Clark County, Ohio

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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


On the 29th of September, 1873, the first sixteen names on the following roll, were signed to an article known since as the "Old Private Roll;" the organization was named the Springfield Light Guard.

On the 22d of February, 1874, the number of men having increased to about forty, who had purchased arms and a cheap fatigue uniform, the company made its first public parade. On the 30th of April, 1874, the company was accepted by Gen. James O. Amos, and became a part of the "Ohio Independent Militia," as one branch of the Active Militia of the State was then called.

On the 5th of November, 1875, by request of the company, the Adjutant General issued an order changing the name of the company from Springfield Light Guard to the "Champion City Guard;" this was with regard for the combined "Champion interests" of this city, which had made a liberal donation to the uniform fund. In 1875, when the National Guard of Ohio was organized into regiments, the company was assigned to the Seventh Regiment of Infantry, as Company A, which designation it yet holds.

It received the special thanks of the Governor for services at Newark, Ohio, during the "labor troubles" of 1877, where it served for a period of sixteen days.

The company was one of the first in the State to take any interest in rifle practice, and from funds contributed by a portion of the members, Tecumseh Rifle Range, near Springfield, was established and equipped. At this range the first regular system of rifle practice in the present National Guard of Ohio was begun.

Commissioned Officers in Capitals.
* - Discharged before the expiration of term of enlistment.
pd - Promoted.
dd - Deceased
ss - Special service in promoting the welfare of the corps.
ft - Served full term of five years.

CAPTAIN, CHARLES ANTHONY, late Lieutenant, U.S. Vols., pd to Second Lieutenant by election, 1877, to First Lieutenant, 1878, Captain, 1879.
FIRST LIEUTENANT, MARK A. SMITH. pd through all hte grades from Corporal. (See No. 24.)
SECOND LIEUTENANT WILLIAM W. ELLSWORTH, pd from the grade of Corporal. (See No. 64.)
CAPTAIN, DRISCOLL McKENDRIE, Assistant Surgeon, 7th O.N.G.

CAPTAIN, ALDEN P. STEELE, late Captain U.S. Vols., elected four times, resigned 1877.
FIRST LIEUTENANT, JAMES R. AMBROSE, late Captain U.S. Vols., elected three times. FIRST LIEUTENANT, UPTON E. ELIFRITZ, late U.S. Vols.

  1. Creighton, Hugh J. 13th O.V.I. pd 1st Sergt. *
  2. Troupe, Thedore, pd Hosp. Steward 8th O.N.G. ft
  3. Folger, Chas E., 152d O.V.I. ss ft
  4. SMITH, JAMES M., pd Co. Q.M., pd 2d Lieut. ss
  5. WINGER, JOHN M. pd 2d Lieut. ss
  6. Huffman, Wm. S., pd Co. Q.M. first regular marksman 7th O.N.G. ss ft
  7. Schindler, Chas. J. ss
  8. Schuster, Christian A. pd Sergt. ft
  9. Sharp, Joseph P., pd Sergt. ss ft
  10. Edmondson, E.C. old private Co. only
  12. Kinney, Robt. M., pd Corp., ss ft
  13. Matthews, Geo., pd Corp. dd *
  14. Kay, Charles S., pd 1st Sergt. *
  15. STEELE, ALDEN P. Capt. *
  16. Knote, J. Monroe, ss ft
  17. Fry, I. Ward, old private Co. only
  18. Smith, Wm. A., old private Co. only
  19. Kilgore, Henry D., old private Co. only
  20. Webb, Frank J. *
  21. Whebring, Chas. A. *
  22. Quinn, Frank *
  23. Fisher, Frank B., drummer *
  24. SMITH, MARK A. pd ss
  25. Kay, Clarence H. private Co. only
  26. Gibson, Wm. J., pd Sergt. *
  27. Hansel, Horace *
  28. Miller, James M., pd Sergt. lost an arm Mch. 4, 1877, U.S. Vol. *
  29. Chase, John C. pd Sergt. ft ss
  30. Smith, Robt. M. *
  31. Moore, Wm., Sr. pd Sgt. *
  32. AMBROSE, JAMES R. 1st Lieut. ss *
  33. Kirkpatrick, T.J. *
  34. WINTERS, BENNIAH H. pd Lieut., pd Capt., ss *
  35. Rodgers, Geo. G., pd 1st Sergt., ss ft
  36. Horney, Geo. *
  37. Hayden, Thos., dd *
  38. Wissinger, Chas. *
  39. Sykes, Edward T., pd Sergt., ft
  40. Houcke, Charles W., private Co. only
  41. Gillett, George R.
  42. Green, Therow, fifer
  43. Beck, Hermon, dd ft ss
  44. Smith, Chas. L. pri. Co. only
  45. Jardine, Robt., pd 1st ss ft
  46. Ridenour, Sohn R. *
  47. Stout, Wm. A. pd Q.M. Sergt 7th O.N.G. ft ss
  48. Heistand, Wm. P. *
  49. Killer, Jacob C. *
  50. Wren, James, dd *
  51. Wren, John *
  52. Netta, John D. *
  53. Marmion, Thos. J. *
  54. Luibel, Louis, *
  55. Miller, Chas. B. *
  56. Geisey, Harvey H. *
  57. Craven, John *
  58. Curtis, Wm. B. *
  59. Holloway, Carroll J. *
  60. Jackson, Abram W. *
  61. Beck, Wm. H., Co. Teamster ss *
  62. Hodge, Thos., *
  63. Campion, John W., pd 1st Sergt. ss ft re-enlisted.
  64. ELLSWORTH, Wm. W., pd Lieut. ss ft
  65. Bruce, Wm. H. *
  66. Hawthorne, Frank, U.S.A. pd Corp. ft
  67. Kollefroth, Aug. H. *
  68. Carr, Henry C.
  69. Clark, Geo. H. *
  70. La Rue, George W., U.S.C. pd Corp.
  71. Enoch, Frank P. *
  72. Hill, Chas. S. *
  73. Steck, Newton A., pd Srgt., ft
  74. Rempis, Henry *
  75. Stine, Chas. S. *
  76. Jolly, Samuel T. *
  77. Milot, Monto *
  78. Plants, Jerry S. *
  79. Troupe, Winfield S. *
  80. Clark, Wm. H. *
  81. Cotter, James *
  82. Danahue, John *
  83. Monahon, Timothy J. *
  1. Wagner, Frank P. *
  2. Bryant, Cush. M. *
  3. Gable, Louis D. *
  4. Spinning, Wm. V., pd Corp. *
  5. Sparks, W. Edward, pd Co. Q.M. ss ft
  6. Hirshey, Wm. B., pd 1st Sergt. ss ft
  7. Perrin James H., pd Corp.
  8. Russell, Michael C., pd Corp.
  9. Wolf, Edward *
  10. Howe, Fred M.
  11. Dunlap Chas. J., drummer ss
  12. Hayward, Shirrill J.
  13. Seagrove, Harry
  14. Cathcart, Chas. W.
  15. Aldrich, Chas. F., pd Sergt.
  16. Miller, Joseph J. *
  17. Poppert, Frank *
  18. Thomas, Wm. F. pd Sergt. ss
  19. Olds, Edwin W. *
  20. Carman, Nicholas
  21. Ballard, Wm. W. *
  22. Curtis, John C. *
  23. Davis, Charles E.
  24. Ridgely, Charles T.
  25. Gelwicks, Cl'in. W.
  26. Powell, John T.
  27. Frankenberg, George
  28. Hatch, George E. *
  29. Merkley, Charles C. *
  30. Trout, Samuel W. *
  31. Littler, Ford
  32. Grant, Thomas P. pd Sergt. ss
  33. Jones, Lincoln S.
  34. McBeth, Eben pd Sergt. ss
  35. Bugbey, Edward L.
  36. Miller, William
  37. Frost, Charles H.
  38. Fellows, Walter A.
  39. Ridgeley, Hi'm G.
  40. Guseman, Ed G.
  41. Grove, J. Augene
  42. Delo, Jas. M.
  43. White, Wm. H.
  44. Delo, Geo. W.
  45. Davis, John W.
  46. Frantz, Chas. C. *
  47. Perkins, Wm. E.
  48. Fisher, James J.
  49. Reynard, George W.
  50. Wagner, William pd Corp.
  51. Casto, Frank
  52. Smith, Edgar
  53. Baldwin, Henry Jr.
  54. Bratsen, Lewis
  55. Barton, Charles J.
  56. Bird, Silas V., Jr.
  57. Simpson, Thos. H., pd Corp. ss
  58. Curl, Allen D.
  59. Kraus, Leon
  60. Miller, Amos W.
  61. O'Brien, Wm. D.A.
  62. Shroeder, F.W. *
  63. Byan, Laurance
  64. Limbocker, Walt G.
  65. Gridley, Geo. M. ss
  66. McLellen, Frank
  67. Fritz, Charles F.
  68. Nowattony, Vincent
  69. Thomas, H.W. C.
  70. Rouse, W.J. *
  71. Miller, J.H. *
  72. Seveers, J.N.
  73. Miller, S.W. *
  74. Voll, Henry
  75. Davis, Chas. F.
  76. McRoberts, Wm.
  77. Behrends, Simon P.
  78. Dodson, Wm. E.
  79. Oldham, Edwin
  80. Town, Wilber
  81. Rightmyer, C.F.
  82. Campion, J.W. (see No. 63)
  83. Bryan, C.
  84. Nevins, J.D.
  85. Marshall, John W.
  86. Berlen, G.E.
  87. Shields, Wm.
  88. Eggar, Frank J.
  89. Printz, Chas. A.
  90. Horn, Oliver P.
  91. Nowottany, Ed L.
  92. Geiser, John
  93. Mosse, Frank
  94. Sterling, H.E.
  95. Moore, John W.
  96. Hedges, Mert M.
  97. Harris, John E.
  98. Kerr, Fray L.
  99. Bushnell, Fred H.
  100. Kerr, George W.
  101. lee, Wm. R.
  102. Carr, John
  103. Dorsey, Wm. H.
  104. Myers, Frank
  105. Turkington, J.W.
  106. Gardiner, Geo. E.
  107. Harris, Fred G.
  108. Snavely, Geo. W.
  109. Nutting, Chas. A.


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