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Clark County's Civil War Soldiers

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881


Explanatory. — Those names with † did not re-enter the service; of those marked with an * nothing is known; those marked with a § are veterans, while those in capitals are those who have given up their lives as a sacrifice upon the altar of their country. The reference marks should apply to this company only.

By favor of Col. David king, the following extract is made from an old record book, in the handwriting of Col. Edwin C. Mason, now Major in the U.S.A. "A number of gentlemen met in the old Light Guard's Armory, on Monday evening, September 10, 1860, and organized the Springfield Zouave Cadets. A committee of three was appointed to draft a Constitution, who at a subsequent meeting reported the following, etc."

The next spring found this corps ready to respond to the call for 75,000 men. It was the first company in Ohio to offer its services after the firing upon Fort Sumter, and was one of the pioneer bodies which led the van of three hundred and ten thousand men in Ohio's tribute to the Union.

The following record of the officers and men of Co. F, Second O.V.I. (3 months), has, with considerable labor, been prepared by Col. David King and Capt. F.O. Cummings. Some of the members, non-residents of this city, left for their homes immediately upon the mustering out of the company, and it has been impossible to obtain any information respecting them or their whereabouts.

The company, it will be remembered, was organized under President Lincoln's first call for 75,000 volunteers, and left this city for the seat of war on the morning of Wednesday, April 17, 1861. The record has been prepared with great care, and it is thought it is correct, and it is to be regretted that it could not be fully completed.

Marion A. Ross, who was hanged by the rebels in Georgia, was one of the famous raiding party sent out by Gen. Mitchell from Tennessee; they were captured, and after a long and cruel imprisonment — with the exception of five who escaped — were hanged.

    Capt. Ed C. Mason § — Appointed Captain 17th U.S. Infantry, June, 1861; appointed Colonel 7th Me. V.I., August, 1861; appointed Colonel 176th O.V.I., Sept. 23, 1864, promoted Brevet Lieutenant Colonel U.S.A., and Brevet Brigadier General U.S. Volunteers 1865, now serving with 17th U.S. Infantry in the West.
    1st Lieut. David King, promoted Captain Co. F, 2d O.V.I. (3 months), appointed Major 94th O.V.I., July, 1862; promoted Lieutenant Colonel 1863; resigned.
    2d Lieut. John G. Clarke, † appointed Regimental Quarter Master, 2d O.V.I. (3 months).
    2d Lieut. R. Mason, appointed Lieutenant Colonel, 2d O.V.I. (3 months); appointed Assistant Adjutant General of Ohio September, 1861; appointed Colonel 71st O.V.I. December, 1861.
    1st Sergt. H.D. John, appointed 1st Lieutenant, Co. F, 2d O.V.I. (3 months); appointed Captain 86th O.V.I. (3 months); appointed Captain 129th O.V.I. (6 months); promoted Colonel
    Sergt. I.N. Walters appointed 2d Lieutenant 47th O.V.I.; promoted 1st Lieutenant; resigned.
    Sergt. Jesse C. Nichols § Orderly Sergeant 71st O.V.I., promoted 2d Lieutenant Nov. 26, 1862, promoted 1st Lieutenant April 7, 1864, promoted Captain Nov. 20, 1864.
    Sergt. H.P. Christie, appointed 2d Lieutenant Co. F, 2d O.V.I. (3 months), appointed 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 58th O.V.I., served as Aid de Camp on staff of Maj. Gen. McClernand.
    Corp. R.J. Wright, apointed 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 6th O.V.C., promoted Captain 1864, now U.S.C.
    Corp. F.O. Cummings †, Sergeant Major 60th O.V.I. (1 year), promoted 1st Lieutenant April, 1862, mustered out November, 1862, re-enlisted in 44th O.V.I., discharged for promotion, and appointed 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 176th O.V.I. Sept. 23, 1864, promoted Captain and Assistant ADjutant General July 17, 1865, served on staff of Gen. E.C. Mason
    Corp. A.B. TUTTLE, appointed 2d Lieutenant 17th Ohio Battery, died at Vicksburg, Miss., 1863
    Corp. George A. Enge, appointed 1st Lieutenant 17th Ohio battery, resigned and appointed Master's Mate on gunboat; resigned.
    Corp. HEZ. WINGER, appointed 2d Lieutenant 44th O.V.I. August, 1861; promoted 1st Lieutenant 1862; promoted Captain 8th O.V.C., 1864; resigned and died from the effects of wounds received at Liberty, Va., in July, 1865
    Corp. S.N. Schaeffer §.
    Private James Ambrose †, appointed 1st Lieutenant 2d O.V.I. (3 years); promoted Captain.
    Private J.B. Brandt, appointed Captain 114th O.V.I.
    Private D.N. Badger †, appointed 1st Lieutenant O.V.I.; promoted Captain; promoted Major 8th O.V.C.; afterward Major in U.S.A.
    Private George H. Birch. *
    Private George Bean, Sergeant 16th Ohio Battery, discharged, appointed Master's Mate on gunboat, resigned.
    Private Earl Beadford†, Sergeant 16th Ohio Battery, afterward Lieutenant 15th Infantry U.S.A.
    Private W.W. Blandin.*
    Private Charles Berg, appointed 2d Lieutenant 19th U.S. Infantry
    Private J.M. Bennett.§
    Private Lewis Baird†, Sergeant 31st O.V.I.
    Private Ham Cushing, Sergeant 145th O.V.I.
    Private H. Cole. §
    Private E.P. Christie, Clerk. U.S. Paymaster's Department.
    Private William Carey.§
    Private O.S. Chancellor†, Orderly Sergeant 16th Ohio Battery; promoted 2d Lieutenant.
    Private C.R. Cover†, Lieutenant 46th O.V.I.
    Pirvate O.S. Clarke, Orderly Sergeant 16th Ohio Battery
    Private T.B. Douglass, Sergeant Major 44th O.V.I.; promoted 2d Lieutenant 1861; promoted 1st Lieutenant in 1862.
    Private W.H. Davis.†
    Private J.M. D'Armond.
    Private R.D. Evans.†
    Private H.H. Fisher, 1st Lieutenant, 4th O.V.C.
    Private C.S. Forgy. †
    Private C.C. Fried.†
    Private George W. Forbes, Sergeant 60th O.V.I., discharged 11th O.V.I.
    Private H.H. Henry†, Major —th N.Y. Mounted Rifles, promoted Colonel.
    Private Asa Hatch, 2d Lieutenant 153d O.N.G.
    Private George H. Hollister, Sergeant Major 2d O.V.I. (3 years), promoted 1st Lieutenant, Aid de Camp on staff of Gen. Scribner, promoted Captain, resigned.
    Private D.E. Humphreys.*
    Private H.W. Hahn, Drum Corps, 16th O.V.I.
    Private Fred W. Huffman.†
    Private George D. House, Sergeant 67th O.V.I.
    Private W.H. Irwin, appointed 2d Lieutenant 129th O.V.I. (6 months), promoted 1st Lieutenant.
    Private I. Kindle †, Sergeant 5th O.V.C.
    Private John W. King, musician, Brigade Band, 2d Brigade, 3d Division, 6th Army Corps.
    Private J.W. Kills, appointed 1st Lieutenant 31st O.V.I.; Acting Assistant Quartermaster.
    Private A.O. Lynn, Sergeant 75th O.V.I., promoted 2d Lieutenant 10th Tenn. I., promoted 1st Lieutenant.
    Private Jonas Leas, Sergeant 10th Ohio Battery.
    Private John Lindell.*
    Private Tom W. Maple†, 16th Ohio Battery.
    Private C.N. Moyer†, Sergeant 32d O.V.I.; promoted 1st Lieutenant.
    Private H.J. May, 17th Ohio Battery.
    Private A.S. Moore †, appointed Captain 44th O.V.I.; promoted Major 1863; promoted Lieutenant Colonel 8th O.V.C. February, 1864; promoted Colonel, April 1864.
    Private George Murdoch, 1st Lieutenant 6th Ohio Battery; resigned.
    Private S.J. McConnell, Sergeant Major 71st O.V.I.; promoted 2d Lieutenant; promotes 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant; promoted Captain, Acting Assistant Inspector General on the staff of Gen. Rousseau.
    Private CHARLES McCOOK, killed at the first battle of Bull run, July 21, 1861.
    Private J.R. McGarry.§
    Private B.P. McCoon.*
    Private I.N. Mitchell, 2d Lieutenant 16th Ohio Battery; promoted 1st Lieutenant.
    Private D.S. McCOY, killed at Port Gibson, La.
    Private E. Myers.§
    Private W. Myers†, Sergeant 10th Ohio Battery.
    Private G.H. Moulton.*
    Private Geo. A. Morris†, appointed 2d Lieutenant 31st O.V.I.; promoted 1st Lieutenant; promoted Captain.
    Private W.S. Meranda§, died at home.
    Private Wm. Newcomb, appointed 1st Lieutenant 10th Ohio Battery; romoted Captain, resigned.
    Private H.J. Nitchman, 8th O.V.C.
    Private J.D. Outhart, Sergeant 66th O.V.C.
    Private — Osborne, Sergeant 17th Ohio Battery.
    Private Oscar Pool, 2d Lieutenant 154th O.N.G.
    Private J. Peetry, 2d Lieutenant 95th O.V.I.
    Private Quincy A. Petts. §
    Private MARON A. ROSS, Sergeant Major 2d O.V.I. (3 years), taken prisoner and hanged by the rebels in Alabama.
    Private John Raffensperger, 4th O.V.C.
    Private I.S. Richmond†, Corporal 16th Ohio Battery.
    Private George Rabbitts.§
    Private W.K. REYNARD, Sergeant 10th Ohio Battery, died at Andersonville, Ga.
    Private E. SPALDING, appointed 2d Lieutenant 115th O.V.I.; promoted Captain, killed at the battle of Chickamauga.
    Private W.D. Stillman.*
    Private J.M. Sheeder.§
    Private E.G. Squirer.§
    Private Wm. Sykes, Sergeant 44th O.V.I.; promoted 2d Lieutenant; promoted 1st Lieutenant.
    Private H.C. Thomas§, lost at sea in steamer Golden Era while en route for Algiers.
    Private Wm. thomas, Drum Corps 16th O.V.I.
    Private T.W. Thomas, Sergeant 5th O.V.C.
    Private L.W. Tulleys, appointed Orderly Sergeant Co. F, (3 months); appointed Captain 44th O.V.I.; promoted Lieutenant Colonel, resigned.
    Private D.W. Todd, 1st Lieutenant and Regimental Quartermaster 86th O.V.I. (3 months); appointed Lieutenant Colonel O.N.G.
    Private Moses Toland d-d, 60th O.V.I.; discharged and re-enlisted in 2d Ohio H.A.
    Private Frank J. Tedford, appointed 2d Lieutenant 74th O.V.I.; promoted 1st Lieutenant; promoted Captain and Brevet Major, Acting Assistant Inspector General on staff of Maj. Gen. Miller.
    Private J.S. THATCHER, Sergeant 17th Ohio Battery; died of disease while in service.
    Private Moses Wilson, Sergeant 139th O.V.I. (6 months); private 152d O.N.G.

This company participated in the battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861.


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