Clark County, Ohio

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Springfield in 1868

From Springfield Directory for 1868-9, Williams & Co., 1868

av stands for avenue
b between
bds. boards
c or cor corner
com commission.
confec confectioner.
dray drayman
e east
h. house.
manuf manufactory or manufacturer
mer stands for merchant
n. north.
nr near
opp. opposite
R. R. railroad
prop'r. proprietor
res residence
s. south or side
tp township
w. west
wks works

Gabel John, tailor, h 28 N. Spring

Gaffaney James, laborer, h s s Harrison b Scott and Taylor

Gaffaney Patrick, laborer, h cherry opp Mound

Gaffany Bridget, widown h n s Washington b Gallagher and Mill

Gaffney Owen, laborer, h 262 e. Main

Gallagher ——, h n s Chestnut Av. east of Limestone

Gallagher James, blacksmith, h s s Harrison b Scott and Taylor

Gallagher Sallie, servant, Springfield Female Seminary

Gallagher Thos. striker, h w s Cherry south of Mound

Gallegher J. pattern maker, wks James Leffel & Co's

Galloway J. machinist, wks James Leffel & Co's

Galloway Maggie, servant, s w c Limestone and North

Gammill Wm. clerk, Deffenbach & Bro's

Gammon Geo. cartman, h e s Grant south of Pleasant

Gano R. M. photographer, h 111 S. Market

Gans Mrs. H. music teacher, Springfield Female College

Gard Maria, widow, h 124 W. High

Gardiner C. O. foreman Thomas & Mast's, h s e c Gallagher and Gillett's Av.

Gardiner D. D. machinist, h 290 S. Limestone

Gardiner Robert, blacksmith, h 113 W. Jefferson

Gardiner Wm. D. tinner, h 119 E. Pleasant

Gardner ——, bds 114 S. Centre

Garr Mrs. widow, h 55 S. Mechanic

Garrett John, laborer, h 210 E. Main

Garrett John, carpenter, h e s Gallagher south of Clifton

Garretty Hugh, laborer, h e s Cherry south of Rodgers

Garwood T. (Routzahn & G.) h 231 W. Main

Garwood T. S. (Potter & G.) bds A. Potter's

Gebhart F. machinist, wks James Leffel & Co's

Gebhart Michael, machinist, h s s lane north of North b Plum and Yellow Spring

Gebhart Michael, machinist, h 68 N. Factory

Geiger H. R. teacher, h n s Buck Creek west of Market

Gellenbeck Gherhard, h n w c High and Walnut

Gellenbeck Joseph, clerk, 18 S. Market

Gelwicks Geo. cigar maker, bds 38½ E.Main

Gelwicks Wm. clerk 34 S. Market, h 61 N. Plum

Genthner John, laborer, wks C. H. Evans & Co's

George Washington, blacksmith, h 148 S. Spring

German Lutheran School, s e c Plum and Columbia, Theodore Yager, teacher

Gerrard James, teamster, h s s Harrison b Scott and Taylor

Getman Frank, clerk, bds 164 E. High

Getman Fred M. clerk 55 E. Main, bds Chas. Ludlow's

Getz Christopher, laborer, h 259 W. Main

Getz Henry, shoemaker, h head of Factory

Gibbins Martin, drayman, h s s Columbia b Spring and Water

Gibbons Henry, laborer, h 214 W. Washington

Gibson Charles, painter, h 68 S. Centre

Gibson J. H. safe agent, h 71 S. Spring

Gibson Samuel, teamster, h 196 E. Main

Gill Geo. blacksmith, h head of Light

Gillen Chas. E. bricklayer, h 67 Pearl

Gillen John W. bricklayer, bds 67 Pearl

Gillespie Christie, peddler, h s w c Main and Murray

Gillespie Frank, tanner, h e s Grant south of Pleasant

Gillet John C. agent, h 20 W. High

Gillett G. B. clerk 27 E. Main, h 164 S. Spring

Gillon Burtis, harness maker, bds 152 Clifton

Gillon Jerry, laborer, wks C. Thompson's

Ginnelman Kate, seamstress, h 59 W. Collumbia

Ginnevan Reuben, laborer, wks Springfield Female Seminary

Ginney James, (W. & J. G.) h fishernear Pleasant

Ginney James, blacksmith, h e s Grant south of Pleasant

Ginney Oliver, barber, wks 38 S.Market

Ginney W. & J. (Wm. & James) blacksmith shop, junction Dayton Pike and Main

Ginney Wm. (W. & J. G.) h N Shaeffer nr Main

Gladfelter Wm. laborer, bds 69 E. Main

Gleason Wm. molder, h 47 W. Columbia

Glenn James, grocery, 104 E. Washington

Glenn Michael, hostler, wks east end of Collumbia

Glessner J. J. book-keeper Warder, Mitchell & Co's, bds n e c Pleasant and Limestone

Glocke Gebhart, wks Champion Machine Works

Glover Wm. laborer, h 93 N. Market

Goble Miss Sarah, teacher, Springfield Female Seminary

Goddard John A. carpenter, h 356 S. Centre

Goddart ——, carpenter, bds 18 S. Limestone

Goebel John P. (G. & Willemborg) h e s Spring b Main and Columbia

Goebel Louis, carpenter, bds 42 W. Main

Goebel & willemborg, (John G. & H. W.) merchant tailors, 7 w. Main

Gokel Isaiah, millwright, bds John L. Smith's

Goerty Christ. wks Champion Machine Works

Goldsmith H. hoop skirts, corsets &c., 8 N. Market, bds Willis House

Gonser G. (P. M. Spring & Co., and B. Metzger & Co.) h 69 E. Main

Good Hannah, widow, h 186 E. High

Good & Bowman, (James S. G. & Samuel A. B.) attorneys, s e c Main and Limestone

Goode James S. (G. & BowmanO) h 153 E. High

Goodwin Arlington, tobacconist, bds American House

Gordon Joshua, servant, 153 E. High

Gordon Sallie, bds 25 S. Spring

Gore ——, 64 W. Jefferson

Gore Joshua, (Huffman & G.) h 187 S. Centre

Goudy Andrew, h 89 Clifton

Gove Norman, h n e c Centre and Washington

Gowdy Wm. carpenter, h 32 S. Market

Graham ——, H 63 E. Mulberry

Graham James, cartman, h 36 Gallagher

Graham James, laborer, h 181 E. Columbia

Grant Martin McC. clerk 16 E. High, h 123 N. Plum

Grant Thos P. clerk, bds 123 N. Plum

Grant W. H. (Wm. G. & Son) h 73 N. Mechanic

Grant Wm. (Wm. G. & Son) h 123 N. Plum

GRANT WM. & SON, (Wm. & w. H.) Daily Meat Market, 16 E. High

Gray Phœbe, widow, h 197 Linden Av.

Gray Wm. P. h 16 W. High

Gray Wm. P., jr. clerk 79 W. Main, bds W. P. Gray's

Grayson Emma, servant, n e c Mulberry and Market

Grayson Henry, laborer, h south end of Grant

Grayson James, h 95 S. Spring

Grayson Wm. servant 384 W. Main

GREAT WESTERN DESPATCH, E. H. Mitchell, Agent, office 16 N. Limestone, Willis House Block

Green ——, h n w c Walnut and High

Green Mrs. widow, h 23 N. Factory

Green Daniel, barber 56 E. Main, h 35 W. Columbia

Green David, h south end of Cherry, west side

Green Henry, barber, wks Daniel Green's

GREENWAY BOARDING SCHOOL, n s Main east of R. R. Crossing, Rev. Chandler Robbins, Principal and Proprietor

Greenwood Geo. brickmaker, h 29 Pearl

Greenwood Theodore, brick maker, h 29 Pearl

Gridley C. P. carpenter, h s s Clifton b Scott and Taylor

Grieb Joseph, bar-keeper, 76 Main

Griest Cyrus, huckster, h 85 W. Jefferson

Griffin Bridget, servant, 76 W. Jefferson

Griffin John, stone mason, h 290 E. Columbia

Groetwasser John, shoemaker, h w s Taylor b Clifton and Harrison

Gronem Mrs. widow, h 112 W. Main

Gross Frederick, tailor, bds 69 E. Main

Gross S. E. grocer, 27 S. Market

Grove Frank J. silversmith, bds 101 Clifton

Grover & Baker's Sewing Machine Agency, 33 W. Main, J. H. Wilhelm, agent

Grubb B. shoemaker, h 64 N. Factory

Grube Christian, teamster, h 303 W. North

Grupe Henry, teamster, h 152 S. Yellow Spring

Grupe John, h 152 S. Yellow Spring

Gunder Joseph, blacksmith, h 222 E. Columbia

Gundy Samuel, carpenter, h w s Scott b Harrison and Clifton

GUNN JAMES W., Dealer in Books, Stationery, Wall Papers, Musical Instruments, &c., 23 e. Main; h cor Clifton and Limestone

Guy Elisha, shoemaker, h e s Grant south of Pleasant

Guy J. R. (Rice & G.) h 289 S. Limestone


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