Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1868

From Springfield Directory for 1868-9, Williams & Co., 1868

av stands for avenue
b between
bds. boards
c or cor corner
com commission.
confec confectioner.
dray drayman
e east
h. house.
manuf manufactory or manufacturer
mer stands for merchant
n. north.
nr near
opp. opposite
R. R. railroad
prop'r. proprietor
res residence
s. south or side
tp township
w. west
wks works

Macbeth Alexander, teamster, h 13 Pearl

Macbeth George A. clerk, h n e c Limestone and Pleasant

Macbeth Miss Helen, teacher, Springfield Female Seminary

Macbeth J. R. h n e c Pleasant and Limestone

Macbeth John, farmer, bds 13 Pearl

Macbeth Samuel, h 13 Pearl

Mack John, laborer, bds 120 E. Washington

MacLennan Kenneth, (M. Rinehart & Co.) bds James Torbet's

MacLennan, Rinehart & Co. (Kenneth M., J. W. R. & C. P. Ballard) threshing machines, Warder e of Limestone

MAD RIVER NATIONAL BANK OF SPRINGFIELD, O., 16 e. Main; John Bacon, President; T. F. McGrew, Cashier

Madden ——, laborer, h 310 E. Main

Madden Bridget, widow, h 170 E. Main

Madden John, plasterer, h n w c Columbia and Water

Madden Mary, servant, 24 S. Factory

madden Mary, widow, h n w c Columbia and Water

Madden Michael, laborer, h 250 E. Columbia

Madden Peter, cartman, h 207 E. Columbia

Madden Thomas, laborer, h 276 E. Columbia

Maher Annie, servant, 149 S. market

Mahon Patrick, tanner, wks 116 E. main

Mahony Dennis, laborer, wks Seitz & Mowatt's

Mahr Catherine, widow, h 125 E. Columbia

Mahr Dorothea, widow, h 215 W. Columbia

Mahr Patrick, laborer, h 125 E. Columbia

mahr Wendell wagon maker, h 221 w. Columbia

Maley Mrs. laudress, wks National Hotel

Malia Mary, widow, bds Bridget Quinn's

Malone James, core maker, h s s Clifton b Pearl and Scott

Malone Mary, servant, 73 N. Factory

Manley James, carpenter, h n s Patton b Pearl and Clifton Av

Mappes David, bar keeper, 68 N. Spring

Mapps John, cooper shop, 87 W. Columbia

Marin Maggie, servant, 162 W. High

Markwood Mrs. widow, h 301 S. marke

t Markwood Jeff, printer, bds 301 S. market

Markwood Kyle, machinist, bds 301 S. Market

Marmet Jacob, brick layer, h 63 W. Jefferson

Marmet Susan, widow, h 70 w. Jefferson

Marot Wm. sash maker, h cor Vine and Pleasant

Marshall Wm. (Myers & M.) h S Market b Main and High

Martin Absolom, h 439 W. Main

Martin David, teamster, h 327 E. Main

Martin David, blacksmith, wks 17 W. High

Martin Jefferson, sewing machine agent, h e s Clifton Av. b Clifton and Patton

Martin John, carpenter, bds 28 E. Columbia

Martin John, laborer, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Martin Nathan, clerk n w c Main and Limestone, h 85 W. Mulberry

Mason Mrs. M. J. widow, h 139 S. Spring

mason General S. n e c Main and Limestone, h 104 W. Main

Mason Sylvia, servant, 42 W. High

Masonic Hall, in Union Hll building

Masson Wm. laborer, h 297 S. Centre

Mast P. P. (Thomas & M.)

Matlack George, carpenter, h 75 w. Jefferson

Matson Maggie, bds Dr. A. Whipple's

matthews Frank B. tinner, wks 30 E. Main

Matthews Mary, cook, wks National Hotel

Mattoon Frank W. clerk, Foos & Mullikin's

MATTOX ABSALOM, County Clerk Office, s w c Columbia and Limestone; Residence, 300 S. Limestone

Mattox Frank G. clerk County Clerk's Office, h 300 S. Limestone

Mauck Eugene, carpenter, h 234 W. North

Mauck Jacob, carpenter, h 234 W. North

Maxwell James, cartman, wks Seitz & Mowatt's

Maxwell T. F. cooper, h 259 W. High

May Henry, carpenter, h 55 W. North

May Wm. bar keeper, h 43 W. Columbia

Mayhugh W. G. clerk s e c Main and Centre, bds 42 W. Main

Mayor's Office, at City Hall; John J. Snyder, Mayor

Mead Alfred, laborer, bds American House

Mead Alfred, gardener, h 163 W. Columbia

Mead H. P. laborer, h 135 S. Spring

Mead Wm. O. printer, h 163 W. Columbia

Meakin Fred. printer, bds 38½ E. Main

Medlender Lizzie, servant, n e c Plum and Columbia

Mee Peter, laborer, h w s Cherry s of Mound

Mehen Annie, servant, 66 M. Limestone

Mellen John S. (Deardoff, M. & Merkley) h 23 W. Mulberry

Mentel Nat. machinist, bds 38½ E. Main

Merenes Emma, clerk, 18 S. Market

Mereness Maria, widow, h s end of Limestone

Merkley David, (Deardoff, Mellen & M.)

Merritt Caleb, tailor, wks 38 E. Main

Merritt H. L. engineer, bds Willis House

METHODIST RECORDER, (weekly,) Rev. John Scott, D. D., Editor; Rev. A. H. Bassett, Publisher; Office, w s Limestone b High and Washington

Metzger Andrew, cigar maker, bds 69 E. Main

Metzger B. (B. M. & Co.) h 113 E. High

METZGER b. & CO., (B. M. & G. Gonser) Wine and Lager Beer Saloon, 69 E. Main

Meyer Carrie, seamstress, h 12 E. North

Meyer Henry, h 12 E. North

Meyers Jacob, teamster, h 59 W. Columbia

Meyers James, laborer, wks Runyon & Petticrew's

Meyers Nimrod, carpenter, h 176 W. High

Meyers Phillip, h 63 N. Mechanic

Meyers Wm. pipeman, Western Steam Fire Co. No. 2

Michael George, farmer, h 322 W. Main

Michael Wm. clerk 18 S. market, bds 65 S. Factory

Middleton E. C. (M., Rawlins & Co.) h s e c Main and Race

Middleton E. C., Jr. clerk 82 S. Limestone, bds E. C. Middleton's

Middleton Edward, teamster, h w s Cherry opp Rodgers

Middleton, Rawlins & Co. (E. C. M. & I. B. R.) real estate brokers, office, Phœnix Block

Miles Mary, widow, h 67 S. Spring

Milking J. W. painter, gds 38½ E. Main

Miller ——, shoe maker, bds 69 E. Main

Miller Albert, nursery, bds n e c Plum and Columbia

MILLER B. B., Carpenter, Builder and Contractor, 20 W. Jefferson; h 181 W. High

Miller C. G. model maker, h 61 E. Main

Miller Chas. T. grocer and saloon, 13 W. Main

Miller George laborer, h 84 W. Jefferson

Miller James, driver, wks Deffenbach & Brother's

Miller John, bricklayer, bds Jacob Kern's

Miller John, carpenter, h 81 W. Columbia

Miller John C. attorney, bds 170 E. High

Miller Joseph, agent, bds 214 W. Columbia

Miller Joseph, carpenter, h 91 e. Main

Miller Joseph, varnisher, h s s Railroad w of Cherry

Miller L. D. h 107 S. Yellow Spring

Miller Peter, shoe maker, h 64 N. Mechanic

Miller Rebecca, widow, h 276 S. Limestone

Miller Reuben, coroner and justice of the peace, 25½ E. Main, h 170 E. High

Miller Robert, carpenter, bds 106 E. Main

Miller Robert, engineer, American Lead Paint Co.

Miller Sallie, servant, n w c Centre and Pleasant

Miller Theodore, carpenter, bds 28 E. Columbia

Miller Thomas, laborer, h 188 N. Plum

Miller Wm. tanner, wks 116 E. Main

Mills Wm. street commissioner, h n s Harrison b Lined Av. and Taylor

Minick Jacob, wagon maker, bds 38½ E. Main

Minick John, carpenter, h 177 W. North

Minnick Peter, student, h 161 S. Yellow Spring

Minor John, laborer, bds Mrs. John Reed's

Mitchell A. h 13 N. Yellow Spring

MITCHELL E. H., Agent United States and American Express Companies and Great Western Despatch, h 18 S. Yellow Spring

MITSCH GEORGE, Wine and Lager Beer Saloon and Restaurant, 76 E. Main

Moeffler Barbara, servant, 83 W. Washington

Moffat Andrew, miller, h 103 S. Factory

Mohan Charles, peddler, h s s Clifton b Pearl and Scott

MOLER J. D., Civil Engineer and Surveyor, office, 21½ E. Main; bds 65 S. Factory

Moles Mrs. M. J. h 172 N. Plum

Moles Zachariah, porter, h 106 W. North

Monheimer Esther, notions, 104 E. Main

Montgomery Fannie, laundress, h head of Mechanic

Montjoy Nancy, widow, h s e c North and Limestone

Montjoy Richard, book-keeper Mad River National Bank, h 78 N. Limestone

MOODY JAMES, Saddle, Harness and Collar Manufactory, 148 E. Main

Moody Mrs. L. E. dress maker, h 148 E. Main

Moody Wm. E. harness maker, h 148 E. Main

Moon Samuel, machinist, h 81 W. Jefferson

Mooney Dennis, laborer, h 246 E. Columbia

Moore ——, carpenter, wks Voorhees & Arthur's

Moore A. E. carpenter, bds National Hotel

Moore Alvin P. carpenter, bds 201 S. Spring

Moore D. M. (M. & Wylie) bds 245 S. Limestone

Moore D. W. carriage painter, bds Willis House

Moore Geo. machinist, h n w c Mechanic and North

Moore Henry C. chair maker, h 49 W. Columbia

Moore Marion, finisher, h 32 W. Columbia

Moore Mitchell, clerk 7 e. Main, bds 245 S. Limestone

Moore S. Z. barber, 55 W. Main

Moore Thos. H. stone mason, h 136 W. North

Moore Thos. J. porter, 26 S. Limestone

Moore Wm. coppersmith, h 200 W. Main

Moore Wm., jr. finisher, h 200 W. Main

Moore & Wylie, (D. M. M. & O. M. W.) dry goods, 7 E. Main

Morgan Nimrod, h 269 W. Columbia

Morgan Wm. H. waiter, Willis House

Moritz Daniel, shoemaker, wks 85 W. Main

Moritz Peter, laborer, h 344 S. Centre

Morris Alfred, paper hanger, h 149 E. Main

Morris Chas. clerk, Foos & Mullikin's

Morris E. E. traveling agent, h 151 S. Limestone

Morris John, cabinet maker, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Morris Joseph, h 279 E. Columbia

Morris Richard, clerk, h s s High east of Mill

Morris Rev. Thos. A. h s s Mill Run east of Linden Av.

Morrow D. S. & Son, (Daniel S. & Stuart) groceries, &c., s e c Main and Centre

Morrow Daniel S. (D. S. M. & Son) h s e c High and Factory

Morrow W. C. carpenter, h 129 W. High

Morrow Stuart, (D. S. M. & Son) h s e c High and Factory

Morse C. A. (M. & Prugh) h 221 W. High

MORSE & PRUGH, (C. A. M. & A. P.) Manufacturers of Morse's Caucasian Lotion for Removing Tan, Freckles and Pimples, 175 S. Yellow Spring

Morton David, blacksmith, h s s Patton b Pearl and Clifton Av.

Mouser Elizabeth, widow, h 259 S. Centre

Mouser Mary, bds 259 S. Centre

Mowatt James, (Seitz & M.) h North b Market and Factory

Mowen David, (M. & Zoller) h 29 N. Fisher

Mowen & Zoller, (David M. & Philip Z.) blacksmith shop, s w c Main and Mechanic

Mower J. K. (M. & Rawlins) h 85 S. Factory

Mower & Rawlins, (J. K. M. & G. C. R.) attorneys, 21 E. Main

Mudge L. h 168 W. Main

Mulholland Mrs. widow, h 141 W. Columbia

Mulholland & Arbogast, (Wm. M. & Eli A.) carpenters, 30 W. Washington

Mulholland John, jeweler, h 92 w. Main

Mulholland Wm. (M. & Arbogast) h 119 S. Yellow Spring

Mulikin Edward W. (Foos & M.) h 86 W. High

Mumper Miss E. bds 65 S. Factory

Murphy Alice, servant, 243 S. Centre

Murphy Bridget, servant, 155 W. Main

MURPHY & BRO., (James M. & W. R. M.) Dealers in Dry Goods, Notions, &c., Phœnix Block, w s Limestone b Main and High

Murphy David, carpenter, h 337 W. Main

Murphy Geo. M. clerk Murphy & Bro's, bds 58 E. High

Murphy J. W. clerk Murphy & Bro's, bds 58 E. High

Murphy James, (M. & Bros.) h 58 E. High

Murphy James, laborer, h e s Cherry south of Rodgers

Murphy Jeremiah, saloon and boarding house, 118 E. Washington

Murphy Kate, servant, 190 E. High

Murphy Maggie, servant, Henry Barnett's

Murphy Michael, laborer, h 350 E. Columbia

Murphy Michael, laborer, h w s Gallagher b Pleasant and Clifton

Murphy Michael, machinist, wks James Leffel & Co's

Murphy Patrick, currier, wks 116 E. Main

Murphy Patrick, laborer, h w s Cherry south of Mound

Murphy Timothy, carpenter, h 23 Galagher

Murphy W. R. (M. & Bro.) res Pittsburgh, Pa

Murray Richard, carpenter, h e s Gallagher south of Clifton

Muzzy Jos. S. (M. & Schaeffer) h 35 W. High

Muzzy Mary A. widow, h 173 W. North

Muzzy R. H. grocer, h 192 w. High

Muzzy & Schaeffer, (Jos. S. M. & C. H. S.) grocers, 51 E. Main

Myers Edward, (M. & Marshall) h n s W. High b Yellow Spring and Mechanic

Myers Henry, lime burner, wks Seitz & Mowatt's

Myers Jacob H. foreman, 24 N. Market

MYERS & MARSHALL, (Edward M. & Wm. M.) Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, 24 N. Market

Myers Moses, millwright, h 90 Market cor of Columbia

Myers Nimrod, (M. & Stypos)

Myers & Stypos, (N. M. & H. S.) carpenters, 55 S. Market

Myers Wm. carpenter, h 243 S. Market

Myers Wm. H. (Bowman & M.) bds Willis House


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