companies. Capt. J.H. Hyde, from Greene County, was the first commander of Company C.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, Irving Halsey.
Second Lieutenant, Joseph P. Patton, pd First Lieutenant.
Sergeant, Isaac Kindle.
Sergeant, George W. Parsons
Sergeant, Andrew B. Drumm.
Sergeant, Clark George, dd.
Sergeant, Smith Gideon, dd.
Sergeant, T.W. Thomas.
Sergeant, John Dee.
Corporal, Alexander W. Pagett.
Corporal, David W. Pagett.
Corporal, John Conner.
Corporal, Thomas Crawford.
Corporal, John Prothero.
Corporal, Christ Maingan.
Corporal, William J. Ward.
Saddler, A.F. Crosset, lost at sea.
Blacksmith, Patrick condron, dd.
Thomas, P.W.
Johnson, Josiah
Patton, John
Kreiner, Jacob
Afflich, William
Collins, William
Devlin, John
Golden, Eugene, dd
Harding, Samuel, dd
Henry, Thomas
Kindle, William F.
Keffler, Jacob
Kelly, Patrick
Miller, Robert M.
Mormion, Henry
Morat, Frank P.
Ninskemp, Nicholas, Jr.
Nelson, John W.
Ridenour, Edward T.
Shrigley, Thomas J., dd
Swope, William J.
Welsh, Michael
Walter, Isaac N., U.S.A.
Pettibone, John
Finley, John S.
Ridenour, Linas J.
Denison, James, d
Cunningham, F.E.
Fowler, De Joinville
Pilcher, Jonathan
Kelley, Michael
Wertz, Charles H.
McGowan, Joseph
Hawke, John
Bradley, Charles A.
Bradley, Daniel, d
Minnich, Robert B.
Jordan, John
Shannon, George
Neeley, James
Morath, Joseph
Landis, S., dd Soldiers' Home
Hundley, Harvey
Schrader, Jacob H.
Boyre, Thomas
Ramsey, William
Walker, John
Johnson, Paschal A.
Greiner, George
Little, Samuel
Schmit, John
Simmons, Jones
Rushfort, Michael
Passe, Ubalde
Hover, John H.
Fiester, J.
Harshburg, Henry
Crothwate, — k
Clark, Robert
Hasey, James.
Some of the above were not members of Company C, but belonged to the regiment.


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