Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1868

From Springfield Directory for 1868-9, Williams & Co., 1868

av stands for avenue
b between
bds. boards
c or cor corner
com commission.
confec confectioner.
dray drayman
e east
h. house.
manuf manufactory or manufacturer
mer stands for merchant
n. north.
nr near
opp. opposite
R. R. railroad
prop'r. proprietor
res residence
s. south or side
tp township
w. west
wks works

Davidson Thos. hackman, h 156 W. Main

Davidson Thos. L. foreman press room, Republic Printing Co

Davidson Upton, carpenter, h 187 W. North

Davis A. W. bds Natoinal Hotel

Davis C. A. painter, h 142 W. Main

Davis H. traveling agent, h 196 S. Spring

Davis J. R. laborer, wks C., S. & C. R. R.

Davis J. R. bds 196 S. Spring

Davis N. W. cutter 29 E. Main, h 16 S. Plum

Davis O. cooper, bds &. S. Hotel

Davis Roda, servant, 19 W. High

Davy Jesse, student, bds 177 S. Centre

Dawson T. W. h 268 N. Limestone

Day Michael, teamster, h 101 N. Market

Day Richard, painter, h 18 N. Fisher

Deam Herman, clerk 82 E. Main, bds n w c Spring and Main

Deam John G. wagon manuf. 216 W. Main, h 21 N. Plum

Dean Alexander, laborer, h 293 W. Main

Dean David, wool spinner, bds Jacob Korn's

Dean Henry H. baker, wks 43 W. Main

Deane Thos. clerk L. M. and C. & X. R. R., h w s Limestone b High and Washington

Deardoff J. M. (D., Mellen & Merkley) head of Mechanic

Deardoff, Mellen & Merkley, (John M. D., J. S. M. & David A. M.) planing mill, 116 S. Spring

Deaver Joseph, machinist, wks James Leffel & Co's

Deffenbach A. (D. & Bro.) h w s Limestone north of Main

Deffenbach A. saloon 14 N. Limestone, h 27 N. Market

DEFFENBACH & BROTHER, (A. D. & S. R. D.) Livery, Boarding and Sale Stable, and Propietors Omnibus Line, also, Ice Dealers, 17 N. Limestone

Deffenbach S. R. (D. & Brother) h w s Market b High and Main

Deffenbach Mrs. S. R. millinery, 23 S. Market

Degenhart Gustavus, turning shop n w c Washington and Limestone, res Selma Pike

Delehant Wm. stone cutter, h n w c Spring and Jefferson

DeLong Joseph, huckster, h Main west of Dayton Pike

Dempsey Abner, barber, h e s Grant south of Pleasant

Dempsey J. (Dunn & D.) bds Michael Welsh's

Dennis John, box maker, wks Cottage Color Paint Co

Dennis John, laborer, h 160 N. Plum

Depot City Mills, n e c Linden Av. and Mill Run

Devault R. H. willow ware 1880 W. Main, h 172 W. Main

Dever Joseph D. police, h n s Gilletts Av. b Spring and Vine

Devine James W. barber, wks 29 S. Market

Devlin John, blacksmith, h e s Taylor b Clifton and Harrison

Devlin Winnifred, widow, h e s Taylor b Clifton and Harrison

Dial E. G. real estate agent 26 S. Limestone, h 349 E. High

Diamond John W. brewer, h 54 N. Spring

Dice J. G. agent, h 28 E. Columbia

Dice John B. blacksmith, h s w c Washington and Mechanic

Dice John B. machinist, bds 28 E. Columbia

Dick John, sexton, h 104 N. Yellow Spring

Diegen S. tailor, wks 29 E. Main

Diehl Rev. M. teacher, Wittenberg College

Diehl Wallace W. clerk 82 E. Main, bds 130 W. Columbia

DIEHL WILLIAM. Dealer in Family Groceries, Flour and feed, 82 E. Main; h 130 W. Columbia

Diehl Wm. J. (J. A. Humphreys & Co.) h 130 W. Columbia

Dierdiff ——, carpenter, h s s Jefferson west of Mechainc

Dietzel Edward, stoves and tin ware, 78 E. Main

Digan Sylvester, tailor, h 204 W. Washington

Dill Mrs. Rachael, millinery, 59 E. Main

Dilligan John, laborer, h 246 E. Columbia

Dillon Jerry, laborer, h 233 E. Columbia

Dillon Lizzie, servant, 180 S. Centre

Dinkel John, laborer, bds U. S. Hotel

Dinkel Stephen, (Engert & D.) h n w c Penn and High

Dinker Frederick, carpenter, bds 143 E. Main

Dinwiddie John A. office s w c Main and Market, h 18 S. Center

Dinwiddie Joseph, porter, Willis House

Dipper Samuel, h 278 S. Centre

Divine Rev. Jesse, h 168 W. Jefferson

Divine Michael, laborer, h s s Rodgers east of Cherry

Dixon Wm. cartman, h 27 Pearl

Dobbie Andrew, pattern maker, h 251 S. Market

Dodd Levi N. clerk 7 E.Main, bds 245 S. Limestone

Dodsworth David, shoemaker, wks 42 E. Main

Dodsworth John, h 97 W. Washington

Doe Wm. E. bds National Hotel

Doe Wm. H. tinner, bds National Hotel

Dolan Thos. stone mason, h 113 N. Yellow Spring

Dollbier Adam, gardener, h Dayton Pike nr Main

Donahue Martin, laborer, h 101 S. Spring

Donavan Wm. J. grainer, bds 159 E. Columbia

Donohue Patrick, laborer, h 215 E. Columbia

Donovan John E., City Marshal, at Mayor's Office, h 159 E. Columbia

Doolan Patrick, quarryman, wks Seitz & Mowattt's

Dory James, gardener, h e s Limestone opp Clark's Woods

Dory Robert, gardener, h e s Limestone opp Clark's Woods

Doty E. M. hardware 27 E. Main, h east end of High

Doty L. R. clrk, 27 E. Main, bds E. M. Doty's

Dotze August, (D. & Lones) h n s Main b Light and Yellow Spring

DOTZE & LONES, (August D. & Peter D. L.) Dealers in Family Groceries, Provisions, &c., 32 S. Market

Douglass John G. saloon, 122 E. Washington

Dowd Philip, laborer, h 307 E. Columbia

Downey James, laborer, h e s Cherry south of Rodgers

Downey W. C. traveling agent Thoas & Mast's, bds 66 N. Limestone

Downs Catherine, widow, h 33 S. Yellow Spring

Doyle Bartholomew, laborer, h 12 S. Spring

Doyle Bridget, widow, h 20 N. Spring

Doyle Daniel, laborer, h 228 E. Columbia

Doyle Dennis, tailor, h 172 W. North

Doyle John, (Brock & D.) h 140 E. Main

Doyle John, labroer, h 112 E. Columbia

Doyle John, laborer, h 179 E. Columbia

Doyle Patrick, drayman, h w s Water b main and Columbia

Drake Geo. W. carpenter, h 197 Linden Av.

Dreyer George, laborer, bds U. S. Hotel

Driscol E. (D. & Hynes) h 65 W. High

Driscol eleanor, widow, h Yellow Spring s of Washington

Driscol George, carriage maker, h 212 W. Columbia

Driscol & Hunes, (E. D., J. Driscol & Patrick H.) carriages, 50 W. Main

Driscol J. (D. & Hynes) h n e c Plum and Columbia

Driscol JOsiah, livery stable, 116 W. Main, h 126 W. Columbia

Drum Mrs. E. B. widow, h n s Mill run e of Linden Av

Drury J. detective, h 53 W. Jefferson

Drury Mrs. L. ladies chart for dress cutting, h 53 W. Jefferson

Dudley Henry, plasterer, 86 W. Jefferson

DUDLEY J. S., Blacksmithing and Horse Shoeing, 17 W. High; h 238 S. Centre

Dudley John C. engineer, bds 238 S. Centre

Dudley Miss Kate, seamstress, bds 68 E. Columbia

Dudley N. S. brick yard, w s Pearl nr Patton, h c Clifton and Mill

Dudley N. S. carpenter shop, n e c Clifton and Linden Av

Dudley R. O. carpenter, h e s Linden Av b Pleasant and Clifton

Duffisee John, laborer, bds 108 E. Washington

Duffy Peter, laborer, h 315 E. Main

Duffy Thomas, laborer, bds Jacob Korn's

Duke George, grocer, 68 E. Main

DUNLAP A., Physician and Surgeon, 41 S. Market; h 190 S. Market

Dunlap A. S. physician and surgeon, office, 110 W. Main, h Maple Av. nr Urbana Pike

Dunlap C. W. Student, at 41 S. Market, h 191 S. Market

Dunlap Rev. James, h n s Buck Creek e of Limestone

Dunn Chas. molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Dunn & Dempsey, (M. D. & J. D.) grocers, &c., s e c Main and Spring

Dunn J. molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Dunn James, laborer, h 64 N. Factory

Dunn James, oil refiner, h 80 N. Spring

Dunn M. (D. & Dempsey) bds Rev. J. N. Thisse's

Dupont ——, druggist, bds 28 E. Columbia

Durking George, foreman, 17 N. Limestone, h alley b Main and Columbia and Limestone and Market

Durkin Thomas, laborer, h 265 S. Centre

Dutze August, grocer, h 260 W. Main

Dwyer James, blacksmith, h 110 E. Main

Dyer Miss Emma, teacher, springfield Female Seminary

Dyer J. W. saddles and harness, 3 E. Main, bds Christian Harnish's

Dyke Rosa, bds Dock Leach's

Dyson Joseph, (Leedle & D.) res National Pike west of Cemetry


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