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From Directory of the City of Springfield
John W. Kees & Co., Springfield. 1852


To provide for licensing and regulating drays, carts and wagons, in the city of Springfield

Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the city council of the city of Springfield, That on and after the first day of September next, every person who shall be the owner of any dray, cart or wagon, used and employed generally, for transporting merchaindise, stone, lumber, or other aritcles within said city, shall be required to take out a license for the same, and have the same conspicuously numbered, and the number thereof placed upon record, under the following regulations: Such owner or owners shall apply to the city recorder, who shall appropriate to each dray, cart or wagon the number by which the same shall be designated, beginning with number one (1) for the first application, and continuing the number in a regular series as application shall be made, and the said recorder shall make an entry thereof, with the name of the owner or owners, in a book to be kept for that purpose, and shall give the applicants a certificate thereof; and thereupon such owner or owners shall pay the city treasurer the sum of three dollars, and shall present the treasurer's receipt therefor, together with the certificate of the city recorder as aforesaid, to the mayor, who shall thereupon issue a license for the use and employment of such dray, cart or wagon, for the term of one year from the date of such license. And upon the expiration of such license a new one shall be issued by the mayor to the same owner or owners, upon the production of the treasurer's receipt for the sum above required to be paid, and it shall not be necessary for the aplicant to produce a new certificate from the city recorder.

And such owner or owners shall cause the number of such dray, cart or wagon, so licensed as aforesaid, to be placed on one side thereof in a conspicuous position, and in distinct and legible characters, and shall keep the same in a distinct and legible condition, during the whole term for which the same may be licensed.

Sec. 2. In case any dray, cart or wagon, licensed as aforesaid, shall be sold by the owner or owners thereof before the expiration of such license, the seller may assign such license to the purchaser; provided, that notice thereof shall first be given to the city recorder, who shall make an entry thereof, in his register, and certify the same, which certificate shall be presented to the mayor, who shall thereupon indorse upon such license the words "tranfer, entered and certified," with his signature thereto, and thereafter such license shall be good to the purchaser for the remainder of the term for which it shall have been granted.

Sec. 1.[sic] If any person or persons shall transport any merchandise, property or articles of any description whatever, upon any dray within this city for any other person, for which compensation shall be received, charged, demanded or claimed, without having license for the employment and use of such dray, according to the provisions of this ordinance, or shall keep and use generally any cart or wagon for the purposes aforesaid without license as aforesaid, such person or persons, on conviction thereof, shall pay a fine of one dollar for each offense, with costs of prosecution. And if any person or persons having a dray, cart or wagon, licensed under the provisions of this ordinance, shall fail to keep the proper number of the same, thereupon conspicuously and distinctly legible, according to the requirements fo this ordinance, during the whole time of the use or employment of the same, under such license as aforesaid, such person or persons, on conviction thereof, shall pay a fine not exceeding one dollar with costs of prosecution.

Mayor of the city of Springfield

Passed August 7, 1850.


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