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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


This company was a regularly established body of militia, before the breaking-out of the war; in its ranks was some of the best blood of the county. It promptly responded the call to arms. The 16th of April found it at Columbus, where it was mustered into the service of the United States for three months. On the 3d day of May, following, it was re-organized for three years. Gen. J. Warren Keifer was a private in this company when it left Clark County. He was chosen Major during the organizations at columbus. This article is compiled from data furnished by Maj. James C. Vanada. It is somewhat confused as to be three months' and three years' men, but it is believed to contain every name of both services.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, James C. Vanada, p Major.
First Lieutenant, Joel E. Thompson.
Second Lieutenant, Stephen D. Carpenter. p First Lieut.
First Sergeant John P. Barcafer. p Lieut.
Sergeant, Willima R. Monroe. pd Captain
Second Sergeant, Samuel Stephenson. p
Third Sergeant, Newton A. Grabill. p
Fourth Sergeant, Charles A. Maxwell. p Lieut.
Corporal, James Kirkpatrick.
Corporal, James Hammond. w
Corporal, John Hass. w
Corporal, John P. Maxwell.
Corporal, William C. Quirk. w
Corporal, Martin M. Herr.
Corporal, Aaron Herr. w
Corporal, Henry C. Kanub. k
Wagoner, Jacob Click. w

Burgess, James H.
Baker, John Wm. W. k
Brothers, Francis M. w
Baugh, Peter.
Brody, Samuel D. d
Carl, James
Carlton, Robert w
Carpententer, Francis M.
Coffee, George W.
Coon, Benjamin F.
Carrigan, John N.
Dolphin, Joseph A. w
Donevan, John
Davis, John W.
Erwin, William H.H. d
Eipper, Henry
Emmons, Issor T.
Fisher, Daniel M.
Ginevan, Reuben H.
Ginevan, William K. w
Gonnon, Thomas
Herold, Amos J. w
Happ, Henry
Harris, Joseph W.
Huffman, Absalom G.
Henkey, Belthaser
Heigley, Jacob
Hyer, Absalom
Hass, George. w
Jones, Riley
Keller, George w d
Keller, John P.
Kibble, Louis
Lamme, Gustavus B. w
Louis, Cyrus B.
Laybourne, Joseph W.
Lowe, John. d
Lohnes, John P.
Linehan, John
Marshall, Roberts. w
Miller, Edward.
Neer, Malon k
Norris, John
Peck, James H.
Peters, Murry S.
Perry, Herman
Paul, Oscar J.
Partier, William. k
Quirk, Jasper M. w
Runyan, William. w
Riddle, Alonzo S. w
Runyan, George w
Ropp, Henry
Reinhart, Zedakiah
Strobber, George w
Stiles, James A.
Shank, Joseph W. d
Shaffer, Samuel w
Storkdal, John A.
Smith, Rufus H. w
Shaffer, Philip w
Snediker, Thomas
Tarbbutton, John E.
Wirrick, Martin V. w
Wingfield, Samuel
Wingfield, William w
Wise, Jacob
Weigland, Charles A. k
Wills, George
Yarnell, Thomas H.
Vanada, Wm. H.


Azel B. Smith, 2d Lieut.
Henry F. Rhoderick, Sergt.
John Arnett, Corp.
Oliver Atkinson
Thomas Brown
William W. Boyd
James H. Beck
John H. Babb
Adam Burnett
David Cummins
John W. Coffin
William Clark
Robert Davis
Daniel W. Ellis
Preston Ferrington
Henry Gardiner
George Hardane
Milton Hardane
Lemuel Hullinger
Michael W. Hatfield
Aaron Herr
John Pardon
Thaddeus S. Rinert.
Solomon Kline
Peter Lanes
Cyrus B. Lewis
Martin Marmion
Lander S. Mayne
John McGruth
John O'Minturn
Ira B. Miller
George W. Poling
Mark Peters
Jacklin H. Phillips
William P. Quirk
John H. Stitzel
William Underwood
James Wasong
Jacob B. Williamson
William Ward

C.F. Berry, J. Carr, D. Feigley and C.C. Gibson were also members of this command, but whether for three months or three years is not known.


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