Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1868

From Springfield Directory for 1868-9, Williams & Co., 1868

av stands for avenue
b between
bds. boards
c or cor corner
com commission.
confec confectioner.
dray drayman
e east
h. house.
manuf manufactory or manufacturer
mer stands for merchant
n. north.
nr near
opp. opposite
R. R. railroad
prop'r. proprietor
res residence
s. south or side
tp township
w. west
wks works

Jackson, Andrew, servant, Mrs. Sarah Phelps'

Jackson Eliza A. widow, bds 181 E. Columbia

Jackson, John M. carpenter, h 10 E. North

Jacobs Geo. carpenter, bds 42 W. Main

Jake Albert, wks Chamion Machine Co.

James J. L. molder, bds Jacob Korn's

Jarrett J. W. s w c Main and Market, h 119 S. Factory

Jaug Annie, servant, 13 W. main

Jayne T. millwright, h 111 E. main

Jaynes John, molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Jeck Albert, machinist, bds 15 W. Jefferson

Jeffries Daniel P. secretary Champion Machine Co., h 176 S. Market

Jeffries H. farmer, h 441 S. Main

John H. D. carpenter, h 13 W. Mulberry

John Sarah A. h 143 W. main

Johnson Anderson, laborer, bds south end of Cherry

Johnson B. F. cartman, h south end of Cherry

Johnson Eli, foreman Foos & Mullikin's, h 91 S. Center

Johnson Geo. h e s Taylor south of Harrison

Johnson Geo. cartman, h 191 Linden Av.

Johnson Hester, widow, h cor Cherry and Harrison

Johnson James, carpenter 24 E. Mulberry, h 18 E. Mulberry

Johnson John, clerk, bds Willis House

Johnson James stone mason, h 84 W. Jefferson

Johnson John, clerk, bds Willis House

Johnson John, laborer, h w s Cherry nr Harrison

Johnson Owen, peddler, h n s Harrison nr Taylor

Johnson Robt. foreman, Chamion Machine Co.

Johnson Robt. carpenter, h 130 S. Factory

Johnson W. clerk, bds 25 S. Center

Johnson Wm. blacksmith, h cor Cherry and Harrison

Johnson Wm. carriage painter, bds 191 Linden Ave.

Johnson Wm. clerk n e c Market and High, h cor Cherry and Harrison

Jolly R. H. foreman Champion Machine Works, h 70 W. High

Jones Aaron, servant, Springfield Female Seminary

Jones Andrew J. baker, h 30 N. Mechanic

Jones C. C. billiards, Union Hll, bds Willis House

Jones Mrs. E. J. widow, h 175 Linden Av

Jones Jacob, h 12 N. Spring

Jones James, miller, h 22 W. High

Jones James, cabinet maker, h s s Lane north of North b Plum and Yellow Spring

Jones James W. general supt. Clarke County Fair Grounds

Jones Jeremiah W. miller, h Warderest of Limestone

Jones Joseph, laborer, h e s Centre south of Pleasant

Jones Wm. picker, h n s Mill Race north of Buck Creek and east of Limestone

Jordan Aaron, h 95 S. Spring

Jordan Jesse, servant, 297 E. Main

Jordan T. baggage master, C., S. & C. R. R. Depot

Jordan Thos. warehouseman, h n s Washington east of Gallagher

Joyce Peter, tailor, bds 38½ E. Main

Joyce Sarah, servant, 243 S. Centre

Julen Joseph, hostler, wks Myers & Marshall's

June John, laborer, h w s Taylor b Harrison and Clifton

Juppenlatz Fred. cigar maker, h 134 N. Plum


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