Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1868

From Springfield Directory for 1868-9, Williams & Co., 1868

av stands for avenue
b between
bds. boards
c or cor corner
com commission.
confec confectioner.
dray drayman
e east
h. house.
manuf manufactory or manufacturer
mer stands for merchant
n. north.
nr near
opp. opposite
R. R. railroad
prop'r. proprietor
res residence
s. south or side
tp township
w. west
wks works

Kalt Jacob, tailor, h s s Section b Foster and Penn

Kalt Joachim, tailor, wks 29 E. Main

Kamp —&—, grocer, h n s Clarke b Centre and Factory

Karns Michael, driver, h 176 E. Columbia

Kauffman Wm. H. clerk Willis House, h 138 W. North

Kauffmann Henry, h n e c High and Centre

Kaufman Michael, h 138 W. North

Kaufmann M. clothing, 5 E. Main, h 169 W. Columbia

Kaus Anton, laborer, h 330 E. Main

Kavanagh James, tailor, bds n w c Main and Spring

Kavanaugh James, laborer, h e s Sycamore b Main and Columbia

Kavanaugh Patrick, laborer, h 315 E. Main

Kay Isaac, physician, 32½ S. Market, h 233 W. High

Kearns Patrick, laborer, bds 122 E. Washington

Kearney James, laborer, h n s Columbia b Market and Limestone

Keble Louis, laborer, h 266 s. Yellow Spring

Keck John, wagon maker, wks 216 W. Main

Keifer J. Warren (K. & Oglevee) h 195 S. Limestone

Keifer & Oglevee (J. Warren K., J. F. O.) 25½ E. Main

Keiser Adam, baker, wks 21 W. Main

Keller charles, bakery, 21 W. Main

Kelley Franklin B., machinist, h 32 N. Market

Kelley J. Hal. marble works n e c Factory and Main, h 212 S. Centre

Kelley John, tanner, h e s Spring b Main and Columbia

Kelley John H. machinist, h 36 N. Market

Kelley Wm. laborer, h 314 E. Columbia

Kelly Barney, quarryman, wks Seitz & Mowatt's

Kelly Mrs. C. widow, h 113 N. Mechanic

Kelly Daniel, laborer, h n s Washingotn b Mill and Gallagher

Kelly Dennis, laborer, h n s Mill Run b Spring and Gallagher

Kelly James, hostler, wks 17 N. Limestone

Kelly John, machinist, h 113 N. Mechanic

Kelly John R. machinist, wks Leffel & Co's

Kelly Oliver S. (Whiteley, Fassler & K.) h s w c Market and Mulberry

Kelly Patrick, telegraph operator, h 113 N. Mechanic

Kemp B. E. (K. & Reed) h n s clark b Centre and Factory

Kemp & Reed (B. E. K. & J. T. R.) grocers, 69 W. Main

Kendall Isaac, painter, bds American house

Kennedy J. pattern maker, wks James Leffel & Co's

Kennedy John, laborer h 289 E. Columbia

Kennedy Martin, laborer, h 129 E. Pleasant

Kennedy Michael, laborer, h 123 N. Limestone

Kennedy Michael, laborer, h e s alley b Harrison and Clifton and Scott and Taylor

Kenney Francis, laborer, h n w c Columbia and Water

Kepge Jacob, baker, wks 39 S. Market

Kipsay Geo. stone mason, h 492 W. Main

Kipsay Peter, laborer, h 500 W. Main

Kershner Edwin, carpenter, h 59 Pearl

Kershner, Hezekiah, Dealer in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds &c., 13 W. Washington

Kersting Albert, clerk, h n w c Mulberry and Spring

Kersting Benjamin (K. & Bro.) h n w c Mulberry and Spring

Kersting & Bro. (Benjamin & Robert) Wine and Lager Beer Saloon, n s Main b Limestone and Spring

Kersting Mrs. H., widow, h n w c Mulberry and Spring

Kersting Robert (K. & Bro.) h n w c Mulberry and Spring

Kersting Wm. upholsterer, bds n w c Mulberry and Spring

Kesselring John, machinist, bds 18 S. Limestone

Kestel Geo. M., brewer, wks City Brewery

Ketcil A. T., Shoemaker, wks 37 E. Main

Keyser G. W. (Weimer & Co.) h 23 W. Washington

Keyser Martin, machinist, h south end of Market

Kick Christina, millinery goods and notions, 114 W. Main

Kidder ——, tobacconist, h n w c Factory and Main

Kienborts Daniel, bds 338 W. Columbia

Kiersting Wm. varnisher, h n w c Spring and Mulberry

Kilgore A. W. carpets, 35 W. Main, up stairs

Kills Mrs. B. J. widow, h 45 W. High

Kills Wm. A. paper maker, h n w c Factory and Columbia

Kills Wm. A. Jr. harness maker, bds Wm. A. Kills'

Kindelberger Jacob, machinist, h 24 N. Mechanic

King Chas. engineer, h 213 W. Washington

King David, paper mill, h n s Buck Creek cor of Market

King John, carpenter, h 295 S. Market

King Nancy, widow, h 193 W. Washington

King R. Q., h 104 W. Main

King W. W. bds National Hotel

Kinghorn John, bakery and confectionery, 65 E. Main

Kinneth Philip, teacher, bds 69 E. Main

Kinney Bryan, molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Kinney D. molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Kinney Henry, hostler, wks Western House

Kinney James, dry goods s w c Main and Centre, h cor High and Mechanic

Kinney P. molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Kinney Mrs. T. widow, h 88 N. Market

Kinsman John (John K. & Co.) res Salem, Mass.

Kinsman John & Co. (John K. & —) Lessees Springfield Gas Light and Coke Co. Office 55 Limestone

Kinsman Nathaniel, supt. Gas Works, h 74 W. Washington

Kintner John, brewer, h 200 E. Columbia

Kirby Dempsey, blacksmith, h Grant south of Pleasant

Kirby Thos. pattern maker, wks James Leffel & co's

Kirby Timothy, laborer, h 199 E. Columbia

Kirschner Catherine, widow, h 177 S. Factory

Kirshner Nathaniel G. teamster, h e s Pearl b Clifton and Patton

Kiskadden Samuel E., farmer, bds L. J. Thacker's

Kissling John, engineer, h 68 w. Pleasant

Kist Joseph machinist, bds 350 S. Centre

Kist Nathaniel, watchman, bds 350 S. Centre

Kist Wm. watchman, h 350 S. Centre

Kizer ——, teamster, h 210 S. Factory

Kizer Jacob, stone mason, h 271 w. High

Kizer Mary, bds 183 W. Main

Klepfer Jacob, carriage trimmer, bds 69 E. Main

Kline Elizabeth, h 177 S. Factory

Kline John, carpenter, h 45 W. Columbia

Kline Miss Kitty, millinery goods, 87 E. Main

Kline Peter, carpenter, h w s Taylor b Harrison and Clifton

Kling David, shoemaker, wks 85 W. Main

Kling David, shoemaker, bds 69 E. Main

KLOEPFER JOHN M., Wine and lager Beer Saloon, 47 W. Main

Knaub Geo. clerk, bds 53 N. Market

Knaub Joseph, clerk 77 W. Main, bds 213 W. High

Knepper Joseph, bds 38½ E. Main

Knickerbocker Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 31 E. Main

Knift Fred, machinist, wks Jaems Leffel & co's

Knote Margaret, widow, h 82 N. Market

Knote Monroe J. clerk 15 W. Main, h 82 N. Market

Knox Andrew, tanner, h s s Railroad, west of Cherry

Knox S. molder, h 159 W. collumbia

Koblin Jacob, carpenter, h Main west of Dayton Pike

Koeb Gebhart, machinist, bds 69 E. Main

Koch John, machinist, h 172 W. North

Kohler Geo. beer saloon, 100 E. Washington

Kolb Frederick, boots and shoes, 9 W. Main

Kolb J. W. bds National House

Kollafreth August, boots and shoes 44 S. Market, h w s Yellow Spring b Main and Columbia

Kollafreth August, jr. shoemaker, bds A. Kollafreth's

Kominer Frank, laborer, h Plum b Main and High

Korn Jacob, saloon and boarding house, n w c Main and Spring

Korn Jacob B. book-keeper City Brewery, bds Jacob Korn's

Korn Peter, tinner, wks 30 E. Main

Korn Lucius, bar-keeper, Jacob Korn's

Kramer G. molder, wks James Leffel & co's

Kramer Geo. laborer, h 258 W. North

Kramer Geo. watchman, h 102 N. Mechanic

Kramer Henry, cabinet maker, h 169 W. Main

Kramer J. carriage maker, h n e c Yellow Spring and North

Kramer Joseph, laborer, h 25 N. Factory

Krapp Geo. grocer, s w c Main and Plum

Kraus Henry, laborer, h e s Taylor b Harrison and Clifton

Kraus Herman, butcher, h e s Taylor b Harrison and Clifton

Kraus Mrs. M. A. dress maker, 106 E. Main

Krause James, shoemaker, wks 42 E. Main

Krautwasser John, shoemaker, h w s Taylor b Mill and cherry

Kredle Michael, cabinet maker, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Kreigbaum John, bakery, h 20 N. fisher

Kreis Fannie, widow, h 224 E. Main

Kreis Martin, tailor, 130 E.Main

Krettle Michael, carpenter, 274 W. Main

Kriegbaum & Co., (Nicholas K., Geo. Steinman & Adam Frank) Bakery and confectionery, 22 S. Market

Kriegbaum Nicholas, (K. & Co.) h 17 N. Plum

Kriegbaum Philip, carpenter, h 206 w. Main

Kruft John, finisher, wks Albin & Son's

Kruft John, sexton, h 25 W. Columbia

Krug Jacob, (Huffman & Co.) h 16 N. Market

Kullefred August, shoemaker, h 23 N. Yellow Spring

Kulp Levi, plasterer, h 128 w. Washington

Kuntz F. X. cigars, &c., 45 W. Main, h east end of Main

Kurts Mrs. Ann, widow, h 54 E. High

Kurtz Daniel, carpet weaving, 20 W. North

Kurtz Edward, clerk, bds 54 E. High

Kurtz J. B. printer, bds 54 E. High

Kurtz James M. clerk Murphy & Bro's, h 56 E. High

Kyle Leonard, cabinet maker, h 103 W. Main


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