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From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


In the sketch of the Thirty-fifth Battalion, the statement was made that it was reduced to six companies, relettered, etc. The battalion was condensed to seven companies, six of which were disposed of as stated, while the seventh company (Retter's) was united to the Fayette County Battalion, which was designated the One Hundred and Sixty-eighth regiment, and was mustered into the United States service on the 19th of May, 1864. This corps was assigned to duty along the railroads in Kentucky, with a main detachment at Cynthiana; there they had a sharp fight with the rebel cavalry and lost some prisoners, Col. Garis being severely wounded, and some eight or ten men killed, and as many more wounded. Another detachment of this regiment captured one hundred horses, seventy-five stands of arms and twenty-six prisoners. The One Hundred and Sixty-eighth was armed with old-fashioned Harper's Ferry muskets, of an inferior quality. On the 6th day of September the regiment was discharged and paid off, after serving twenty days beyond the expiration of its term of service.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, Edwin E. Retter, dd
First Lieutenant, Louis H. Mark
Second Lieutenant, William Reid
First Sergeant, Edwin O. Kershner.
Second Sergeant, John Kraft.
Third Sergeant, Wm. P. Dick
Fourth Sergeant, Joe Horseman.
Fifth Sergeant, Geo. W. Conner
First Corporal, Henry S. Adams
Second Corporal, Wm. L. Wertz
Third Corporal, James H. Wilson
Fourth Corporal, Otho Davidson dd
Fifth Corporal, John H. Furgeson
Sixth Corporal, Cornelius Wones
Seventh Corporal, Matthew P. Shackey
Eighth Corporal, George Nirond
Musician, Alfred Mead
Allen, Frank
Affleck, William
Affleck, Henry
Allen, Clement
Boncuther, Geo. W.
Boy, Wm. V.
Bowman, Frederick
Beebe, Walter
Barnzhoff, Ezra
Bellew, Patrick
Brenkman, Adams
Baught, John H.
Clark, Wm.
Cary, Cyrus
Cannon, James W.
Coffe, Joseph A.
Chalfant, Wm.
Coble, Jacob
Depez, Solomon
Depez, Milton
Frey, Henry
Fisher, Joshua
Goldsburg, Samuel L.
Goldsburg, Wm.
Heidy, Henry
Hildebrand, Samuel F.
Han, John C.
Harris, Christie
Hickey, Patrick J. dd
Hallan, Sam
Jellicer, Francis
Jones, Raymond W.
Kirkpatrick, W.
Kirkpatrick, Samuel
Kershner, Nathaniel G.
Lindsey, Thomas J.
Lines, Jesse L.
Leuty, George
Mitchell, Brody
Mowen, Hiram
Mead, Wm. O.
McCollough, Robt.
Myers, Henry
Moffett, Amos D.
May, Wm.
Mann, Enoch
Newland, James M.
Neil, John
Oday, Wm. H.
Printz, Isaac C.
Prioty, Elias
Reid, Wm.
Rhoderick, Henry F.
Ranler, Emanuel
Ringwalt, Jacob
Rowe, Wm. H.
Rowe, Harmon A.
Smith, Wm. C.
Sellers, James N.
Stahessel, John H.
Smith, Edward D.
Swope, Chas. C.
Tassinger, Noah
Tassinger, Joseph ,br> Vannes, Albert
Worthington, Wm. C., pd Corp.
Walter, Ben F.
Wriget, Jasper
This roll is a transcript from the official roll on file at Columbus.


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