Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1868

From Springfield Directory for 1868-9, Williams & Co., 1868

av stands for avenue
b between
bds. boards
c or cor corner
com commission.
confec confectioner.
dray drayman
e east
h. house.
manuf manufactory or manufacturer
mer stands for merchant
n. north.
nr near
opp. opposite
R. R. railroad
prop'r. proprietor
res residence
s. south or side
tp township
w. west
wks works

Haas Miss H. V. teacher, Springfield Female Seminary

Hackett & Bro. (P. H. H. & Patrick H.) boots and shoes, 74 E. Main

Hackett C. boots and shoes, 102 E. Main

Hackett P. H. (H. & Brother) h 74 E. Main

Hackett Patrick (H. & Bro.) h head of Market

Hackett Peter, shoes &c., h 101 N. Market

Hackley Eliza, widow, h 17 E. Columbia

Hager Adam, Cooper, h n e c Light and North

Haggarty John, finisher, wks 134 E. Main

Hahn & Brown, (Casper H. & Louis B.) dry goods and notions, 18 S. Market

Hahn Casper, (H. & Brown)

Haley Michael, harness maker, bds Jacob Korn's

Hall ——, h 211 E. Main

Hamilton, Johsua, h e s Limestone south of Kizer

Hamilton N. G. student, h 26 S. Centre

Hamilton O. D. clerk, h 26 S. Centre

Hamilton Thos. physician, 26 S. Centre

Hamilton Wm. H. clerk 27 E. Main, h 191 S. Market

Hamlin W. J. clerk 23 E. Main, bds J. W. Gunn's

Hammer, John, (Zischler & H.) h 158 W. Columbia

Hammond James, bricklayer, bds 38½ E. Main

Hammond Wm. h 22 N. Mechanic

Hanahan Patrick, grocery, 365 E. Main

Hand Casper, dry goods, h 72 W. Washington

Handly Edward, printer, wks Springfield Advertiser

Hanes Joseph, carpenter, wks 20 W. Jefferson

Hanna & Clokey, (J. J. H. & J. M. C.) attorneys, 31 E. Main

hanna J. J. (H. & Clokey) bds n e c Market and Pleasant

Hannibal Charles, laborer, wks National Hotel

hardig Edward, teacher, Springfield Female Seminary

Hare Valentine, grocer, 578 W. Main

Harff John, engineer, bds 27 W. Washington

Harford Edward, clerk, 16 S. Market, h n s High b Yellow Spring and Race

Harford John, janitor, h 278 W. High

Harford John, student, at A. A. Blount's

Harford Richard, laborer, h s s Chestnut Av. east of Limestone

Harlehy Michael, laborer, wks 120 S. Limestone

Harley Primerose, molder, bds Jacob Korn's

Harman Mrs. N. tailoress, h 217 W. High

Harman Samuel, shoe maker, h 217 W. High

Harmon ——, grocer, h 129 W. North

Harmon Frank, student, bds 129 W. North

Harmon Geo. M. carpenter, h n e c Race and North

Harmon John, plasterer, bds 42 W. Main

HARNISH CHRISTIAN, Boarding House, 42 W. Main

Harp John, engineer 82 W. Limestone, h 27 W. Washington

Harper Henry, laborer, h s s Patton nr Pearl

Harrigan Marhta, servant, 95 S. Centre

Harrington H. O. engineer, h 207 W. North

Harrington John, laborer, h s s Rodgers east of Cherry

Harris ——, carriage trimmer, h 241 W. Washington

Harris Catherine, widow, h 60 S. Factory

Harris Jefferson, laborer, h alley b Centre and Market, south of Pleasant

Harris John K. (H. & Taylor) h Urbana Pike nr Seminary

HARRIS & TAYLOR, (John K. H. & C. C. T.) Improved Trace-Dispensing Harness, office, 64 #. Main

Harris Theodore, machinist, h 60 S. Factory

Harris Wm. (American White and Colored Lead Paint Co.) h s e c Washington and Yellow Spring

Harris Wm. D. shoe maker, h e s Taylor b Harrison and Clifton

Harrison John S. at McGaffey & Wallace's, bds cor North and Limestone

Harrison Joseph, carriage trimmer, h n e c Columbia and Mechanic

Harrison Thos. laborer, wks n w c Market and High

Harrison Wm. carriage trimmer, wks 151 E. Main

Hart Hugh, laborer, h 32 N. Spring

Hartman ——, teacher, bds Michael Schaeffer's

Hartman Catherine, widow, h plum b Main and High

Hartman & Co. (Peter H. & Philip Beilstein) blacksmith shop, 218 W. Main

Hartman Henry, carpenter, h head of Yellow Spring

Hartman John, laborer, h 132 W. North

Hartman Peter, (H. & Co.) h 291 W. Columbia

Harvey Chas. laborer, h n w s N. Factory above North

Harvey Henry, driver, wks 17 N. Limestone

Harvey Henry, painter, h 37 Pearl

HASTINGS G. W., President and Treasurer Republic Printing Co., h 286 W. Main, cor. Race

Hastings Thos. driver, bds 129 E. Pleasant

Hatch Mrs. Nellie, widow, h 297 E. High

Hatcher I. M. Millinery, trimmings, &c., 19 Union Hall, S. market, h 95 S. Market

HATHAWAY B. J., Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Toilet Articles, &c., 18 W. Main; bds 147 S. Centre

Hathaway Chas. A. carpenter, h 90 S. Factory

Hathcock Nathaniel, painter, h s s Patton b Pearl and Clifton Av.

Hauck Mary Ann, servant, 191 S. Centre

Haucke Louis, machinist, h s w c North and Spring

Hauk Chas. D. clerk Phœnix Block, bds Geo. W. Wallace's

Hawks Thos. currier, rooms 12 E. High

Hawkins Henry C. machinist, h 176 W. North

Hawley Thos. brakeman, h 67 S. Mechanic

Hawthorn Frank, carpenter, bds 25 W. Mulberry

Hax Frederick, sexton First German Evangelical Lutheran Church, res in Church Building

Hax Theodore, tailor, h 219 W. North

Hayden J. molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Hayden Wm. laborer, h w s Cherry south of Harrison

Hayes Eliza, servant, 9 E. Main

Hays Thos J. laborer, h 302 W. Columbia

Hayward A. O. (A. O. H. & Co.) h 68 W. Washington

Hayward A. O. & Co. (A. O. H. & James H. Sherriill) lumber, s e c Centre and Washington

Hayward J. A. (H. & Winger) h n s Pleasant b Limestone and Spring

Hayward Morris, clerk 21 S. Market, bds n s Washington b Centre and Factory

ayward & winger, (J. A. H. & Amaziah W.) lumber, e s Limestone south of L. M. & C. & X. R. R. Depot

Haywood ——, carpenter, h 202 W. Collumbia

Hayworth Elizabeth, widow, 20 S. Mechanic

Hayworth Geo. h 20 S. Mechanic

Hazard Thos. barber, h 14 N. Fisher

HEDGES W. N., dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Toilet and Fancy Articles, Window Glass, Paints, Oils and dye Stuffs, 79 W. Main; h 91 w. Mulberry

Hegle Jacob, h n w c Columbia and Water

Hegele Jacob, cabinet maker, wks Albin & son's

Heil John, boots, shoes and gaiters, 31 w. Mian, h Race b Main & High

Heis Samuel, laborer, h 123 W. Main

Heist Edward, carriage painter, h 167 W. High

Heist Wm. machinist, h 167 W. High

Heitzog Philip, carpenter, bds cor Spring and Main

Heifley John, laborer, h 86 N. Spring

Helfley Michael, blacksmith, h 255 W. Columbia

Helfich Adam, shoe maker, h 259 W. Main

Helfrey J. molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Heller ——, pattern maker, wks James Leffel & Co's

Hellfrey Jacob, farmer h w s Dayton Pike west of Main

Helps samuel W. tailor, h s s Clifton b Scott and Taylor

Helwig Rev. A. B. bds 25 S. Centre

Henderson Louise, waiter, Western House

Henderson Wm. laborer, h s e c Washington and Mechanic

Honkle Mrs. M. widow, h 117 E. High

Hennesey Timothy, molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Hennessey James, molder, h 62 N. Spring

Hennessey Patrick, molder, wks Jaems Leffel & Co's

Hennessy John, stone mason, h s s Clifton b Pearl and Scott

Hennessy Timothy, molder, h 241 W. High

Henry Bridget, widow, h 101 N. Market

Henry James, watch maker, h 20 W. Washington

Henshall Bruno, stone mason, bds 143 E. Main

Herr Otho, clerk 20 S. Market, bds National House

Herron Mrs. Josephine F. governess, Springfield Female College

Hertzler Catherine, widow, h 155 W. Main

Hesse Chas. book-keeper, Springfield Female College

Hickey P. J. cooper, h 98 N. Spring

Hickey Wm. bds Geo. H Frey's

Hies S. N. wks Champion Machine Works

Hiestand Anna, widow, h e s Centre b Mulberry and Pleasant

High Geo. m. h 138 E. High

Hill Charles, clerk, h 305 W. Main

Hill Daniel, candle maker, h 245 E. Main

Hill E. F. jeweler, wks 13 E. Main, h N. Factory street

Hill Geo. carpenter, bds Mrs. M. Owens'

Hill Geo. finisher, h 305 W. Main

Hill Geo. R. (Huffman & H.) h 40 W. Washington

Hill N. L. printer, bds 40 W. Washington

Hill T. H. h 305 W. Main

Hilton Henry, molder, h s w c Harrison and Taylor

Hilton J. H. h s s High east of Walnut

Hilts Lawrence, carpenter, h 75 W. Mulberry

Hines Bridget, widow, h n e c Main and Water

Hines John, shoe maker, h 125 E. Main

Hines Kate, dress maker, bds Bridget Hines'

Hines Martin, blacksmith, bds Bridget Hines'

Hoak John, h 29 S. Yellow Spring

Hoak John, telegraph operator, C., C. C. & I. Railway

Hoak Levi, planer, h s s Chestnut Av. east of Limestone

Hoeflich Mrs. A. dress maker 6 N. Market

Hoffman ——, miller, h 157 W. Main

Hoffman Chas. driver, bds 143 E. Main

Hoffman Christina, trader, h 491 w. Main

Hoffsteter Chas. tinner, h 20 W. Main

Hoge C. W. clerk, h 223 S. Limestone

Hoke ——, painter, 20 E. High

Holfinger Herman, laborer, h 110 N. Pllum

Holl Peter, cabinet maker, wks Albin & Son's

Hollabaugh A. M. cutter, h 184 S. Factory

Holland Thos. laborer, h 357 E. Main

Holley T. switchman, wks C., S. & C. Railroad

Hollinger Levi, blacksmith, bds Jacob Korn's

Holloway Benjamin, H. ( Son) h 87 W. High

Holloway Carroll, clerk, bds Benjamin Holloway's

Holloway J. C. (H. & Son) bds 87 W. High b Centre and Factory

HOLLOWAY & SON, (Benjamin & James C.) Livery, Feed and Sale Stables, and Proprietors Coach and Omnibus Line, Office, w s alley b Main and High and Market and Limestone

Holman Leonard, grocer, bds 107 N. Plum

Holman R. L. & Co., groceries, 12 S. Market

Holman Robt. L. (R. L. H. & Co.) h n e c Columbia and Yellow Spring

Holmes Joseph, laborer, h 17 E. Columbia

Holtz Benj. traveling agent, Thomas & Mast's, h High b Centre & Factory

Holz Benedict, h 78 W. High

Honeker Hiram, laborer, h 129 E. Columbia

Honley Matthew, farmer, h R R w of Cherry

Honley James, h rear 20 S. Spring

Honnefinger Daniel, painter, bds Mrs. Jno. Reed's

Honnefinger George, shoe maker, wks 72 E. Main

Honnefinger Wm. laborer, wks 110 S. Limestone

Hoofstetter Charles, tinner, wks 30 E. Main

Hook A. D. (H., Thomas & Co.) h 84 W. Mulberry

Hook Jaems, telegraph repairer, h 24 S. Yellow Spring

Hook John, laborer, h 52 w. Main

HOOK, THOMAS & CO.,(A. D. H., Jesse O. T. & W. A. McCracken) Book and Job Printers, and Publishers Springfield Advertiser and The Christina Radical, office, 21½ E. Main

Hoover Mary, servant, 68 E. High

Hope ——, painter, h s s Patton w. of Pearl

Hope Wm. molder, bds Jacob Korn's

Hopkins Mrs. widow, h 235 W. Columbia

Hokins E. B. clerk, bds National Hotel

Hopkins I. H. h s w c Pleasant and Market

Hopkins John, barber, 98 E. Washington

Hopkins John, barber, 38 S. Market

Hopper Sarah, widow, h 177 S. Centre

Horan James, stone mason, h 78 N. Factory

Horner George, boots and shoes, 53 W. Main, h 170 W. High

Horner Robert, boots and shoes, 87 E. Main

HOOR & BACON, (C. A. H. & C. H. B.) Wholesale Grocers, Produce and commission Merchants, and Dealers in all kinds of Notions, Tobacco and Cigars, Flour, Seed, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Coal &c., n e c Limestone and Washington

Hoor C. A. (H. & Bacon) h n w c Gallagher and Gillett's Av.

Horr John, laborer, h Light b Main and High

Horr John F. h 19 W. High

Hoss John, (John H. & Co.) h 62 N. Facotry

Hoss John brick layer, h 151 S. Yellow Spring

Hosterman D. R. secretary Springfield Fire Ins. Co., office, Board of Trade Room, h 24 S. Plum

Hotchkiss J. B. clerk 43 Main, h n s Gillett's Av. b Vine and Spring

Hotsenpiller chas. cabinet maker, h s w c Centre and Mulberry

HOTSENPILLER E. R., Proprietor Buckeye Hominy Co., 66 E. Washington; bds s w c Centre and Mulberry

Houck A. brick maker, h Yellow Spring s of Washington

Houck Martin, laborer, h 143 E. Columbia

Houck Wm. brick maker, h s end of Limestone

Houghton & Crothers, (Samuel H. & w.m B. C.) groceries, &c., 60 E. Main

Houghton Samuel, (H. & Crothers) bds Willis House

Houk Charles, clerk, rooms 359 E. High

Houk Edward, brick yard, nr Fair Grounds

Hounker & Frank, (John H. & Peter G. F.) grocers, 109 W. Main

Hounker John, (H, & Frank) h 109 W. Main

Housholder John, h 23 N. Mechainc

Houstain J. B. cutter, 35 E. Main, bds Willis House

How L. molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Howard Johhn, blacksmith, h s s Patton e of Clifton Av.

Howard Minerva, h 209 S. Market

Howard Wm. spinner, bds 42 W. Main

Howell Charles, carpenter, h n s Washkington b Gallagher and Mill

Howell W. S. painter, bds n w c Race and Main

Hoyle Samuel, hostler, wks B. Foltz's

Hubbell Daniel, carpenter, h s s Mill Race n of Buck Creek and e of Limestone

Huben D. V. grocer, 127 E. Main

Huben Hnery, laborer, h e s Taylor b Clifton and Harrison

Huben Jacob, h s end of Market

Hudson David, dyer, 108 E. Main

Huff George, plasterer, h 327 S. Centre

Huffman A. O. pianos, &c., 11 S. Limestone, h 174 E. High

Huffman & Co. (Wm. H. & Jacob Krug) saloon, 18 N. Market

Huffman Dean, carpenter, h 72 e. Mulberry

Huffman & Gore, (H. W. H. & Joshua G.) hats and caps, 31 E. Main

Huffman H. W. (H. & Gore) h 22 W. High

Huffman & Hill, (J. D. H. & Geo. R. H.) hats, caps and furs, 8 E. Main

Huffman J. D. (H. & Hill) rooms 8 E. Main

Huffman McCllung, marble works, n w c Market and High, h 212 Spring

Huffman Reuben M. slate roofer, n w c Market and High, h c Clifton and Spring

Huffman W. B. real estate agent, h 117 Clifton

Huffman Wm. (H. & Co.) h 255 W. Main

Hufner Wm. machinist, wks James Leffel & Co's

Huggins John J. shoe maker, h 123 W. Main

Hughel Lewis, clerk, h Dayton Pike near Main

Hughes D. molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Hughes John, laborer, h 139 N. Limestone

Hughes Michael, laborer, h w s Cherry s of High

Hughes Michael, machinist, wks James Leffel & Co's

Hughes Patrick, laborer, h 30 N. Spring

Hugus Julia, widow, h 147 Linden Av

Hullinger Daniel, cooper h 224 W. Washington

Hullinger L. blacksmith, bds Jacob Korn's

Humphreys J. A. (J. A. H. & Co.) h 110 S. Center

Humphreys J. A. & Co. (J. A. H. & Wm. Diehl) tin, copper and sheet iron ware, 44 W. Main

Humphreys Wm. clerk 44 W. main, h w s Linden Av. b Pleasant and Clifton

Hundley Wm. laborer, h s s rodgers e of Cherry

Hunnebaum Wm. (Wm. H. & Co.) h 261 W. Columbia

Hunnebaum Wm. & Co. (Wm. H. & John Brackert) boots and shoes, 207 W. Main

Hunster T. W. tailor, 128 E. Main

Hunt Daniel, laborer, h 30 N. Spring

Hunt Mrs. Frances, widow, h 30 W. High

Hunt Ralph, farmer, h 138 S. Spring

Hunter Geo. S. (Lewis H. & Son) h 11 W. Main

Hunter Lewis, (Lewis H. & Son), h 11 W. Main

Hunter Lewis & Son, (Lewis & Geo. S.) bakery, 11 W. Main

Hunter Samuel, carpenter, h 11 W. Main

Huntington ——, student, bds 114 S. Centre

Huntington Jane E. bds 78 W. Pleasant

Huntington Julia C. bds 78 W. Pleasant

Huntington Maria D. widow, h 78 W. Pleasant

Hurley Margaret, servant, 192 W. High

Hurlihan Michael, laborer, h e s Gallagher b Pleasant and Clifton

Hurm George, tailor, bds 38½ E. main

Hutcheson E. confectionery, 14 e. Main, h 14 N. Factory

Hutchins Chas. B. harness maker, h 125 E. Main

Hutchinson A. C. boarding house, 65 N. Market

Hutchison Edward, confectioner, h 99 S. Factory

Hutchison J. h s s Clifton ner Spring

Hutchinson John, plow maker, wks Whiteley & Winters'

Hynes Anthony, laborer h n s Washington b Mill and Gallagher

Hynes Michael blacksmith, bds American House

Hynes Patrick, (Driscol & H.)


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