Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


The Forty-fourth ws organized at the Fair Grounds, in Springfield, during the summer and autumn of 1861. On the 14th day of October, its solid columns, filled with the brave manhood which was to represent Clark County, and her valorous namesake, upon many a field, filed through the streets of Springfield on the march to the front. This regiment having become "localized" by being encamped within the city limits, was looked upon by the citizens as a representative body, and was fostered accordingly; so that, when finally its departure was ordered, there was a great concourse of people to bid them good-bye, and to urge them to do their duty well. This occasion will ever be remembered, by both civilians and soldiers, as the date of the final separation of many ties of kindred and friendship. "The boys" were the recipients of all sorts of good things, ranging over a wide field, so far as variety is concerned. There were bundles of clothing, and bits of advice, packages of this, that and the other, both spiritual and spirituous.

"Loud over field and forest the cannons roar, and the echoes
Heard and repeated the sound, the signal-gun of departure!
Ah! but with louder echoes replied the hearts of the people."

A well known writer says of the Forty-fourth: "It was one continued advance and retreat, with almost constant skirmishing." The regiment was at Platona, Dublin Depot, Lewisburg, Gauley, Charleston, Dutton Hill, seige of Knoxville, etc. The old iron six pounder cannon, on the Soldeir's Mount, in Ferncliff, was captured and sent home by this corps.

Their work from enlistment was on the Kanawha and beyond to the country of the Virginia Springs. Participating in the retreat from the Kanawha Valley in 1862, October of that year found them in Kentucky, where, mounted and afoot, their work, until the fall of 1863, was against the hordes of guerillas, under Morgan, Pegram and others, infesting that State, and not once were they worsted in an encounter. Joining Burnside's force for the invasion of East Tennessee, by superior marching they were the first to reach Knoxville, and thus obtained the honorable position of City Guard, participating, however, in siege work when ordered.

On January 1, 1864, the regiment was asked to re-enlist as cavalry. On January 5, of over seven hundred men, six hundred and seventy-six enlisted at Strawberry Plains, Tenn., and on the 7th, started for Cincinnati. On the 29th, the men were re-mustered, and taken by special train home to Springfield. Their coming was heralded by telegraph, and Clark County gave her boys a soldiers' welcome — a grand procession, a feast and warm greetings, amid the shouts of the multitude and the booms of their prize cannon. From this time, the body was known as the Eighth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry.

The entire regiment was with Hunter on the Lynchburg raid, and portions in smaller actions, after the attack on that city. From that time the larger portion of the command was stationed at Beverly, Va., an outpost on the borders of Dixie, rendering faithful service against their old acquaintances, the rebel guerillas. A small number was with Averill and Sheridan, in the brilliant work in the Shenandoah Valley, in the fall of 1864, against Gen. Early. This detachment joined the main body late in November, 1864, and thereafter, at Beverly, Phillippi, and Clarksburg, the regiment fulfilled the work laid out until ordered to Camp Dennison, Ohio, where they were mustered out in August, 1865.

The following is from rolls, lists and statements furnished by Capt. Todd, Lieut. Miller, Messrs. Watt, Knaub and others.

It is quite difficult to get all of the facts concerning the members from this county, as some were connected with the Forty-fourth, and not with the Eighth Cavalry, and vice versa.

It has also been impossible to obtain the color history, as the whereabouts of those who know it cannot be learned.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Lieutenant Colonel, H. Blair Wilson.
Lieutenant Colonel, August Dotze.
Assistant Surgeon, John H. Rodgers.
Major, August Dotze.
Major, Charles H. Evans.
Quartermaster, Jeremiah Klinefelter d.
Adjutant, James M. Kurtz.
Commissary Sergeant, Joseph T. McIntire.
Commissary Sergeant, Joseph Pearson.
Sergeant Major, Lafayette Bechtle dd
Sutler, F.L. Houston.
Sutler, George Frankenberg.
Sutler, W.C. Downey


was organized by Prof. L.R. Tuttle, while the regiment was forming at Camp Clark in the fall of 1861. Drawn from various points, the membership stood:

From Springfield: L.R. Tuttle, leader; Jas. H. Haywood, Chas. S. Ramsey, Alex. V. Sykes, Andrew Watt.

From St. Paris: Jerry Bair, John D. Minnich, Jas. H. Minnich, Daniel R. Taylor.

From Yellow Springs: John D. Hawkins, D.C. Lawrence.

From Clifton: Sam'l W. Wilson.

From Cedarville: Clark W. Cottrell, Mark M. Cottrell, Thos. J. Cottrell, John W. Harvey, James W.R. Cline, Jas. H. Milburn, John W. Booth, Hugh M. Nisbet, Wm. McFarland, Joh Gibney, J.H. Nisbet, Sam'l R. Hamilton, John R. Crain.

The band served with the regiment through the campaigns of 1861 and 1862, in Kanawha Valley and beyond, until their discharge Oct. 20, 1862, under the new law of Congress abolishing regimental bands as paid auxiliaries of the service. An attempt was made but failed to form a brigade band of seventeen from the old band of twenty-five. In January, 1863, the officers of the regiment raised a fund of $1,000 for purchase of instruments, and deputed Capt. Tulleys a committee to purchase same and secure a teacher. His choice of leader fell upon Andrew Watt, of the old band, who, on the 17th of February, 1863, undertook, at Frankfort, Ky., the formation of a band detailed from the ranks. From a band of twelve (nine horns) the organization grew to sixteen (thirteen horns) before the return to Springfield, in January, 1864, on veteran furlough; at Camp Dennison three more were added, and thenceforward, as the


The organizaton numbered nineteen all told, as follows:

Andrew Watt, leader; John Casad, Lyman Munger, Philip Harper, H.H. Birely, Daniel Genier, Eli M. Long, Joseph McLellan, James Littler, Harman Deam, James T. Flack, Joshua C. Kooken, Timothy Munger, Arthur M. Nelson, Joseph Wilcox, John F. Owens, John W. Booth, J.W.R. Cline, William H. Porter, John Iliff.

At Knoxville, in 1863, the band was specially honored by Gen. Burnside. Reenlisting, and serving on horseback, the band had some singular and unusual experiences, as being detailed by Gen. Wallace to guard a bridge, on the road from Frederick City, Md., to Baltimore, during the panic following Gen. Early's entrance into that section (followed by the battle of Monocacy); a two months' experience as Post band at Relay House, Md., while separated from their command, and a lively series of trips during the fall of 1864, and with Gen. Averill's cavalry division (Sheridan's army), in the Shenandoah Valley, and also having the honor of furnishing the only music for Gen. Sheridan's masterly and historically famous repulse of Early at Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864, after Early had nearly routed the Union forces, before the well-known "Sheridan's Ride" occurred, when the tide was turned in favor of the Union army. The men served — as enlisted — until the close of the war, July, 1865, each man being allowed to retain the instrument he played.


Dunn, Patrick
Hughes, John
Cashin, Patrick
Oldham, John M.
Koogon, Ned F.
Lewis, Jacob
Pettigrew, Andrew
Powers, Michael
Kurtz, Jas. M., pd 1st Lieut.
Babb, Jno. H., pd 2d Lieut.
Frantz, Henry
Kline, John S.
Lynch, Peter
Murphy, John
Carlos, Patrick
Dillon, James

Gray, William B.  


The following were members of Co. C., 8th O.V.C., butwere not members of Co. C, 44th O.V.I.: Farris, John — dd; Rowelle, James. The rolls from which this is copied do not give all the facts usually found under the head of remarks. This accounts for so great an absence of explanatory letters.

Second Lieutenant, Samuel G. Howell.
Dillon, Michael
Flotters, John
Whalen, Martin
Folger, Howell, pd Lieut. dd
McClintic, John O.
Dugdale, William H. Sergt.

The following were members of Co. D, 8th O.V.C., but were not members of Co. D, 44th O.V.I.
Corporal, Cornelius C. Buckles.
Corporal, Charles C. Robinson.
Bugler, Frederick A. Stephens.
Smith, Andrew J. Hollepeter.
Beesom, Cornelius C.
Crawford, William H.
Correll, John
Corters, John
Dearing, Elias W.
DeHart, Charles
Drake, George W. dd
Fogurt, Daniel
Hutchinson, John B.
Longley, Henry C.
Linkhart, Clement W.
Miller, Charles
Pierce, Chandler
Peterson, Edward O.
Robinson, John C.
Ringwalt, David L.
Sparrow, Samuel C.
Sherer, William H.
Williams, Balvin
Waddle, John
Weakley, William S.
Quinn, Josiah
Grinnel, Isaac, transferred
Hank, George, transferred
Potter, William M. d
Killen, Michael
Miller, Elisha J.
White, Nicander

Captain, Israel Stough.
First Lieutenant, Thomas F. Garlough, pd Captain
Second Lieutenant, William H. Banwell, pd First Lieutenant
First Sergeant, Samuel F. Todd, pd First Lieutenant 44th O.V.I.; pd Captain 8th O.V.C.
Second Sergeant, John H. Babb, pd Second Lieutenant O.V.C.
Third Sergeant, William H. Hands
Fourth Sergeant, Joseph Pearson, pd commissary Sergeant 8th O.V.C.
Fifth Sergeant, Alexander McConkey, pd Second Lieutenant 8th O.V.C.
First Corporal, Daniel D. Alt, pd Sergeant.
Second Corporal, James E. Alt. d
Third Corporal, Henry H. Tuttle, w
Fourth Corporal, Joseph A. Knaub.
Fifth Corporal, James E. Burnett, pd Sergeant
Sixth Corporal, Michael lewellyn, pd Second Lieutenant 8th O.V.C.
Seventh Corporal, John M. Stewart, pd Sergeant
Eight Corporal, Thomas H. Randall, pd Sergeant.
Bugler, C. Applefiller.
Allen, Thomas
Alt, Adam S.
Anderson, John
Barber, Hiram
Barth, George d
Barnett, J.S.
Botkin, Joseph B.
Botkin, Theodosius
Barrett, Webster
Brenkman, Adam
Collison, James A. k
Click, Joseph A.
Click, Benjamin F.
Cox, John H.
Cox, George W.
Cox, George W., Jr.
Craig, Henry dd
Demory, Jacob W.
Dill, John
Dunn, Peter p
Eppert, Henry
Furgeson, Benjamin F.
Furgeson, Enos N.
Furgeson, James S.
Furgeson, Nathaniel
Fisher, Joseph H.
Frink, John M.
Garlough, Benjamin W.
Goff, James L.
Grisso, Joseph d
Grove, Jacob
Harris, William A.
Hall, James M.
Hamilton, Harry
Hernon, Charles A.
Hundley, Andrew P. d
Hunt, Alexander
Icenbarger, Gabe C. dd
Jacobs, Henry A.
Johnson, George F.
Kitchen, Erasmus J.
Kimble, Madison
Knott, Samuel, pd Sergeant
Longbroke, William
Lott, Thomas E.
McCafferty, James
McIntire, Jos, pd Com. Segt.
Miller, John T.
Miller, Willis N. k
Myers, Fred
Near, Josias
Nave, Jacob H. w d
Neal, Joseph
Oates, Richard.
O'Roke, Thomas
Otter, Joshua
Page, Isaac
Poland, Samuel
Poland, Absolom L.
Porter, William H.
Richmond, Robert
Ropp, John W.
Ropp, John B.
Runyon, Francis M. k
Roberts, Thomas
Rhodes, Samuel
Shobe, Martin
Shorknessy, Thomas
Siefret, Jacob k
Stewart, John M.
Stewart, George W.
Stevens, George C.
Victory, Merrifield
Way, Henry W.
Waldron, John
Waltman, John W.
Webb, Findley
Weigle, Benjamin F.
Wood, Elnathus
White, John, w pd Sergeant.

Buffenbarger, George W.
Foster, William
Gordon, David
Hatfield, M.E.
Johnson, Firth
Knott, Peter
Kizer, Wash.
Lott, Jacob M.
Lott, James T.
Luse, J.F.
Luse, J.H.
Loper, William
Lafferty, C.C.
Littler, J.M.
Rhodes, Hiram
Tiernan, Francis
The following men were members of Co. F, 8th Ohio Cavalry, and were not members of the 44th O.V.I.
Canaday, Joshua
Bumgardiner, Andrew
Bumgardiner, David S.
Cooper, James
Corbitt, James
Ervin, John W.
Ervin, James
Ferryman, William
Grove, Samuel H.
Gordon, Daniel F.
Griest, Nathan
Getz, Harrison W.
Giddy, James
Hinckle, John
Huffman, William
Hale, Henry M.
James, Americus
Jones, George F.
Lott, James F.
Morningstar, Christopher
McConkey, Amos
McMahon, Edward
Neer, Amos
Neer, Levi
Nason, Luther
Overholser, George
Porter, Levi M.
Paige, Joseph L.
Pearson, Samuel H.
Runyon, Newton
Runyon, George
Runyon, Samuel
Shorkey, Barry H.
Show, Cyrus
Stagle, James F.
Polands, Owen N.
Wiat, Ira
Ward, Isaac
Waltman, William E.
Waight, John F.
Zimmerman, Henry
Neagley, Henry C.
Overholser, Jeremiah
Yeazell, Henry
Bradley, Thomas
Ballard, Henry W.
Camp, Anthony S.
Dunovan, George
Elder, Findley
Fultz, Emmanuel
Friermood, John
Fhat, John
Hawley, Dennis
Hunter, Levi
Johnson, John E.
Mitchell, James
Miller, Henry B.
Pearson, Benjamin
Pease, Charles O.
Sircle, William
Sidenstick, Newton
Smith, John
Collison, Arthur k
Day, John d
Gedling, Jacob d
Dawson, John S. d
Geifert, Jacob
Shoemaker, Edward d
First Lieutenant, August Doize. pd Captain, Major, and Lieutenant Colonel. w
Second Lieutenant, Edward Retter.
Sergeant, Arnold Schulte. drowned.
Sergeant, Peter M. Hawke. pd First Lieutenant. w
Sergeant, John Kruft
Corporal, Anthony C. Rockafield. pd Second Lieutenant Eighth Cavalry
Corporal, Isaac Oldham
Corporal George Swadner.
Corporal, John Schram. pd Sergeant. k
Musician, Louis Scudder.
Musician, John Bertch. d
Musician, John Butler. k
Musician, Simon Bidon.
Musician, William F. Barcafer. w
Musician, Peter L. Batdorf. w
Caywood, George
Casmody, John A.
Cunningham, Peter. lost sight
Dershner, Samuel w
Droger, George
Engle, George w
Fritche, Paul
Frank, Vallentine k
Frank, Peter G.
Genier, Daniel
Goehring, John p
Grimer, George w
Honker, John p w pd Corp. dd
Harrison, Edward L.
Henzel, Martin d
Helfrich, Nicholas
Kline, Amos w
Kaiser, Jacob p
Krefer, Fred J. w
Laetzche, William p
Leitschuch, Jacob w
Muller, Peter p
Normon, Thomas w
James Souders pd 1st Lieut. pd Capt. Co. II.
Helmer, Stephen
Karl, Henry p
McCullum, Henry k
Miller, Daniel M.
Mouk, John
Martin, David B. p w
Nolty, Adam k
Newton, Charles
O'Brien, J.H. d
Oswalt, William p
Rathfon, John
Redish, Peter k
Smantz, Gus drowned.
Ummelman, Henry
Waltz, Adam
Ritter, Daniel k
Ripper, John
Reinhardt, Gideon d
Stitz, August drowned
Schlegelnuellig, Carl d
Mark, Henry w
Weimer, Fred p
Wirks, Daniel
Weimer, Jacob w
NOTE. — The above roll has been inspected by Col. Dotze, and marked accordingly. During his captaincy, Col. Dotze commanded Company E, which was the first company of this regiment to re-enlist.
The following were members of Co. H, 8th Ohio Cavalry, but were not members of Co. H, 44th Ohio O.V.I.
Sergeant, Michael Spangler. w p
Corporal, George Peyton.
Corporal, Samuel Shaffer, w
Kauffman, Abraham d
Troutman, Jacob p
Barcafer, John W.
Baenke, Henry k
Barton, James dd
Craig, William k
Shoura, Frederick
Childs, Jos k
Dye, James w
Ebahart, B. p
Stork, John p
Serklebach, Valentine k
Weaver, John dd
Lannon, Gustavus B.
Kendig, Daniel p
Roe, Samuel
Needles, William
Broungart, George k
Edmondson, Levi
Gibbons, William w p
Bowers, Jacob dd
Brookmeyer, William m
Hays, Charles k
Hook, John w dd
Huffman, William
Hoke, Simon P pd
Captain, Wilber F. Cummings, d Captain U.S. Infantry, March 7, 1867. Died at Movile, Ala., October, 1867.
First Lieutenant, Charles H. Evans, pd Major Eighth O.V.C.
Second Lieutenant, Hezekiah Winger, pd Captain O.V.C. dd
First Sergeant, Joseph D. Miller, pd Second Lieutenant.
Second Sergeant, William Sykes, pd Second Lieutenant.
Third Sergeant, Albert T. Miller. dd
Fourth Sergeant, George W. Cable, pd Captain Eighth O.V.C.
Fifth Sergeant, Lafayette Bechtle, pd Captain Eighth O.V.C.
First Corporal, Ly. H. Wood, pd First Lieutenant, O.V.C.
Second Corporal, William H.H. Walker.
Third Corporal, Franklin Cooper.
Fourth Corporal, George W. Nelson, w pd Second Lieutenant Eighth O.V.C.
Fifth Corporal, John H. Johnson.
Seventh Corporal, Harmon Deam.
Eighth Corporal, James H. Leaf.
Musician, Edward W. Greene.
Musician, Rufus Gelwicks.
Adams, Azariah J.
Baker, James G. dd
Baker, Samuel M.
Brokaw, Isaac M. dd
Birney, John
Boyd, Thomas
Bradford, Edwin M.
Byrd, Rollin
Brown, Fenjamin [sic] F.
Boosinger, Augustus
Confer, Henry
Collins, James J.
Cross, Thomas
Cost, John W.
Compton, Charles
Cox, John C.
Criley, Alfred H.
Criley, John M.
Carr, Walter
Cummings, Fin. O., pd Capt. Gen'l Staff
Cunningham, Edward
Davis, William H. H. dd
Dear, John S.
Elliott, William C. dd
Foster, John M. pd 2d Lieut.
Frye, Oscar B., pd 2d Lieut.
Graham, John A.
Graham, Johnson D. dd
Greenwood, Stephen dd
Greenwood, Theodore
Grogg, David w
Girard, Aaron dd
Harrison, William H.
Henshaw, Henry T.
Jacobs, David G.
Jacobs, Edward N.
Jones, Benjamin A. w
Johnson, Thomas
Kefaver, William H.
Keplinger, Ed. J.
King, Oliver H.
Kurtz, James M. pd 1st Lieut.
Koontz, Aaron
Krumm, Jacob
Laybourne, David
Lisk, Hahnaman J.
Long, Eli M.
Lapham, John dd
Moore, Alden P.
Moss, Henry H.
Murray, Richard
Mee, William dd
Malden, William P.
Maggart, Samuel O.
McCartney, Harrison H.
McLardie, John
Michael, George
Newlove, Henry O.
Norton, Charles
Nunnemaker, Ephraim
Nieberger, Samuel
Nieberger, Christine dd
Otstot, William T.
Pierce, William dd
Persinger, Jacob
Plummer, William H.
Plummer, Greenberry
Ream, Samuel
Ream, William II.
Rockenfield, Aaron
Rogers, Thomas E.
Rogerson, Joseph
Rea, Samuel
Raymond, Harvey
Runyan, Benjamin F.
Richards, Henry A.
Seymour, Manly T.
Seys, Clement T.
Shank, Daniel B. dd
Shopp, Montgomery O.
Shaffer, James B. dd
Silk, Michael
Snyder, George
Shirar, Lewis dd
Titus, Harlan E.
Titus, Cloud M.
Torrence, Samuel W.
Walker, Edward C.
Way, John B. d p
Welchans, Peter
Weaver, John P. w
Whiteley, John dd
Whiteley, Clark
Wirick, Wilson S.
Whitty, William
Wolf, Richard
Welsh, Patrick
Wones, Edward
Way, David B.
Weigle, John S.
Welsh, William drowned
Way, John D.
This company re-enlisted January 5, 1864, as Company I, Eighth O.V.C., and was discharged at the close of the war.
NOTE.— The above is from a finely-prepared copy of hte official rolls, furnished by Joseph D. Miller, late Second Lieutenant of this company.
The following were members of Company I, Eighth O.V.C., but were not members of Company I, Forty-fourth O.V.I.
Barton, Albert A.
Black, Adam V. d
Clayton, William H.
Carton, Jacob
Conroy, Michael
Dean, Henry
Goe, Bernard V.
Griswald, John D.
Howett, Joseph R.
Hickee, John F.
Hullinger, Lemuel
Hullinger, William
Hoffman, Jacob
Johnson, Thomas
Kissenger, Michael
Lewellyn, Jeffery S.
Lappville, Michael
Miller, Augustus C.
Miller, Augustus
Mort, Josiah
McCartney, James F.
Morris, John M.
Norton, Frederick A.
Plummer, Fountain
Proctor, Elias G.
Pringle, Thomas A.
Ruhl, Melancthon
Rust, Nathaniel
Rust, Daniel
Sagers, William
Smith, James K.
Stipp, Joseph A.
Stipp, Samuel F.
Schrodes, Winfield S. d
Trousdale, John E.
Tomlin, Joseph C.
Welshaus, David
West, John
Wones, William
Woodward, John
Young, Samuel
Zirkle, Cornelius d
NOTE. — From a copy of an official roll, whcih omitted most of the explanatory remarks.


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