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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


Organized at Camp Dennison, Ohio, May 12, 1864, with Col. Israel Stough as its commander, and Rev. Lucien Clark as Chaplain. At Harper's Ferry, VA., and along the line of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and under Gen. Butler at Bermuda Hundred, during guard and picket duty, was the period of service this regiment expended. During the affair at North River Mills, on July 3, 1864, a detachment of the 153rd became engaged, and lost several officers and men killed and wounded. It was mustered out in the latter part of July, 1864, at Camp Chase, Ohio. The entire regiment was engaged August 2, 1864, losing two men killed, and the Colonel, and eighty-one men prisoners.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, J.L. McKinney.
First Lieutenant, Ira B. Miller.
Second Lieutenant, J.E. Layton.
First Sergeant, Henry Harnish
Second Sergeant, A. Martin.
Third Sergeant, A.H. Miller.
Fourth Sergeant, J.C. Degroot.
Fifth Sergeant, J.P. Jenkins.
First Corporal, J.M. Miller.
Second Corporal, Levi Kauffman.
Third Corporal, D.C. Minnich.
Fourth Corporal, Jacob Hershey.
Fifth Corporal, Michael Garst.
Sixth Corporal, Henry Martin.
Seventh Corporal, Henry Martin.
Seventh Corporal, James Allen.
Eighth Corporal, J.T. Forgy.
Alspough, John
Atkinson, John
Albin, Gabriel
Bremzer, Isaac
Brehm, Philip
Burns, J.G.
Boyd, Wm. W.
Burns, James
Brown, Samuel
Baker, Ambrose
Bair, Solomon
Croft, George
Corey, William
Creevy, John D.
Campbell, James P.
Dilly, J.L.
Deaton, N.E.
Dingess, William
Frankhouse, George
Frantz, Israel
Frantz, D.O.
Frantz, George
Forbes, H.G.
Garver, E.A.
Garst, Elias
Harnish, H.B.
Harnish, J.G.
McNeal, Thomas
Heck, David P.
Hershey, Jefferson
Howett, Peter
Everet, Watson
Hill, Robert B.
Hughs, A.
Hili, L.W.T.
Jones, Amos
Johnson, W.F.
Jenkins, David
Kauffman, John
Kline, Tobias
Klinefelter, Alexander
Kingore, John H.
Leffel, Henry
Harr, James S.
Lamme, John W.
Lough, John
Lattourette, Robert
Duly, William
Leffel, Joseph
Layton, Thomas
Layton, Orrin A.
Layton, Ezra N.
Lafferty, Samuel J.
Myers, D.O.
McLauren, Duncan
Miller, A. Smith
Neff, Warren
Omert, Jacob
Plants, Robert
Ream, William
Spidel, John
Shepherd, Jacob
Stonebarger, Wm. L.
Stroup, John E.
Serface, James A.
Stitzel, Lewis
Trumbo, William
bretz, Jacob
Trowbridge, J.W.
Trousdale, Joseph A.
Wingard, Wm.
Wise, George
Widsey, John
Wilson, Timothy
Way, Michael
Wallace, James H.
Youler, Philip
Scourse, William dp
Dehn, Joseph d p

Company E, was engaged all day July 4, 1864, at South Branch Bridge, loosing [sic] two men, prisoners.

Captain, Harrison C. Cross.
First Lieutenant, Jacob Hanes.
Second Lieutenant, Samuel Esterline.
First Sergeant, Aaron W. Hempleman.
Second Sergeant, Samuel S. Taylor.
Third Sergeant, J.W.S. Reed.
Fourth Sergeant, Mark Drummond.
Fifth Sergeant, James T. Akin.
First Corporal, John Shellabarger.
Second Corporal, James B. Fenton.
Third Corporal, William Pottle.
Fourth Corporal, Daniel Baker.
Fifth Corporal, John Partington.
Sixth Corporal, Martin Randolph.
Seventh Corporal. Ephraim S. Beard.
Eighth Corporal. Ezra D. Miller.
Asper, David S.
Baldwin, John W.
Bymaster, George K.
Baker, Robert D.
Baker, Jasper W.
Brodheck, Martin
Coffeld, Arthur k
Click, Samuel S.
Epley, John D.
Frock, Jerry
Feeser, John G.
Finley, Perry
Forluck, Nicholas
Forgey, John S.
Frock, Henry
Grisso, John
Gordon, Henry
Gordon, Harrison
Gordon, Ezra
Ginnavan, William C.
Hardacre, Hugh B.
Heck, Henry
Howet, John A.
Hupman, John W.
Hursh, Cyrus
Humpleman, Isaac I.
Jones, Andrew
Judy, Samuel H.
Knott, John McC.
Koch, Franklin
Kalisher, William
Leffel, Andrew D.
Leffel, Martin J.
Leffel, Jerry
Love, R. Paxton
Musselman, Michael
Matthews, Henry C.
Miller, John P.
Martin, Andrew
Maple, Jacob
Morris, George W. dd
McCann, Thomas
Miller, Cornelius
Miller, Harrison
Miller, Samuel S.
Neff, Joseph
Pelts, David
Partington, Charles
Peterson, Alex
Richardson, Newton
Stitzel, George
Shirey, George
Stillwell, Thomas
Shaver, John
Stiles, John H.
Stillwell, John
Shepherd, John W.
Winget, Wm. H.
Welshaus, Jesse H.
Taylor, Watson k
Jacob, Cyrus


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