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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


[Note. — For a very complete history of this regiment, the reader is referred to "Reid's Ohio in the War."

This Battery was the third light battery recruited in Ohio, which number it would have received had it not been for the dilatory action of the State Adjutant General. It was organized and went into camp at the Fair Grounds, in Springfield, August 20, 1861. Maj. Gen. Fremont accepted it by telegraph for his Department of the Southwest and immediately ordered it to St. Louis. It left Springfield September 5, 1861, and was mustered into the United States service by Capt. Lew Wilson, while on the way to Lawrenceburg, and afterward designated as the Sixteenth Ohio Independent Battery.

It was at Vicksburg, where it expended 6,594 rounds of ammunition, and dismounted seven of the enemy's guns. At Champion Hills, Capt. James A. Mitchell fell, mortally wounded. The Battery was at New Orleans, where, encamped under the famous live oaks, it was the first organization of the Department of the Gulf to muster into the veteran service.

On January 1, 1864, it embarked on board the Alabama for Texas; after four days of storms, it landed at Pass Cavello. Then came a period of short rations. The Battery remained in Texas until June, when it was sent to New Orleans. It was furnished with new guns, harness and horses, and remained at that city until it started for home, July 13, 1865. It was mustered out at Camp Chase, Ohio, August 2, 1865. During its term of service, this corps marched by water, rail and foot about three thousand eight hundred miles, and used over fifty tons of ammunition.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.


Captain, James A. Mitchell. k
Captain, Russell P. Twist.
First Lieutenant, Russell P. Twist. pd Captain.
First Lieutenant George Murdock.
First Lieutenant Edward H. Funston.
First Lieutenant Isaac N. Mitchell.
Second Lieutenant, Edward H. Funston. pd First Lieutenant.
Second Lieutenant, Isaac N. Mitchell. pd First Lieutenant.
Second Lieutenant, Daniel Dawson.
Second Lieutenant, Cornelius S. Chancellor.
Sergeant, Chancellor, Cornelius S. pd Second Lieutenant.
Sergeant, Bradford, Earl B.
Sergeant, Bean, George
Sergeant, Mitchell, William K.
Sergeant, Startzman, John.
Sergeant, Dawson, Daniel.
Corporal, Partridge, James. pd Sergeant.
Corporal, Robison, Samuel P.
Corporal, Lukins, Jesse H.
Corporal, Forgy, Horatio J. pd Sergeant. d
Corporal, Richcreek, James H. pd Sergeant.
Corporal, Cory, J.P. pd Sergeant
Corporal, Mitchell Asa N. pd Sergeant.
Corporal, Daily, Samuel R.
Corporal, Hansil, John.
Corporal, McStafford, Samuel.
Musician, Mitchell, James H. dd
Musician, Funderburgh, Jacob.
Wagoner, McKinney, James L. pd Corporal.
Artificer, Ackerson, Thomas C. pd Quartermaster Sergeant.
Artificer, Arnet, John.
Artificer, Cowan, James.
Artificer, Davis, Robert.
Artificer, Barton, James C.
Artificer, Richmond, Isaac J.
Guidon, Mitchell, Pomeroy A. pd Corporal.
NOTE. — From a memorial roll in the hands of Corporal Pomeroy A.Mitchell, late of the Battery.

Anglebarger, Luther H. pd Corp.
Andrews, Joseph d
Baney, Christian dd
Baney, John
Bell, Wales N. k
Baxter, James W.
Bellmer, Henry D. pd Corp.
Baker, Henry H.
Berry, Preston dd
Bird, Wallace
Bowen, Jacob W. k
Brier, George W.
Bolinger, James M. pd Corp.
Bormat, Adam d
Campbell, Henry A.
Chatterton, Thomas dd
Clase, Samuel dd
Cress, John H. d
Downey, Bernard
Daron, Henry pd Corp.
Davis, Philip
Devee, Ellison B.
Devee, McLure d
Dean, William K.
Dice, John B.
Drewitt, William
Dice, John B.
Drewit, William
Ellis, James C.
Early, William d
Esterline, Jacob
Foreman, William
Forgy, Henry d
Francis, Henry d
Garvin, Elias
Gotwaltz, Christian dd
Gowdy, Joseph pd Corp.
Greaser, George
Greaser, Michael dd
Guyton, Michael
Grove, Samuel dd
Greenleaf, Oscar
Hanger, David C.
Hanks, Wm. H. pd Corp.
Hendrickson, Winfield S.
Hicks, William
Hissinger, Philip
Humphreys, George H. pd Corp.
Huffman, Jacob
Johnston, Joseph P. d
Johnston, Samuel
Joiner, David
Koler, George dd
Kennedy, Gordon C.
Kinnert, Oscar B.
Lorton, William d
Lowman, Cyrus pd Wagonmaster.
Love, Myron O. d
Muple, George W.
Merness, William
McLure, James W.
McDaniel, Rickard
McGroth, John
McKinney, William S.
Meredith, Thomas
Miller, George S.
Moffit, William
Mosher, William
Maple, Thomas N.
Norman, Benjamin d
Parsons, Watson
Parks, Ed P. d
Paden, David W.
Poling, George W.
Pumphrey, Joseph M. dd
Rall, Isaiah d
Rall, Jacob
Ross, John D.
Runyan, James M.
Reed, Calvin (transferred to Birge's Sharpshooters, and pd to Capt.)
Rumler, David H.
Sheets, David
Sheets, John P.
Shellabarger, John dd
Shroyer, George
Siess, Sam'l. pd Lieut. U.S.A.
Smith, John A. A.
Snodgrass, Andrew
Snowden, Frederick d
Snyder, Francis M.
Suddoth, Henry
Sponsler, George d
Torrence, Findley
Tuttle, Daniel
Tuttle, Samuel
Underwood, Thaddeus P. d
Underwood, William
Underwood, Daniel
Vankirk, Theodore D. d
Vanmetre, Alvin C.
Wade, John
Wallace, Charles
Wallace, Reuben A. d
Warwick, William M.
White, Fletcher pd Corp.
Williams, Harrison d
Willson, Samuel R. d
Wysong, James dd
Wright, Silas

Guyton, John d
Dunning, John d
Casey, Michael
Lamb, John
Garrow, Jacob C.
Crouse, James W.
Nealy, James P.
Stipes, Thomas
Curtiss, Henry I.
Henderson, Henry
Underwood, William
Balser, Robert
Davis, Joseph
Leffle, James M.
Lofland, Henry C.
Cox, George W.
Shanke, William B.
Humphreys, Charles
Mitchell, Bartley A.
Shaw, Robert E.
Schuyler, Henry
Stewart, James A.
Taylor, Watson I.
Esterline, Adam
Sparrow, Emory
Corlow, Josiah
Wingfield, Martin L.
Miller, James M.
Plummer, Joseph W.
Courter, Robert C.
Thear, E. Augustus
Arnet, John
Firewood, Reuben
Anderson, Joseph L.


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