Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


Major, Thomas W. Bown.
Acting Adjutant, Jason W. Philllips.

This regiment was mustered into the United States service at Camp Dennison, Ohio, on the 12th of May, 1864, and left for the field on the 17th. At Fayetteville, the regiment was infested by "Bushwhackers," and frequent dashes were made upon the pickets, making constant watchfulness necessary to prevent capture. On the 7th of September, 1864, the regiment was ordered to Camp Dennison, Ohio, where it was mustered out.

k—Killed in action; p— Prisoner; w—Wounded; pd—promoted; d—Died in service; dd—Deceased; m—Missing.

Captain, Alfred Miller.
First Lieutenant, Thomas E. Stewart.
Second Lieutenant, Harvey R. Tuttle.
First Sergeant, John E. Stewart.
Second Sergeant, Webster Barrett.
Third Sergeant, Francis M. Berry.
Fourth Sergeant, John S. Anderson.
Fifth Sergeant, William L. Lafferty; Acting Sergeant Major.
First Corporal, David Tuttle.
Second Corporal, Solon Stratton.
Third Corporal, Francis M. Porter.
Fourth Corporal, Samuel W. Wilson.
Fifth Corporal, Columbus W. Baker
Sixth Corporal, Wallace Elder.
Seventh Corporal, Oliver Anderson.
Eighth Corporal, Michael D. Wolf
Anderson, David
Ander, William
Baldwin, William
Bishop, Jonathan
Boolman, Isaac
Bare, William
Cooper, James
Cooper, Jacob
Confarr, William W.
Dean, Aaron H.
Evans, Job
Evans, William E.
Estle, William H.
Estle, Charles A.
Elder, Russell T.
Edges, Robert D.
Fry, Franklin W.
Fry, Jacob R.
Forrest, William
Frasier, William
Hatfield, William H.
Hess, Thomas
Harris, John T.
Hall, Nehemiah
Hitchcock, Jesse D.
Highwood, James
Hause, Abel
Ilaff, James B.
Knott, William A.
Kempton, William J.
Kinsly, David M.C.
Kiler, George W.
Leffel, Henry
Laybourne, Abel
Laybourne, William H.H.
Little, William H.
McKeehan, James
Mills, Jacob
Miller, Benjamin
Miller, Thomas P.
Murray, John
McMillan, George
Morath, F.J.
Nagley, Sampson W.
Nave, John G.
Negus, Albert
Painter, Emanuel
Porter, Robert
Quinn, Henry
Runyon, James M.
Stewart, David W.
Stewart, David
Stewart, Matthew S.
Snodgrass, Owen
Sellers, Gustavus W.
Shaffer, Michael H.
Sanders, Michael
Todd, James S.
Tuttle, Isaac
Truesdale, James
Taylor, N.K.
Tyler, William
Turnbull, Alonza E.
Varbel, Richard D.
Weigel, Benjamin T.
Wolf, Amos
Wheeler, Elliot
Warner, Simeon
Wise, John
James, T. Todd dd
Captain, Alfred Bown.
First Lieutenant, Valentine G. Newman.
Second Lieutenant, E.G. Coffin.
First Sergeant, W.E.R. Kemp.
Second Sergeant, John G. Warner.
Third Sergeant, William H. Bird.
Fourth Sergeant, Charles H. Wentz.
Fifth Sergeant, Silas H. Corry.
First Corporal, Absalom M. Griffith.
Second Corporal, James P. Shipton.
Third Corporal, Lemuel Ray.
Fourth Corporal, Harrison Wiggins.
Fifth Corporal, Gideon Landaker.
Sixth Corporal, John H. Gholson.
Seventh Corporal, Hugh J. Webster.
Eighth Corporal, George F. Patterson.
Andre, Darius
Alexander, James
Bridwell, John
Breeden, James H.
Booth, Robert C.
Bush, Dorrydon
Bresden, W.H.
Boring, Zeller
Burke, Martin
Botkin, Granville
Campbell, Eli
Cloninger, Philip
Carton, Thomas C.
Condon, Charles
Cole, Henry P.
Davis, George B.
Dyer, Joshua
Davidson, McLean
Davis, John W.
Edwards, William dd
Elsworth, W.A.
Galtz, Jacob
Highwood, Edward
Heiskill, John
Hedrick, Lewis
Horshell, Edward
Hays, John
Hellman, Amos
Henthorn, Henry C.
Henry, Elliott C.
Jones, Martin
Johnson, William E.
Jones, Jenkin S.
Justice, John S.
Jackson, William
Kay, George W.
Kemp, C.T.M.
Long, James
Levasy, Alexander
Lycon, Goodwin
Miller, Charles W.
Miller, Joseph E.
Mitchell, John
Mathewson, Charles
Mort, John
Morris, Ben F.
McKinnon, Daniel F.
Nunley, John
Pratt, H.T.L.
Peters, Oliver K. dd
Pringle, J.C.
Pringle, J.W.
Pierce, Darlington
Ramsey, William
Roland, Absalom
Roe, Charles T.
Roberts, John
Richardson, Alonzo
Rogers, William P.
Robinson, John A.
Richardson, Elisha
Smith, Isaac M.
Sayres, Theodore
Sharpe, James
Sharpe, William
Smith, John C.
Sloane, Nathan T.
Thompson, George W.
Tabb, George S.
Tomlinson, John
Vandoosen, Belden
Webb, Joseph
Wells, Robert
Willson, Ben F.
Wood, Henry
Winters, Aaron
Sharp, Charles T. dd


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