Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1868

From Springfield Directory for 1868-9, Williams & Co., 1868

av stands for avenue
b between
bds. boards
c or cor corner
com commission.
confec confectioner.
dray drayman
e east
h. house.
manuf manufactory or manufacturer
mer stands for merchant
n. north.
nr near
opp. opposite
R. R. railroad
prop'r. proprietor
res residence
s. south or side
tp township
w. west
wks works

Cadwallader J. G. cabinet maker, h west end of Main

Caim Wm. bds National Hotel

Cain James, tailor, h 122 W. North

Cain Mary, servant, 119 S. Factory

Calhoon W. R. foreman, h w s Plum b Main and High

Calhoun J. C. bricklayer, bds Jacob Korn's

CALLENDER ELISHA, General Agent for Morse's Lotion; h 183 S. Yellow Spring

Campbell Anderson, farmer, h e s Gallagher b Pleasant and Clifton

Campbell Elizabeth, widow, h 57 S. Market

Campbell John H. printer, bds 70 W. Jefferson

Campbell John H. traveling agent, 21½ E. Main

Cannady Myers, laborer, h n s Patton b Pearl and Clifton Av.

Capron E. P. H. patent rights, h n e c Mulberry and Centre

Carey ——, h 29 W. High

Carey Barney, laborer, h 12 E. Columbia

Carey John, laborer, h s s Rodgers east of Cherry

Carey Wm. molder, h 172 W. Jefferson

Carley Matthew, laborer, h s s Bridge b Spring and Gallagher

Carlis Patrick, laborer, h e s Cherry south of Rodgers

Carlos Matthew, laborer, h s s Bridge b Spring and Gallagher

Carman Nicholas, carpenter, h 221 E. Main

Carney Nicholas, laborer, h 104 E. Washington

Carpenter C. C. teacher, Greenway Boarding School

Carpenter Ezra, carpenter, bds National Hotel

Carr J. V. cabinet maker, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Carrigan James, molder, h n s Mill Run b Springfield and Gallagher

Carrigan Margaret, widow, h n s Mill Run b Spring and Gallagher

Carrigan Thomas, blacksmith, bds n s Mill Run b Springand Gallagher

Carroll John, drayman, h 70 N. Market

Carson Kit, plasterer, bds American House

Carter H. C. patent rights, h 270 E. Main

Carter Hugh, tinner, h 71 N. Factory

Cartry Wm. whitewasher, h 75 E. Washington

Cary Patrick, laborer, h 215 E. Columbia

Casey John, laborer, h w s Cherry south of Mound

Casper E. Davis, student, at 41 E. Main

Casper Hildreth M. clerk 41 E. Main, bds Thos J. Casper's

CASPER THOMASJ., M.D., Druggist and Pharmaceutist, 41 E. Main; Residence w s Limestone one door s of Episcopal Church

Cassily E. B. h w s Limestone north of Buck Creek

Casson Thomas, laborer, h s s Railroad west of Cherry

Castel Martin, cabinet maker, h 17 S. Yellow Spring

Castello C. tailor, wks 39 E. Main

Cathcart & Co. (J. C. & Harvey Vinal) livery stable, 24 N. Limestone

Cathcart J. (C. & Co.) h 66 N. Limestone

Cavanagh Charles, laborer, h e s Penn b Main and High

Cavanagh Michael, drayman, h 233 E. Columbia

Cavanagh Peter, laborer, h 108 N. Market

Cavanagh Peter, cartman, wks Seitz & Mowatt's

Cavanaugh A. boots and shoes 253 E. Main, h 251 E. Main

Cavanaugh James, tailor, bds Jacob Korn's

Cavenaugh James, bds 38½ E. Main

Cavileer Alfred, (C. & McCuddy) h 25 S. Spring

Cavileer Chas. clerk 14 E. Main, bds 25 S. Spring

CAVILEER & McCUDDY, (Alfred C. & Wm. McC.) Dealers in Stoves, Tin Ware and House Furnishing Goods, 12 E. Main

Cavileer Rachael, widow, h n w c High and Spring

Central Hall, e s Market b Main and High

Champane Joseph (C. & Phillips) h 38 W. Washington

Champane & Phillips, (Jos. C. & J. Howard P.) boots and shoes, 11 S. Market

Champion Machine Co., cor Gallagher and C., C., C. & I Railway, Amos Whiteley, President; D. P. Jefferies, Secretary

CHAMPION MACHINE WORKS, Whiteley, Fassler & Kelly, Proprietors, n e c Market and Washington

ChapmanJames, porter, 55 E. Main

Chapman James, servant, 164 E. High

Chapman Tilly, servant, n w c Washington and Factory

Chase David, carpenter, h w s Pearl b Clifton and Patton

Chase Geo. W. carpenter, h e s Pearl b Patton and Clifton

Chase John, carpenter, wks 13 W. High

Childs Charles, carpenter, bds National Hotel

Ching Solomon, grinder, wks 74 E. Washington

Ching Sullivan, laborer, h e s Taylor b Harrison and Clifton

Chipperfield Geo. E. laborer, h n s Washington east of Gallagher

CHOATE HARRY C., Proprietor Tieman Billiard Room, s w c Main and Market

Christ Henry, h 92 W. Washington

Christ Henry, cigar maker, bds 69 E. Main

Christ Wm. stone cutter, h 193 W. North

CHRISTIAN RADICAL, (Weekly) Office 21½ E. Main; Hook, Thomas & Co., Publishers and Proprietors

Christian Tablernacle, 27 W. High

Christie D. B. cabinet maker, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Christie Ed. P. book-keeper Springfield Advertiser Office, bds 172 S. Centre

Christie George, pattern maker, h e s Taylor b Clifton and Harrison

Christie J. W. clerk 25 E. Main, bds 23 S. Factory

CHRISTIE J. S., Real Estate adn Insurance Agent and Notary Public, Office 25 E. Main; h 172 S. Centre

Christie Jesse, stoves and tin ware 25 E. Main, h 23 S. Factory

Christie R. V. B. turner, wks Foos & Millikin's

Christie Robert, carpenter, h n e c Shaffer and High

Christie S. M. turner, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Christie W. W. machinist, wks Foos & Jullikin's

Christman John, laborer, h 215 W. Columbia

Church Frederick, wks Champion Machine Works

Church Freeman, carriage painter, h n s Harrison b Scott and Taylor

CINCINNATI, SANDUSKY & CLEVELAND R. R., Passenger Depot and Freight Offices s s Washington b Spring and Mill

City Brewery, w s Penn b Main and High

CITY CLERK'S OFFICE, 13 E. High; Thos. P. Clarke, Clerk

City Drug Store, 19 E. Main, Ridenour & Coblentz, proprietors

City Marshal's Office, at City Hall, John E. Donovan, Marshal

City Solicitor's Office, 21½ E. Main

CITY SURVEYOR'S OFFICE, 21½ E. Main; J. Douglass Moler, Surveyor

Clark, ——, agent, h 258 S. Yellow Spring

Clark Mrs. C. V. widow, h 59 S. Factory

Clark Mrs. E. S. widow, h 153 S. Factory

Clark George, plasterer, h 141 S. Spring

Clark George, wool, bds 191 S. Centre

Clark George E. clerk Foos & Mullikin's, bds Eli Johnson's

Clark J. H. (S. Clark & Son) h cor Limestone and Chestnut Ave.

Clark John, laborer, bds 227 E. Columbia

Clark Matthias, farmer, h n s Patton b Pearl and Clifton Av.

Clark Michael, saloon, 83 E. Main

Clark Patrick, laborer, h e s Pearl b Clifton and Patton

Clark Robert, cartman, h s e c Pearl and Clifton

CLARK S. & SON, (Samuel C. & John H. C.) Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Family Groceries, Provisions, &c., 16 and 20 S. Limestone

Clark Samuel, (S. C. & Son) h cor High and Spring

Clark Sarah, widow, h n s Patton b Pearl and Clifton Av

Clarke Miss C. A. bds 153 S. Factory

CLARKE COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS, south end Yellow Spring street; Amos Whiteley, President

Clarke County Mutual Benefit Association, A. Bradford, President; Wm. Blakeney, vice President; Thos. P. Clarke, Secretayr; meets at Rover Hall

Clarke Frank H. bds 153 S. Factory

Clarke John G. h n s Buck Creek east of Limestone

Clarke Mrs. Susan B. res John H. Voorhees'

Clarke Thomas J. painter, h s e c Main and Plum

CLARKE THOMAS P., City Clerk, Office 13 E. High; h 25 W. Mulberry

Clay Thos. porter, National Hotel

Claypool Wm. clerk James Leffel & Co's, rooms Phœnix Block

Clayton James, teamster, h s s High east of Walnut

Clemans John, laborer, h 56 S. Factory

Clemens Samuel, hostler, wks 116 W. Main

Clements C. painter, h 284 W. High

CLEVELAND, COLUMBUS, CINCINNATI & INIANAPOLIS RAILWAY, Office 120 S. Limestone; Wm. R. Smith, Freight & Ticket Agent

Click John, jr. teamster, h 337 W. North

Click John, sen. wagon manufac. junction Main and Dayton Pike

Clifford Wm. tinner, bds 142 S. Factory

Clinger Christopher, fishmonger, 36 S. Market

Clippinger E. C. baker, bds 122 N. Plum

Clippinger V. B. tinner, h 122 N. Plum

Clippinger Wm. H. clerk 35 W. Main, h 109 N. Mechanic

Clogar Gebhart, machinist, h 242 w. High

Clokey Rev. J. h 29 W. Jefferson

Clokey J. M. (Hanna & C.) h 29 W. Jefferson

Clokey Susan, widow, h n s Harrison b Scott and Taylor

Clouden David, hostler, wks 148 E. High

Cobaugh Alexander R. book-keeper first National Bank, bds 100 N. Limestone

Cobaugh Lewis, millwright, h 100 N. Limestone

Cobay Margaret, widow, h 65 E. Washington

Cobey John, messenger A. & P. Telegraph Co., h s s Washington b Limestone and Spring

Coblentz Isaac, (Ridenour & C.) h 183 S. Market

Cochel G. Z. student, h 120 W. North

Cochran A. P. Linn, (C. & Bro.) h 301 S. Limestone

Cochran 7 Bro. (David M. C. & A. P. Linn C.) attorneys and insurance agents, s e c Main and Limestone

Cochran David M. (C. & Bro.) bds w s Limestone north of Buck Creek

Cochran Robt. res Springfield Seminary

Coffee Patrick, laborer, h 286 E. Columbia

Coffey Patrick, laborer, bds 120 E. Washington

Coggeshall Miss Delia, bds Willis House

Coggeshall Miss Emma, bds Wilis House

Coggeshall Wm. traveling agent, bds Willis House

Cogswell Geo. W. conductor, h 192 S. Factory

Cole Henry, bds 38½ E. Main

Coleman Carrie, servant, 148 E. High

Coleman J. L. (J. W. Coles & Co.) h 169 S. Centre

Coleman John, tanner, h 91 W. Washington

Coleman Patrick, laborer, h 232 E. Columbia

Coles Henry, hostler, bds 38½ E. Main

Coles J. W. (J. W. C. & Co.) bds Willis House

Coles J. W. & Co. (J. W. C. & J. L. Coleman) undertakers, 29 W. Main

Coles R. s w c Main and Market, bds Willis House

Coles Mrs. Wm. widow, bds 162 W. High

Collector's Office of Internal Revenue, Fisher's Building; Edward P. Torbert, Collector

Collector's Office of Internal Revenue, 9½ S. Limestone

Collett Rev. Thos. h 71 S. Market

Collins Ellen, servant, 166 W. North

Collins James, laborer, h 250 E. Columbia

Collins Larry, laborer, h 346 E. Columbia

Collins Michael, laborer, h w s Cherry south of Mound

Collins Wm. stone mason, h 122 E. Columbia

COLLINS JOHN S., Proprietor American House, 86 W. Main

Colter John, cooper, wks Waters & Barentt's Cooper Shop

Compton Adeline, widow, h 33 W. Columbia

Compton David, contractor, h 23 S. Yellow Spring

Compton Martha, widow, h 55 W. Columbia

Concon Ella, servant, s w c Market and Columbia

Condren Michael, laborer, h 129 E. Collumbia

Condren Patrick, blacksmith, h 214 E. Main

Condren Thomas, blacksmith, bds 129 E. Columbia

Condrew Mary, srvant, 42 W. Main

Conklin Wm. plasterer, h 62 E. Mulberry

Conley Joseph, teamster, h w s Taylor b Harrison and Clifton

Conley Michael, cartman, h e s Taylor b Harrison and Clifton

Conlon Patrick, laborer, h 112 E. Main


Connelly Daniel, blacksmith, wks 141 E. Main

Cooper Daniel, driver, h 11 N. Spring

Conner John, laborer, h 11 N. Spring

Conner Julia, servant, 153 E. High

Conner Sarah, widow, h south end of Grant

Conner Thos. laborer, h 20 N. Fisher

Conner Thos. quarryman, wks Seitz & Mowatt's

Connerley Mary, servant, 164 E. High

conners Daniel, driver, wks C. H. Evans & Co's

Conners Daniel, helper, h w s Cherry south of Rodgers

Connor Timothy, student, bds 38½ E. Main

conroy Kate, servant, 12 W. High

Constantine Philip, h 78 W. Washington

Converse B. C. patent rights agency, 21½ E. Main, h 66 W. Jefferson

Conway Daniel, blacksmith, bds 143 E. Main

Cook Jerome, pattern maker, h 29 W. Mulberry

Cook Mary B. milliner, 338 W. Columbia

Cook Wm. teamster, h 338 W. Columbia

Cool Chas. machinist, h 271 W. High

Cool John, machinist, h 144 W. North

Coombs Wm. H. blacksmith, h s e c Harrison and Taylor

Cooney John, saloon, 492 Bridge, b Springand Gallagher

Cooper Chas. laborer, h 200 E. Columbia

Cooper Chas. A. clerk, 21 E. Main

COOPER DAVID, Dealer in hardware, Cutlery, Saddlery, Carriage Trimmings, Cooper's Tols, &c., 21 E. Main; h 95 S. Centre

Cooper Geo. R. clark, 21 E. Main

Cooper J. hardware, bds 25 S. Centre

Cooper Otway, clark, Murphy & Bro's, bds n w c Spring and High

Cooper S. F. driver, bds American House

Cooper Samuel, h 101 Clifton

Copenhafer Reuben, carpenter, h 325 E. Main

Copes Wm. glazier, wks 224 W. Main

Corchrane Samuel, agent, h 125 W. High

Corcoran Thos. grocer, 84 E. Main

Corcoran Thos. Jr. clerk, 84 E. Main

Corliss Daniel, laborer, h n w c Main and Murray

Cornell J. W. machinist, h 125 W. High

CORNOR D. L., Boarding House, 82 E. Main

Cortney Levi, carpenter, h 72 w. Mulberry

costellow Thos. laborer, h n w c Spring and Jefferson

Costigan Jeremiah, laborer, h 336 E. Columbia

COSS J., Photograph Gallery, 14½ E. Main; h 273 S. Limestone

Cotes E. grocer, 35 S. Market, res Clifton Av.

Cotes J. W. clerk 32 E. Main, bds P. Cotes'

Cotes L. grocer, res Clifton Av. south of Clifton

Cotes P. hats and caps, 32 E. Main, h 72 E. High

Cott Celia A. servant, 16 S. Plum

Cotts Rebecca, widow, h 138 S. Yellow Spring

Cottage Color Paint Co. n s North b Factory and Marke;' John Foos, Prest.; H. E. Folger, Supt.; H. M. Shepherd, Sec'y and Treas

Council Chamber, 13 E. High, up stairs

Countryman Rev. Asa, h 95 S. Factory

Counts & Cumback, (Joseph C. & H. H. C.) dry goods, 21 S. Market

Counts Jacob, dry goods, h 59 W. High

Counts Joseph, (C. & Cumback) h s w c Centre and High

COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE, s e c Columbia and Limestone; John Newlove, Auditor

COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE, s w c Columbia and Limestone; Absalom Mattox, Clerk

County Coroner's Office, 25½ E. Main; Reuben Miller, Coroner

County Jail, n e c Spring and High; C. Albin, Sheriff

COUNTY OFFICES, s e c Columbia and Limestone

COUNTY RECORDER'S OFFICE, s e c Columbia and Limestone; A. Bradford, Recorder

County Sheriff's Office, s e c Main and Limestone

County Surveyor's Office, 21½ E. Main, up stairs

COUNTY TREASURER'S OFFICE, s e c Columbia and Limestone; Theodore A. Wick, Treasurer

Courson Josiah, teamster, h n e c Patton and Clifton Av

Court of Common Pleas, held in Court House

Corwan Samuel, carpenter, bds n e c Limestone and Clifton

Cox Geo. D. cabinet maker, bds 59 E. High

Cox Jacob, farmer, h Dayton Pike nr Main

Cox Mary, servant, n e c North and Limestone

Cox Michael, laborer, h 232 E. Columbia

Cox Peter, laborer, h e s Cherry south of High

Crain Chas. clerk 21 S. Market, bds Main b Limestone and Spring

Cramer J. M. clerk Yeazell & Bro.'s, h 25 N. Factory

CRANE A. D., registrar Springfield Gas Light Co.; bds Geo. C. Steele's, Sen

Crane Mrs. M. A. widow, bds Western House

Crane R. E., Western House, 81 W. Main

Crap Joseph, laborer, bds 69 E. Main

Craver Joseph D. shoemaker, bds 217 W. Washington

Craw Benjamin, coachman, wks 17 N. Limestone

Crawford Miss R. P. dress maker, 24 S. Limestone

Crayall Wm. laborer, h s s Patton b Clifton Av. and Pearl

Cregar & Anderson, (Nathaniel C. & James A.) carpenters, 64 W. Columbia

Cregar Nathaniel, (C. & Anderson) h 63 N. Factory

Creger Frank, pump maker, h 120 W. North

Criley Alfred, teacher, Eastern School House

Criley Ezra K. clerk, s w c Main and Market

Crist Adam, carpenter, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Crist Henry, cigar maker, wks 45 W. Main

Croft D. J. machinist, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Croft David, silver plater, bds Anna Hiestand's

Croker Mary, widow, h 107 N. Plum

Crombleholm Geo. (American White and Colored Lead Paint Co.) h 81 W. High

CROMBLEHOLM & HARRIS, (Geo. C. & Wm.H.) Proprietors American White ad Colored Lead Paint Co., 74 E. Washington

Cronin A. shoemaker, wks 26 S. market

Cronin Jeremiah, laborer, h 116 E. Columbia

Crooker Chas. G. clerk 12 E. Market, h Yellow Spring b North and Columbia

Croop B. shoemaker, wks 31 W. Main

Crooks Joseph, carpenter, wks Voorhees & Arthur's

Cropper Geo. dyer, wks Springfield Woolen Mill

Cross David, sawyer, h 321 E. Main

Cross James N. boots and shoes, 54 E. Main

Crothers W. L. h 189 S. Market

Crothers Wm. B. (Houghton & C.) h Maple Av. east of Limestone

Crothers Wm. D. grocer, h n s Buck Creek east of Limestone

Crouse Henry, core maker, wks 110 S. Limestone

Crowl Isaac, h 229 W. Washington

Crown Joshua, carpenter, wks 72 S. Limestone

Crown Mary, widow, h rear 65 s. Market

Crozier Sarah, servant, Mrs. E. B. Drum's

Crusin Ellen, servant, Jacob Korn's

Culp Martha J. dress maker, h 105 W. Main

Cumback H. H. (Counts & C.) h 151 S. Centre

Cummings Finley O. clerk Foos & Mullikin's, h 64 S. Spring

Cummings Mrs. Julia A. bds Willis House

Cummings Mary A. widow, h 64 S. Spring

Cunningham James, laborer, h n s Harrison nr Taylor

Cunningham Mary, servant, Springfield Female Seminary

Curlee Jackson, laborer, h n s Patton b Pearl and Clifton Av

curley Patrick, laborer, h 104 E. Washington

curtis Jacob A. carpenter, h 63 Pearl

Cushing Daniel, bds 18 S. Limestone

Cushing Robert, cooper, h 74 E. North

Cushing Mrs. S. B. milliner and dress maker, 53 E. Main

Cushman W. D. h s e c Columbia and Market

Cushwa Martin, baker, wks 39 S. Market


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