Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1868

From Springfield Directory for 1868-9, Williams & Co., 1868

av stands for avenue
b between
bds. boards
c or cor corner
com commission.
confec confectioner.
dray drayman
e east
h. house.
manuf manufactory or manufacturer
mer stands for merchant
n. north.
nr near
opp. opposite
R. R. railroad
prop'r. proprietor
res residence
s. south or side
tp township
w. west
wks works

Face S. M. tailor, bds National Hotel

Fahl George, carpenter, h 310 W. Columbia

Fahnestock E. A. book binder, bds 55 W. Columbia

Fahnestock L. H. book binder. bds 55 W. Columbia

Fairchild F. G. shoe maker, h 86 N. Mechanic

Fankhouse Louisa, widow, h 27 W. Washington

Fanning Annie, waiter, National Hotel

Fanning Mary, widow, h 116 E. Columbia

Faran Charles, carriage maker, h 40 N. Mechanic

FARMER F. M., Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in Coffee, Spices, Cream Tartar, Mustard, &c., 82 S. Limestone; bds Centre b High and Main

Farr C. F. carpenter, h c Clifton an dVine

Farr V. A. butter and eggs, h 98 W. High

Farrell Michael, laborer, h w s Cherry s of Rodgers

Fassler Jerome, (Whiteley, F. & Kelly) h s s Jefferson b Market and Centre

Fassler Joseph, wks Champion Machine Works

Fatman Mrs. R. widow, h s s Clifton opp Spring

Fay John, shoe maker, wks 72 E. Main

Fay Mark, shoe maker, h 167 E. Columbia

Fenner Rev. S. h s s Chestnut Av. e of Limestone

Fenton Charles, bds 63 N. Limestone

Ferguson ——, carpenter, bds 175 Linden Av.

Ferrell A. (F., Ludlow & Rodgers) h 141 W. High

FERRELL, LUDLOW & RODGERS, (A. F., A R L., R. H. R. & I. W. Rodgers) Manufacturers of Agricultural Implements, &c., 110 S. Limestone cor of C., C., C. & I. Railway

Ferrell Nathaniel, h 32 N. Market

Ferrell Randolph, machinist, wks 110 S. Limestone, res String Town

Ferris Wm. laborer, h 233 E. Columbia

Feszler Caroline, widow, h 78 N. Factory

Feszler Jerome, machinist, h 15 W. Jefferson

Feszler Joseph, machinist, h 362 S. Centre

Fickinger Chas. student, bds 268 N. Limestone

Fickus J. L. (Phillips & Co.) h 69 W. Mulberry

Fields Wm. h s e c Limestone and Mulberry

Fifer Chas. blacksmith, h 62 N. Mechanic

Filber Abraham, machinist, wks 110 S. Limestone

filbert Jacob, cabinet maker, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Filler Francis M. miller, bds n s Buck Creek east of Limestone

Finch Absalom, shoe maker, h 22 S. Pllum

Finch Albert, shoe maker, wks 42 E. Main

Finch Edward, laborer, h n s Patton b Pearl and Clifton

FINCH & EVANS, (Thos. J. F. & James G. E.) Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Ladies' Furs and Gloves, 17 S. Market

Finch Peter S. carpenter, h s s Patton E. of Limestone

Finch Thomas J. (J. & Evans) h 183 S. Centre

Firmin Gordon, carriage maker, h w s Cherry south of Mound

FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SPRINGFIELD, Office, 15 S. Limestone; John ludlow, President; C. A. Phelps, Cashier

Fish Mrs. J. widow, h 64 N. Plum

Fish J. M. marble works, h s e c Plum and North

Fish Philip, stone cutter, h 64 N. Plum

Fisher C. B. (F. & Co.) bds s w c Main and Limestone

Fisher & Co. (C. B. F. & W. I. Ellsworth) elliptic sewing machines, office, 11 S. Limestone

Fisher Jacob H. brick layer, h n e c Plum and North

Fisher Jane, servant, Western House

Fisher M. W. (F. & Son) h s e c Main and Limestone

Fisher Matthew, grocer, 193 E. Columbia

Fisher & Son, (M. W. & Chas.) queensware, 43 E. Main

Fisher's Building, s w c Main and Limestone

Fissel Frederick, tailor, bds 19 S. Spring

Fitzpatrick Annie, servant, J. C. Buxton's

Flack Robt. farmer h 69 E. North

Flago, Benjamin, shoe maker, wks 42 E. Main

Flahterty Patrick, h 28 Gallagher

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, h 170 E. Main

Flaherty Timothy, laborer, h 28 Gallagher

Flannegan John, cartman, h 93 S. Spring

Fleming James, messenger, h n e c Main and Spring

Flick John, carpenter, wks 20 W. Jefferson

Floyd Geo. sewing machines, h 79 S. Factory

Floyd Henry, blacksmith, 144 E. Main, h s w c Main and Spring

Folckemer Samuel, carpenter, h n s Chestnut Av. east of Limestone

Foley Jerry, laborer, h s s North b Market and Limestone

Foley Julia, grocery, w s Cherry south ofMound

Foley Lizzie, servant, 18 S. Centre

Foley Mary P. widow, h 233 E. Columbia

Folger H. E. suprintendent Cottage Color Paint Co.

Folger J. W. cabinet maker, h s w c Main and Race

FOLLRATH MICHAEL, Family Grocery and Saloon, 37 and 39 W. Main

FOLTZ B., Livery, Boarding and Sale Stable, w s Spring b Main an dHigh; h 113 E. Main

Foolrath Henry, cabinet maker, h 137 W. Yellow Spring

Foos F. W. assistant cashier Second National Bank, h s s High b Gallagher and Spring

Foos Gustavus S. (F. & Mullikin) h n s High east of Penn

Foos John, oil mill, Warder east of Limestone, h n e c High and Penn

Foos Lamar, (James Leffel & Co.) res New Haven, Conn.

FOOS & MULLIKIN, (Gustavus S. F. & Edward W. M.) Manufacturers and Dealers in Furniture, Cabinet Ware, &c.; Factory, on Snyder's Hydraulic; Office and Warerooms, n e c Centre and Main

Foos Wm. (James Leffel & Co.) h 123 E. High

Forbes Henry G. marble cutter, bds 212 S. Centre

Forbes nannie, h 212 S. Centre

Ford Geo. molder, h 22 N. Spring

Ford James, laborer, bds s s Patton east of Limestone

Ford Thos. cigar maker, h 22 N. Spring

Forgey ——, foreman, bds 69 E. Main

Forgey J. N. nursery, h n w c Washington and factory

Forgey James, nursery, bds n w c Washington and Factory

Foster Annie, servant, 79 W. North

Foster Chas. helper, h s s Lane north of North b Mechanic and Plum

Foster Christian, blacksmith, h 101 N. Mechanic

Foster Fannie, servant, 13½ E. Main

Foster Mrs. Mary, widow, h 238 W. High

Fountain Lewis S. barber, wks 55 W. Main

Fountain Melinda, hair dresser, 69 W. Main

Fox Joseph, machinist, h 59 W. Jefferson

Fox Wm. blacksmith, h n s Washington b Gallagher and Mill

Francis John, laborer, wks C. H. Evans & Co's

Francis John, shoe maker, wks 11 S. Market

Francis Jonathan, shoe maker, h 24 N. Spring

Francis Martha, widow, h s w c Mulberry and Spring

Frank Adam, baker, h 22 S. Market

Frank John P. laborer, h 288 W. North

Frank Peter G. (Honnker & F.) h 109 W. Main

FRANKEL B. & W., (Benjamin & Wm.) Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods, 15 W. Main

Frankel Benjamin, (B. & w. F.) res Cincinnati

Frankel Cyrus, machine foreman Foos & Mullikin's, h 24 N. Yellow Spring

Frankel Solomon, clerk 15 W. Main, bds 101 W. Main

Frankel Wm. (B. & W. F.) h 101 W. Main

Frankenstein Godfrey N. artists, h 36 Clifton

Franklin Cyrus, cabinet maker, h 26 N. Yellow Spring

Franklin David, brick layer, h 107 W. Main

Franklin Frank, fireman, h lane b Market and Centre nr Clark's Woods

Franklin Romanzo, clerk 14 E. High, bds Joseph Winger's

Franklin Wm. bar keeper 14 N. Limestone, h Spring nr Columbia

Fanzler John, teamseter, h 487 W. Main

Frazell Lucius, blacksmith, h 96 Mill

Freed C. C. watch maker, h 20 W. Columbia

Freeman Isaac P. h s w c Main and Light

Freeman John W. carpenter, h 341 S. Centre

French J. M. cabinet maker, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Frey Geo. H. lime kiln and stone quarrry,h n s Buck Creek cor Market

Frey Samuel C. watch maker, h n s Buck Creek east of Limestone

Fricke John, carpenter, h 102 W. Main

Fried Chas. C. (B. Allen & F.) h 20 W. Columbia

Friermood Mary H. dress maker, h 112 E. Main

Friermood Mrs. Rebecca, h 112 E. Main

Fritsche Paul, shoe maker, h 255 W. Columbia

Fry Daniel, blacksmith, 134 N. Limestone, h 17 E. Columbia

Fry Edward, carriage painter, bds Willis House

Fry Franklin N. blacksmith, h n e c Main and Shaffer

Fry John, meats, 10 S. Market, bds 42 W. Main

Fryatt Milton, carpenter, bds 42 W. Main

Frye Wm. C. cashier Second National Bank, office, s w c Main and Limestone, h 313 E. High, cor Cherry

Fulton Rev. Thomas, h 31 N. Market

Funk Benjamin, student, bds 87 W. Main

Funk Bros. (Henry J. & J. A.) grocers, 71 W. Main

Funk C. C. trader, bds Willis House

Funk Henry J. (F. Bros.) h 31 S. Factory

Funk J. A. (F. Bros.) h 87 W. Main

Furniss B. H. book-keeper, h cor Clifton and Vine


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