Clark County, Ohio

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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


Lieutenant Colonel, Edward M. Doty.
Chaplain, Rev. Thomas S. Guthrie

This regiment was taken into the service at Camp Dennison, about the middle of May, 1864. There is any amount of written evidence of the work of this regiment, but many dates are omitted. It commenced duty at New Creek, Va., immediately after, where it had guard and picket duty to perform. At Martinsburg, a part of the corps had a period of experience in "spade duty." Next as a guard for a train of wagons on the march to the front. It reached Beverly, Va., with a loss of two men killed, having marched 430 miles in twenty-three days. The One Hundred and Fifty-second was also on duty at North Branch and Cumberland, Md. It was attacked by the rebel forces several times, but never was defeated. It was mustered out at Camp Denison [sic], on the 2d of September, 1864, and, on the 5th it was discharged.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, Asa S. Bushnell.
First Lieutenant, Richard L. Parker.
Second Lieutenant, Asa W. Hatch.
First Sergeant, Madison W. Powell.
Second Sergeant, George W. Driscoll.
Third Sergeant, Joseph Harrison, dd
Fourth Sergeant, Isaac W. Trimmer.
Fifth Sergeant, James M. Cooper.
First Corporal, Bushrod Spencer.
Second Corporal, Percy D.S. Dyer.
Third Corporal, Clement T. Seys
Fourth Corporal, Rodney Strain.
Fifth Corporal, John H. Johnson.
Sixth Corporal, A.P. Linn Cochran.
Seventh Corporal, John C. Miller
Eighth Corporal, Clifton M. Nichols.
Drummer, Albert B. Lewis. dd
Albin, Cyrus
Albin, Joseph P.
Baker, Henry E.
Bretney, Edward V.
Bretney, John R.
Best, Benjamin F.
Brown, William L.
Bruce, George A.
Blair, Joseph A.
Burnett, Theodore
Clapp, Chester H.
Crooker, Frank M.
Clokey, Mitchell J.
Cross, Nathaniel J.
Cartmell, Thomas
Drury, Jonas
Duddy, John
Diehl, Wallace
Davidson, James
Folger, Charles E.
Grimes, William H.
Grant, William H.
Hamilton, William W.
Huben, Daniel J.
Hill, George A.
Hindes, James M.
Huffman, Ogden A.
Lee, Hiram M.
Ludlow, Cooper
McCartney, James T.
Miller, Joseph
Moone, William P.
Moone, Samuel P.
Martin, Peter L.
Oldham, J.L.
Putnam, William R.
Rayner, Richard
Rodgers, Lon
Rawlins, George C.
Ruhl, Albertus M.
Segrove, David W.
Templeton, James T.
Thompson, James B.
Thornton, Edward
Wildisin, John
Whiteridge, Oliver B.
Willis, William H.
Winger, George W.
Wilson, Charles M.
Wilson, Moses S.
Wood, Charles A.
Wright, William N.
Fitzpatrick, John d
Captain, Charles A. Welsh.
First Lieutenant, Benjamin H. Warder.
Second Lieutenant, Martin L. Frantz.
First Sergeant, Joel Funk
Second Sergeant, Deluna Lawrence.
Third Sergeant, William W. Neale.
Fourth Sergeant, Andrew K. Benson.
Fifth Sergeant, Jacob L. McClellen.
First Corporal, John Pennell.
Second Corporal, John Shinn
Third Corporal, William B. Locke.
Fourth Corporal, Miner C. Tuttle.
Fifth Corporal, Clay Whiteley.
Sixth Corporal, James A. Bird
Seventh Corporal, Charles E. Gillen.
Eighth Corporal, Walter Hitchman.
Anderson, Samuel
Allen, Albert
Arbogast, John A.
Arbogast, Isaac
Butler, James
Bird, John A.
Bird, Havens
Cornell, John W.
Dennis, John W.
Doty, Levi
Dynn, Joseph H.
Elston, William
Fox, Richard
Frey, T. Frank
Gad, John
Gallagher, Michael
Graham, Timothy
Gedling, Samuel
Greenwood, Thomas
Gillett, Alden H.
Gates, Henry
Hays, Allen
Harte, Abraham
Hendrickson, David
Hardacre, Jonas
Huffman, James D.
Ingland, Isaac
Ireland, George W.
Kershner, Daniel
Kershner, Benjamin F.
Lancy, Cephes
Laner, Henry
McMann, James
Meenach, Joseph
Maxwell, Harry
Markwood, Thomas
Mote, Elias
Nelson, Richard C.
Ogden, Charles
Osmand, Martin L.
Oldham, John C.
Palmer, Edward
Perks, James
Plummer, Fountain D.
Rodgers, Robert
Rice, Edward
Shryock, Eldred
Saunders, David
Smith, William G.
Stevens, John H.
Stevenson, Easton M.
Stevenson, Henry
Sassaman, Samuel B.
Tuttle, Albert
Tuttle, William H.
Taylor, Algernon
Thresher, Isaac
Ulrick, John W.
Bulmer, John
Winkly, Joel
Wragg, William H.
Ware, James
Welsh, William
Way, Aaron
Warvel, George H.
Huffman, Ruben
Kimball, William H. d
Jacob, Cyrus


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