Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1868

From Springfield Directory for 1868-9, Williams & Co., 1868

av stands for avenue
b between
bds. boards
c or cor corner
com commission.
confec confectioner.
dray drayman
e east
h. house.
manuf manufactory or manufacturer
mer stands for merchant
n. north.
nr near
opp. opposite
R. R. railroad
prop'r. proprietor
res residence
s. south or side
tp township
w. west
wks works

Lacy Joseph, clerk, s w c Main and Market, bds National Hotel

Lafferty W. L. clerk 29 e. Main, bds 111 E. Main

Lally Annie, servant, 117 E. High

Landis Henry, laborer, wks 110 S. Limestone

Lane Patrick, tailor, bds 38½ E. Main

Lankenauer Richard, laborer, h s s Chestnut Av. east of Limestone

Lantinaw John, farmer, bds Wm. T. McIntyre's

Larmour Samuel, drayman, bds 122 E. Washington

LaRue Frederick, carpenter, h n s Harrison b Scott and Taylor

Lasley S. A. h s s High east of Walnut

Latcher ——, laborer, bds 260 S. Centre

Latourette P. H. tinner, h 102 N. Mechanic

Lattimer V. P. conductor, h south end of Limestone

Lattimer wilson, carpenter, h 16 S. Spring

Laurens Martin, miller, h 36 W. North

LAWRENCE A., Manufacturer of Carriages, Buggies and Spring Wagons, 151 e. Main; bds 96 E. Main

Lawrence James, shoemaker, wks 72 E. Main

Lawrence T. J. carriage maker, bds 96 E. Main

Lawson John, carpenter, h 244 S. Centre

Laybourn Christopher, teamster, h n s Buck Creek east of Limestone

Layton John, carpenter, h 244 S. Centre

Leach Dock, machinist, h w s Market b North and Buck Creek

Leary W. molder, wks James Leffel & co's

Leavitt Elizabeth, widow, h 104 w. Columbia

Lecompte Chas. carpenter, h 189 S. Yellow Spring

Lee ——, h n w c Kizer and Limestone

Lee Emily, h s w c Centre and Washington

Lee Mrs. H. widow, h 17 s. Plum

Lee L. G. foreman Springfield Advertiser, bds Western Hotel

Leech Betsy, widow, h 293 S. Centre

Leech Geo. laborer, bds 293 S. Centre

Leech John, laborer, bds 293 S. Centre

Leedle & Dyson, (Richard L. & Joseph D.) painters, Clifton Av. nr Clifton

Leedle Geo. drayman, h s s Clifton nr Spring

Leedle Richard, (L. & Dyson) h cor Clifton and clifton Av.

Leeney E. pattern maker, wks James Leffel & Co's

Leffel Anthony, h 270 W. Main

Leffel Frederic, carpenter, h 154 W. Main

Leffel Mrs. Frederick, widow, h north end of Limestone

Leffel James, h 183 W. Main

Leffel James, carpenter, h south end of Yellow Spring

Leffel James & Co. (Wm. Foos, J. W. Bookwalter, M. A. Leffel & Lamar Foos) water wheels, n w c Limestone and Washington

Leffel M. A. (James Leffel & Co.) h n s Maple Av. east of Limestone north of Buck Creek

Leffel Thos. machinist, h 153 w. Columbia

Lehman Jonathan, h 143 w. Main

Leitschuh Jacob, carpenter, h 212 W. Main

Leitschuh John, (John Hoss & Co.) h 212 w. Main

Leland B. F. carver, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Leland T. E. machinist, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Lemon Mrs. widow, h 32 W. Columbia

Lemon J. F. cigars, &c. 44 E. Main, h 60 w. Jefferson

Lemon Spencer, tobacconist, h 32 w. Columbia

Leonard James, laborer, h 294 E. Columbia

Leonard Patrick, laborer, h w s Cherry south ofMound

Leonard Warren, saddler, h s s Mainb Market and Centre

LESSNER SOLOMON, Manager H. Schwarz & Bro's, 34 E. Main

Letcher Edward, laborer, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Leuty John, butcher, h n w c Yellow Spring and Columbia

LEVY LOUIS, Dealer in Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods, 23 W. Main; Residnece, New York

Levy Louis D. clerk 23 W. Main, bds Moses D. Levy's

LEVY MOSES D., Manager Louis Levy's, 23 W. Main; res 22 W. Mulberry

Lew Henry, turner, h east end of High

Lewe Henry, shoemaker, h 153 E. Columbia

Lewallen J. wks Champion Machine Works

Lewis A. B. painter, h n s Chestnut Av. east of Limestone

Lewis Elizabeth, widow, h 265 S. Centre

Lewis Jaems, brick maker, h 73 E. Washington

Lewis Mary M. teacher, h 265 S. Centre

Lewis W. W. painter, h 207 E. Main

Lichu Jacob, carpenter, h 210 W. Main

Lichu John, shoe maker, h 210 W. Main

Liddie Thomas, laborer, h w s Cherry south of Mound

Lillas James, laborer, h 111 E. Columbia

Lilley John, brick layer, bds Jacob Korn's

Limbocker Mary, widow, h 13 Foster

Lipscombe G. W. clerk, h 33 S. Centre

Linkenow Louisa, servant, 130 W. Columbia

Linn J. F. (M. F. Linn & Bro.) h 24 S. Market

Linn M. F. (M. F. L. & Bro.) h 27 S. Pllum

Linn M. F. & Bro. (M. F. L. & J. F. L.) groceries, 24 S. Market

Linn Miss Mary, bds 96 Clifton

Lisle J. B. machinist, h 97 W. High

Little, Joel L. blacksmith, h n w c Clifton and Linden Av

Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia Railroad Freight Office, 131 S. Limestone; Wm. Wright, agent

Littler J. H. (C. H. Evans & Co.) h s s E. High west of Walnut

LITTLER JOHN H., Probate Judge, Office s w c Columbia and Limestone; h s s E. High west of Walnut

Liverpool John, plasterer, h 4 W. North

Livingston Wm. shoe maker, h 228 E. Columbia

Livingstone Wm. shoe maker, h n e c Market and North

Loar L. pattern maker, h 87 W. High

Loatan Sarah, h 84 W. Jefferson

Locust John, teamster, h n s Rodgers east of Cherry

Logan Nancy, servant, 74 W. Pleasant

Lohner John, boots and shoes, 28 E. Main

Lones Peter D. (Dotze & L.) at 32 S. market, res westt of Corporation

Long Allen, shoe maker, wks 53 W. Main

Long James A. machinist, h s s Columbia east of Water

LONGSTREET A. O., Physician and Surgeon Office, Phœnix Block, h 88 W. Pleasant

Looker R. S. sewing machine repairer, w s Market north of Main

Loomis Harvey, carpenter, h 193 W. Washington

Looney Bridget, servant, east end of Columbia

Loper Wm. teamster, h cor Cherry and Harrison

Lorenz Rev. L. H. h 57 E. Columbia

Lorenz Martin, miller, h 36 W. North

Loth John, polisher, wks n w c Market and High

Love Mrs. widow, h w s Dayton Pike west of Main

Low Abel, at 13 S. Market, h n e c Market and Mulberry

LOW J. WILLIS, Books and Stationery, Wall paper, Window Shades and News Dealer, 13 S. Market; h n e c Market and Mulberry

Low L. pattern maker, wks James Leffel & Co's

Lowrie Rev. h 289 E. high

Loy N. B. tinner, h 59 E. High

Lucas Daniel, laborer, h 75 E. Washington

Ludlow A. R. (Ferrell, L. & Rodgers) h 30 W. Mulberry

LUDLOW CHARLES, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils and Dye Stuffs, 55 E. Main; h 164 E. High

Ludlow Cooper, molder, wks 110 S. Limestone

Ludlow Elizabeth, widow, h s w c Factory and High

Ludlow George, machinist, h 22 N. Mechanic

LUDLOW JOHN, President First National Bank, Officee, 15 S. Limestone; Residence, east end of High

Luker Anna, servant, 36 S. Limestone

Lynch Jerry, laborer, h 264 E. Columbia

Lynch Mary, widow, h w s Cherry opp Rodgers

Lynch Wm. machinist, wks James Leffel & Co's

Lynn Kate, servant, 98 W. High

Lyon Sallie E. printer, h 10 S. Factory

Lyons John, drayman, h w s alley b Main and High and Market and Limestone

Lyons Michael, laborer, h n s Washington east of Gallagher

Lyons Phœbe, widow, h 10 S. Factory

Lysett Henry, cupalo tender, h 137 E. Columbia

Lysett John, laborer, h 111 E. Columbia


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