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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


Names of those who are known to have been in the service, but whose regiments or corps are in many cases unknown:

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

J. Warren Keiver, Major, 3d O.V.IL; Colonel 110th O.V.I.; Brigadier General of Volunteers, Brevet Major General of Volunteers.
Dr. Henry H. Seys, Assistant Surgeon 3d O.V.I. (Captain); Surgeon 15th O.V.I. (Major); Medical Director 3d Division, 4th Army Corps; Medical Inspector, Army of hte Cumberland, and served on the staff of Gens. Rosecrans and Thomas.
Dr. John H. Rodgers, Assistant Surgeon 44th O.V.I. (Captain); Surgeon 104th O.V.I. (Major).
Dr. Wilson G. Bryant, Assistant Surgeon 122d O.V.I., Surgeon 192d O.V.I. (Major); Special Post Medical Director; Special Medical Inspector, Department Shenandoah.

In the fall of 1863, Gov. Tod organized a company for special duty at the "White House" in Washington, as a guard for the President. The company consisted of one man from each county in the State, and was called the Union Light Guard. The company was mustered in at Columbus on the 12th of December, 1863, and was mustered out at Washington, September 9, 186. Clark County was represented by Alfred Jordan, of Springfield.

Ludlow, J.W., 16th Ind. Vols.
Douglass, T.B., Sg't Maj.
Sterret, Jacob R., 11th O.V.I. w p d
Boyd, G.W., Inc. V. dd
Olds, C.L., 17th O.V.I., Hospital Steward.
Arthur, Smith
Bray, Thomas
Conway, John
Coss, Frank, 7th O.V.C.
Dean, Joseph
Ellsworth, Wells J.
Edwards, William
Finn, John
Finn, Patrick
Hunt, J.S.B.
Hedrick, — 4th O.V.I. w
Hedrick, Joshua
Highwood, E. d
Highwood, James
Hause, Abraham
Hughs, Beau
Hill, Littlejohn
Jones, Martin B.
Knott, Clinton
Kitell, Alex
Lambet, Burrel
Landaker, Daniel J.
McKinney, Thomas
McKinnon, David
Ross, John
Rickinson, Joseph
Smith, John, 26th O.V.I.
Smith, Philip, 26th O.V.I.
Truesdale, John C.
Tomlinson, John
Trowbridge, Samuel
Vance, Thomas W.
Warner, John
Wise, John
Warner, Joseph
Winslow, Alfred
Wise, Saul
Yarnell, David
Young, M.H.
Gearhardt, Wm. 106 O.V.I. dd
Chapman, Thos., U.S.C.
Broadwell, Elias, U.S.A.
Creager, Ed, U.S.A.
Brown, Wm. Jr., U.S.A.
La Rue, George, U.S.A.
Poppert, Frank, 129th O.V.I., Battery M, 2d U.S. Art., 7th O.N.G.
Hawthorne, Frank, U.S.A. 7th O.N.G.
Powell, William A., Co. A, or B, 66th O.V.I.
Stine, Christopher C., 23d O.V.I.
Lathrop, D. Brainard, U.S.V. Telegraph Service, killed at Yorkstown, Va., by a torpedo; the first man killed from Clark County.
Parsons, J.W., U.S.V. Telegraph Service.
Boggs, Biddle, clerk, U.S. Revenue Department, Quartermaster's Agent for purchase and delivery of property; on staff of Gen. Fremont, as chief wagon-master; 2d Lieutenant and Brevet Captain 80th U.S. Colored Troops; mustered out 1867 (see Mexican War).
Ludlow, Charles, Sergeant Co. A., 32d O.V.I., promoted Hospital Steward same regiment.
Alexander, William B., d. 12th O.V.I.
Rea, William, 11th O.V.I.
Lillis, James, 13th O.V.I. Co. D, w p
Needles, William, Co. H, 8th O.V.C., E, 184th O.V.I., D, 6th U.S. Infantry.
Hardman, Peter N., Co. I, 8th O.V.C., Co. B, 18th U.S. Infantry, promoted Sergeant Major 2d U.S.C. re-enlisted.
Kline, —, not known.
Story, Jonathan D., 154th O.V.I.
Waldron, Abraham
Ward, George
Smith, John
Davis, Archie
Brown, John
Stevenson, Thomas
Runyon, Lemuel, 81st O.V.I.
Everhart, J.A.
Cartmell, T.F.
Hendrick, Daniel, 66th O.V.I.
Gibson, John, 134th O.V.I.
Laughlin, David, 26th O.V.I.
West, Samuel, 178th O.V.I.
King, Isaac, 154th O.V.I.
Harris, James, 176th O.V.I.
Orbogast, C.R., 179th O.V.I.
Botkin, L., 176th O.V.I.
Botkin, Granville, 36th O.V.I.
Taylor, John, 113th —.
Sergeant, John B. Dice.
Sergeant, Elias Gorrin.
Corporal, Isaac Kindle.
Corporal, D.W. Pagett.
George W. Maple. Peter Baugh.
Harrison, Wilson, 5th U.S. Infantry (colored).
Huffman, William
Nutter, Abe
Waldon, Robert
Wilson, Thomas
Wise, Solomon
Slogan, John
Smith, George


The subjoined list is all that has been learned of this county, who were in this branch of service.

William H. Hamilton, Paymaster's Yoeman [sic], U.S. Frigate Colorado.
Charles W. Dunlap, master's Mate, U.S. Steamer Curlew.
Christie J. Holloway, Master's Mate, U.S. Steamer Ozark.
George Eaga, Master's Mate, U.S. Steamer Ozark.
Mell Ewing, Master's Mate.
George Bean, Master's Mate.
Jeremiah Keller, Master's Mate.
Charles D. Wallace, able seaman.
Robert Johnson, colored.
William James.
James McCoy.
William Marot,
D.G. Stoner,
J.W. Reigle,
Levi W. Reigle, dd
H.E. Reigle,
Benjamin Gardiner,
John Boler,
James Stevens,
E.B. Hinton,
William Morris, dd
Jasper Ingersoll,
William Lower,
William Ross,
William McCollum.
Denny Monogue, Gunner's Mate, U.S. Gunboat No. 13, Mississippi Squadron.
John D. Lankenau, Ship Silver Cloud, Mississippi Squadron.
Samuel Johnson, entered the navy in 1863, was at New Orleans at the time of its capture by the U.S. Naval forces; since missing.


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