Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1868

From Springfield Directory for 1868-9, Williams & Co., 1868

av stands for avenue
b between
bds. boards
c or cor corner
com commission.
confec confectioner.
dray drayman
e east
h. house.
manuf manufactory or manufacturer
mer stands for merchant
n. north.
nr near
opp. opposite
R. R. railroad
prop'r. proprietor
res residence
s. south or side
tp township
w. west
wks works

Babcock Edward, carpenter, bds n e c Clifton and Limestone

Bacconstos Henry, blacksmith, h 68 W. Pleasant

Bacon C. H. (Horr & B.) h 22 S. Centre

Bacon James, clerk n w c Main and Limestone, h s s Chestnut Av. east of Limestone

Bacon John, president Mad River National Bank, 16 E. Main, h 77 E. Main

Bailey J. R. machinist, wks Foos & Mulllikin's

Bailey James, boarding house, n w c Spring and Washington

Biley John, driver, wks Runyon & Petticrew's

Bailey Mary, servant, 57 E. North

Bailey Mary, servant, 172 S. Limestone

Bainbridge Wm. moulder, h 125 E. Main

Baker Mrs. widow, h Yellow Spring south of Washington

Baker Barney, carpenter, h s s lane north of North b Plum and Yellow Spring

Baker Barney S. carpenter, h w s Pearl b Clifton and Patton

BAKER & BROWN, (Wm. B. B. & Luther B.) Dealers in Hardware, Cutlery, Iron, Nails, Stoves, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, &c., 10 E. Main

Baker Henry H. carpenter, h 115 W. Main

Baker James G. clerk 35 W. Main, bds south end of Mill nr Clifton

Baker John E. attorney, n e c Main and Limestone, h west end of Jefferson

Baker N. N. whitewasher, 23 E. Main

Baker Miss Sallie, teacher, Springfield Female College

Baker Solomon, h 57 W. Columbia

Baker Mrs. U. A. h s w c Columbia and Limestone

Baker W. bds Willis House

Baker W. M. machinist, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Baker Wm. B. (B. & Brown) h 107 N. Limestone

Bakhaus Adolph, clerk 55 E. Main, bds Willis House

Baldwin Henry, (J. W. & H. B.) h east end of High

Baldwin J. W. & H. (John W. & Henry) dry goods, n w c Main and Limestone

Baldwin John W. (J. W. & H. B.) h e s Market cor Mulberry

Balentine D. C. (Elifritz & B.) h 225 W. High

Balentine Thomas, shoe maker, wks 11 S. Market

Ballard C. P. (MacLennan, Rinehart & Co.) h cor Linden Av. and High

Bancroft A. O. hats and caps, h 77 W. Washington

Bancroft L. agent, h 85 E. Main

Bancroft Lafayette, foreman 10 E. Main, h 76 W. Jefferson

Bancroft Leonidas, horse collars, 140 W. Main, h Washington 2d door west of Centre

Bancroft O. F. photographs, 66 E. Main, h 70 S. Centre

Bancroft P. E. hats, caps &c., 4 E. Main, h 77 W. Washington

Band H. bds National Hotel

Bane Cornelius, carpet weaver, bds Mrs. Maguire's

Banes E. F. clerk, willis House

Baney Mary, servant, 23 S. Market

Banks Mrs. Agnes, widow, h 21 E. North

Banks Miss Julia A. dress maker, 21 E. North

Banshoff Geo. tailor, h n w c High and Yellow Spring

Banta W. E. watch maker, bds National Hotel

Barber I. O. foreman Ferrell, Ludlow & Rodgers', h 31½ S. Market

Barbar John M. cabinet maker, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Barcafer John, blacksmith, bds 39 S. market

Barge Barbara, servant, n e c Columbia and Mechanic

Barker Granville, laborer, h 235 W. Main

Barnes J. C. boots and shoes, n s Clifton b Scott and Linden Av.

Barnes J. W. agent, at 11 S. Limestone, bds Western House

Barnett Henry, h w s Limestone north of Chestnut Av.

Barnett J. A. supt. John Foos', bds s e c High and Spring

Barnett James W. clerk First Nat. Bank, h s w c Market and Columbia

Barnett Wm. A. (Warder & B.) h 53 E. High

Barr Mrs. A. F. widow, h 222 W. High

BARR AMOS. General Insurance Agent and Agent for Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., Office, Phœnix Block, h 141 S. Market

Barr Andrew A. clerk 36 S. Maket, bds n e c Mechanic and Jefferson

Barr Thos. venetian blinds 36 S. Market, h n e c Mechanic and Jefferson

Barre Stephen, harness maker, wks S. T. Irvine's

Barrett E. L. publisher s w c Main and Market, h east end of High

Barringer George, student, bds 42 W. Main

Bartley Robert, driver, wks 17 N. Limestone

Barton Catherine, widow, h 235 W. Collumbia

Barton James, carriage maker, bds 39 S. Market

Basey Don, barber shop 217 W. Main, h 208 W. Washington

Basey Ellis, sexton, h s s North b Limestone and Spring

Basey Yellow, teamster, h head of Shaffer

BASSETT Rev. A. H., Publisher and Book Agent, Publishing House w s Limestone b High and Washington; h n e c Pleasant and Factory

Bassett Asbury, h s w c Pleasant and Linden Av

Bauer Catherine, widow, h 103 E. Main

Bauer George, laborer, h 149 E. Columbia

Bauer John, carpenter, h 158 W. Collumbia

BAUGH FREDERICK, Dealer in Family Groceries, Provisions, &c., n e c Market and High

Beach John, cooper, h 254 E. Collumbia

Beach Moses, machinist, wks James Leffel & Co's

Beall Mrs. M. widow, h 18 S. Plum

Bean Catherine E. widow, h 183 S. Limestone

Bean Chandler R. clerk s w c Main and Market, bds w s Limestone b Jefferson and Mulberry

Beanfre Frank, bds 38½ E. Main

Beaver John, brick mason, h 18 Clifton

Bechtle & Blakeney, (E. P. B. & Wm.B.) water wheels, &c., Warder east of Limestone

Bechtle E. P. (B. & Blakeney) h western suburbs west end of North

Bechtle E. P. h n w c Mulberry and Market

Beck Chas. clerk 34 E. Main, bds National Hotel

Beck Robert, carriage trimmer, h 228 S. Centre

Beebe R. (R. B. & Son) h 25 N. Fisher

Beebe R. & Son, (R. & Walter) gunsmiths, 20 W. Main

Beebe Walter, (R. B. & Son) bds 25 N. Fisher

Beil Anthony, cigar maker, wks 146 e. Main

Beil August C. cigars and tobacco, 146 E. Main

Beilstein Philip, (Hartman & Co.) h 206 W. Main

Beigsch John, machinist, wks James Leffel & Co's

Bell Otho, brick mason,h 76 E. Columbia

Bell Preston, engineer, h Chestnut Av. east of Limestone and north of Buck Creek

Belz Ernst, tanner, bds U. S. Hotel

Benedict Mrs. E. widow, h 142 S. Factory

Benner Geo. M. printer, bds 60 S. Factory

Bennett Geo. house mover, h 171 W. Washington

Bennett Mary A. widow, h 283 S. Limestone

Benns Geo. W. book-keeper Champion Machine Works, h 156 S. Market

Bentley ——, book agent, bds 18 S. Limestone

Bentzel Aaron, marble cutter, h 66 W. Pleasant

BERKHEIMER GEO. H., Eating House, also Wagon Yard, 42 S. Market

Berkley Wiley, teamster, h 303 S. Centre

Berkshire Wm. teamster, h 336 W. Main

Berkstresser Levi, miller, h n s Buck Creek east of Limestone

Bernard Mrs. widow, h 220 E. Main

Berry Chas. machinist, h e s Taylor b Clifton and Harrison

Berry hannah E. bds 22 W. Main

Berry John, cabinet maker, 21 N. Fisher, h n w c Fisher and Columbia

BERRY JOHN L., Baker and Confectionery, 43 W. Main; h s e c Mulberry and Factory

Berry Thos. machinist, h e s Gallagher b High and Washington

Berry Wm. h 22 W. Main

Berryman James, laborer, h cor Cherry and Harrison

Best B. F. (Starrett & B.) bds National Hotel

Best Jacob, bds 125 S. Yellow Spring

Bethard A. G. foreman Ferrell, Ludlow & Rodgers', h 130 W. Washington

Bethge A. J. boots and shoes 6 N. Market, h 59 N. Spring

Bethge August, shoemaker, bds A. J. Bethge's

Betzold Fred. laborer, h 294 W. High

Betzold Jacob, pipeman Fire Co. No. 2, h cor Plum and High

Betzold Rosa, servant, 31 S. Limestone

Bicke Sophia, servant, 143 E. Main

Biermann Alex. carver, bds 104 S. Centre

Biggens Chas. drayman, h 254 E. Main

Biggens Patrick, laborer, h 244 E. Main

Bigger Joseph, h e s Limestone north of Buck Creek

Bigger Wm. h s w c Kizer and Limestone

Biggin Owen, laborer, wks Gas Works

Biggins Patrick, laborer, wks 120 S. Limestone

Binkley Rev. Geo. H. clerk w s Limestone south of High, res country

Bird Luke, millwright, bds 96 Mill

Birdseye Z. hatter, h w s Scott b Harrison and Clifton

Birmingham James, laborer, h n s Washington b Gallagher and Mill

Bishop Mrs. Anna, widow, h 242 N. Limestone

BLACK A. C. & CO., (Andrew C. B., Jos. K. Black & Wm. W. Black) Dealers in Dry Goods, Notions, Carpets, Mattings, &c., n w c Main and Market

Black Andrew C. (A. C. B. & Co.) h 149 S. Market

Black Jos. K. (A. C. Black & Co.) bds w s Limestone b High and Main

Black W. M. dry goods s w c Main and Market, h 162 W. High

Black Wm. W. (A. C. Black & Co.) bds Willis House

Blackwell J. G. photographs and sewing machines 66 E. Main, h 4 E. North

Blagener James, molder, h 116 N. Mechanic

Blair D. C. barbar shop, 29 S. Market

Blake Monroe, varnisher, bds 42 W. Main

Blakeney Wm. (Bechtle & B.) h 107 S. Market

Blaser Samuel W. carpenter, h 122 W. Columbia

Blazer Louis, carpenter, h 128 W. High

Blazer Nicholas, carpenter, h 96 W. Washington

BLOSE, SEITZ & CO., (Daniel B., Jacob S. & John H. Blose) Flouring Mill and Distillery at Tremont, Clarke Co., Ohio; Jacob Seitz, agent at Springfield

BLOUNT A. A., Surgeon Dentist, office over First National Bank; h 193 S. Limestone

Board of Trade Room, e s Limestone b Main and High

Bockway Geo. laborer, h s s Chestnut Av. east of Limestone

Bockway Geo. W. watch maker, wks 36 E. Main

Bodkins Martin, bds 38½ E. Main

Bodkin Morgan, carpenter, wks 20 W. Jefferson

Boerger Frederick, boots and shoes, 150 E. Main

Bohrer Wm. laborer, h 127 W. Columbia

Bolan Michael, laborer, h 92 N. Spring

Bolan Patrick, trader, h 165 E. Main

Bolan Thomas, blacksmith, h 208 E. Main

Bold Adam, laborer, wks C. H. Evans & Co's

Bollman C. f. jeweler, h 160 E. Main

Bolt Valentine, carpenter, h 223 E. Main

Bolz Conrad, core maker, h 71 E. Columbia

Bonbrake Carrie, teacher, bds n e c Factory and Pleasant

Bond Herman F. harness maker, h 117 E. Pleasant

Bone Wm. farmer, h 211 E. Main

Bonud Edward, drayman, h 291 W. High

Booker Richard, tanner, h n s Columbia b Limestone and Market

Bookwalter F. M. clerk James Leffel & Co's, h 210 W. Washington

Bookwalter Frank, (J. W. B. & Bro.) h 168 W. Main

Bookwalter J. W. (James Leffel & Co.) h n s Buck Creek e of Urbana Pike

Bookwalter J. W. & Bro. (J. W. & Frank) flour mills, head of Factory

Booth George W. barber, h 103 E. Main

Booth J. J. (Stewart & B.) at n s Main e of Market

Booth Thomas, spinner, bds Jas. H. Walker's, n of Buck Creek

Botle J. S. traveling agent, h 26 w. Mulberry

Bowen John, laborer, h Race b Main and High

Bower Henry, machinist, bds American House

Bowling Daniel, painter, h s s Columbia e of Spring

Bowling Mary, widow, h s s Columbia e of Spring

Bowman C. W. clerk, 30 S. Market

Bowman Chas. (B. & Myles) h 176 Columbia

Bowman Frederick, cabinet maker, h 226 S. Centre

Bowman George, furniture, 49 Main, h 176 E. Columbia

Bowman George, painter, h 226 S. Centre

Bowman & Myles, (Chas B. & Wm. H. M.) bill posters, cor Main and Limestone

Bowman Richard, servant, 279 E. High

Bowman Samuel A. (Goode & B.) res n s Buck Creek w of Market

Boyd J. D. clerk 21 S. Market, bds Jos. Counts'

Boyd J. Edward, sheet iron worker, h 81 S. Factory

Boyd J. F. clerk, bds James Kinney's

Boyd J. L. pipeman Fire Co. No. w, h cor Factory and Washington

Boyd John, painter, h n s Buck Creek e of Limestone

Boyd Luther, carpenter, h 18 W. North

Boyd Thomas J. tinner, bds 42 W. Main

Boyer Alfred Z. polisher, h n e c Main and Factory

Boyle Francis, laborer, h e s Pearl b Clifton and Patton

Brace Charles, carpenter, h 67 N. Mechanic

Brackert John, (Wm. Hunnebaum & Co.) h 207 W. Main

Bradbury S. P. machinist, h 99 N. Mechanic

BRADFORD A., County Recorder, Office s e c Columbia and Limestone; h 213 W. High

Bradford Edwin, bds 249 S. Limestone

Bradford O. B. clerk, Express Office

Bradley Ellen, bds 33 S. Centre

Brandt Henry, quarryman, h n w c Market and North

Brannan John, h s s Section b Foster and Pearl

Brannan Lawrence, carpenter, bds 122 E. Washington

BRAUN L., Watch Maker, and Jeweler and Dealer in Silver Plated Ware, 42 W. Main

Bray Thomas, molder, h 97 E. Main

Brecknell R. D. tanner, 21 N. Spring

Breese Wm. H. agent Lamb's Knitting Machines, 12 S. Market

Brelsford Horace, clerk 35 W. Main, h 91 W. Jefferson

Bresmen Charles, laborer, wks 224 W. Main

Bretney Charles V. H. (B. & Son) h 119 E. Main

Bretney Eugene, bds 25 S. Spring

Bretney Gifford, clerk, bds 91 E. High

Bretney Henry, (B. & Son) h 91 E. High

Bretney J. Wick. clerk 22 S. Limestone, h 91 E. High

Bretney & Son, (Henry & Chas. V. H.) tanners and curriers, 116 and 118 E. Main

Bretney Victor, clerk, bds 91 E. High

Bretney Wm. clerk, bds 104 S. Centre

Bretney Wm. H. clerk 71 W. Main, h 91 E. High

Brice Cornelius, saloon and boarding house, 108 E. Washington

Bricke John, carpenter, h 255 W. Columbia

Briem Martin, laborer, h head of Factory

Briggs Wm. bds 38½ E. Main

Brinkmann Peter, carpet weaver, h s w c Race and Columbia

Broadwell Elizabeth, widow, h 64 W. Washington

Broadwell M. tinner, bds Jacob Korn's

Brock & Doyle, (H. R. B. & John D.) plasterers, 200 W.High

Brock H. R. (B. & Doyle) h 200 W. High

Brockman Minerva, servant, 175 E. High

Brodrow ——, shoe maker, wks 98 E. Main

Broker John, pilot, bds American House

Brook Louisa R. widow, h 96 Clifton

Brooks John, servant, J. C. Buxton's

Brothers Charles, bds 38½ E. Main

Brown Rev. George, D. D., h 74 W. Pleasant

Brown Harry, painter, h 106 W. North

Brown Louis, (Hahn & B.) h 164 W. Columbia

Brown Luther, (Baker & B.) 67 W. Washington

BROWN S. & CO., (Stephen B. & J. W. Baldwin) Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils and Dye Stuffs, Fancy and Toilet Articles, n e c Main and Limestone, Willis House Block

Brown Samuel M. carpenter, h 127 E. Columbia

Brown Stephen, (S. B. & Co.) h s e c Market and Pleasant

Brown Theodore H. clerk P. O., bds 23 W. Mulberry

Brown Mrs. W. E. millinery, 18 N. Limestone

Brown Wm. surveyor, h 123 W. Main

Brown Wm. E. insurance agent, office, 20 N. Limestone

Brown Wm. T. printer, h e s Factory b High and Washington

Brownfield Wm. carpenter, bds National Hotel

Browning Elizabeth, widow, h 59 Pearl

Bruce A. physician, office, 75 S. Market, h 3 W. Washington

Bruce R. D. clerk 15 E. Main, bds 3 W. Washington

Bruckman Abraham coal oil &c., h 23 W. Main

Bruebaker Daniel, laborer, h 171 E. Columbia

Brugger George, wagon manufacturer, 287 E. Main

Bruner John, machinist, h 127 W. Columbia

Brunner Daniel K. cutter, 5 E. Main, h 331 E. Main

Brusman Catherine, h 256 W. Columbia

Brusman Chas. D. carpenter, h 126 W. Jefferson

Bryant ——, machinist, bds 18 S. Limestone

Bryant Elijah, hostler, wks J. H. Hilton's

Bryant Sarah, servant, s s High nr Walnut

Bryant W. G. physician, 40 S. Limestone, h 75 E. High

Buck Thomas, machinist, h 161 e. Columbia

BUCKEYE AGRICULTURAL WORKS, Warder east of Limestone; Thomas & Mast, Proprietors

BUCKEYE HOMINY CO., Manufacturers of Kiln Dried Pearl Hominy, Pearl Grits, Corn Meal and Feed, 66 E. Washington; E. R. Hotsenpiller, Proprietor

Buckingham Mrs. B. res Dr. E. M. Buckingham's

BUCKINGHAM E. M., Physician and surgeon, Office, 38 S. Limestone; Residence, 36 S. Limestone

Buckingham S. tinner, 123 W. Main, h 53½ W. Main

Buckingham Wm. photographer, h s s Mainb Market and Centre

Budd ——, clerk, 9 E. High

Budd Samuel, h 175 w. Washington

Budser Peter, carpenter, h head of Mechanic

Buford James, brick layer, h 182 W. High

Bugbey E. S. grocer, 34 S. Market, h 103 W. High

Bulger M. molder, wks James Leffel & Co's

Bull Jennie, servant, 79 W. Mulberry

Bundy John E. engineer, Western Steam Fire Co. No. 2, bds Western House

Bunker C. A. machinist, bds 18 S. Limestone

Burger Bartholomew, tailor, h 29 Gallagher

Burk M. laborer, wks C. S. & C. R. R.

Burk Michael, blacksmith, h e s Vine b Clifton and Pleasant

Burk Michael, engineer, h 53 Gallagher

Burke Eliza, servant, 126 W. Columbia

Burke James, engineer, h 78 E. North

Burley ——, traveling agent, h 64 S. Spring

Burn Dominick, laborer, h w s Taylor b Harrison and Clifton

Burneham J. pattern maker, wks James Leffel & Co's

Burnett A. G. bds National Hotel

Burnett F. machinist, wks James Leffel & Co's

Burnett John, machinist, h 208 w. High

Burnett R. G. attorney, 63½ E. Main

Burnett Wm. machinist, h 5 W. North

Burns, Bessie, servant, 123 E. High

Burns Bridget, servant, east end of Columbia

Burns Edward, lamp lighter, h n w c Scott and Clifton

Burns Rev. Jacob, h 13 N. Market

Burns Michael, laborer, h w s Cherry s of Rodgers

Burns Patrick, laborer, h 90 N. Spring

Burns Thomas, polisher, h 324 E. Columbia

Burns Wm. carpenter, h 279 E. Main

Burns Wm. monkey wrenches, s e c main and Murray

Burrell J. S. barber, 82 W. Main

Burton George, shoe maker, h e s Cherry s of Harrison

Bush Louis, laborer, bds 69 E. Main

Bushnell A. S. (Warder, Mitchell & Co.) h 189 E. High

Butt A. W. traveling agent Thomas & Mast's, res Laporte, Ind.

Butzer Peter, cabinet maker, wks Foos & Mullikin's

Buxton John C. (John Kinsman & Co.) h n s High east of Sycamore

Byers Joseph, shoemaker, wks 42 E. Main

Byram Kate, servant, 93 N. Limestone

Byrd James T. carpenter, h 272 S. Centre


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