Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1863

From Directory of the City of Springfield
John W. Kees & Co., Springfield. 1863


Ætna Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn., Cochran & Bro., Agents. south-east corner of Main and Limestone.


Wittenberg College

One-half mile north of Springfield, and west of the Urbana Pike.

Rev. Samuel Sprecher, D. D., President and Professor of Christian Theology and Mental and Moral Science.

Rev. M. Diehl, A. M., Professor of Ancient Languages.

Rev. H. R. Geiger, A. M., Professor of Mathematics and Mechanical philosophy.

Rev. Isaac Sprecher, A. M., Professor of History and Principal of Preparatory Department.

Jacob Simons, Steward.

Springfield Female Seminary

West side of Limestone, north of Buck Creek.

Rev. H. R. Wilson, D. D. and Rev. James L. Rodgers, A. M., Principals.

L. Hinsdale Sherwood, A. M., Music Principal.

Miss H. V. Haas, Teacher of Mental and Moral Philosophy and Astronomy.

Miss Lizzie C. Dodge, Teacher of Mathematics and Latin.

Miss Ellen J. Dustin, Teacher of Mathematics and English Literature.

Miss Anna M. Smith, Principal of Preparatory Department

Miss Helen J. McBeth, Teacher of Instrumental and Vocal Music.

Godfrey N. Frankenstein, Esq. and Gustavus Frankenstein, Esq., Teachers of Drawing and Painting.

Sessions commence the 1st of September and January of each year, and continue four and six months respectively.

Springfield Female College

North side High between Spring and Foster.

Sessions commence the first Monday of September and the first day of February of each year, and continue five months each.

E. G. Dial, A. M., President.

A. E. Dial, Governess.

Miss Amanda Hedrick, Teacher of Mathematics and Natural Science.

Miss Ella Jones, Principal of Preparatory Department.

Mrs. T. McNemar, Associate Teacher in Collegiate Department and Teacher of Drawing and Painting.

Miss E. B. Wiseman, Teacher of Instrumental Music.

Leon R. Tuttle, Teacher of Vocal Music

Number of Students, about 112.

Greenway Boarding School

North side of Main, east of Railroad Crossing.

Rev. Charles Robbins, A. M., Proprietor and Instructor.

Harrison Cole, Drill Master and Assistant Teacher.

Sessions commence on the first Wednesday of September of each year, and continue forty weeks.


Springfield Tri-Weekly Republic.

Established in 1824. Office, east side of Limestone, between Main and High. Published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, by Wm. t. Coggeshall. Terms, $3.00 per annum, in advance.

Clarke County Democrat

Office 115 Main. Published every Thursday morning by C. M. Gould. Terms, $1.50 per annum, in advance.

Western Methodist Protestant

Office, west side of Limestone, between High and Washington. Published every Wednesday by Rev. A. H. Bassett; edited by Rev. Dennis B. Dorsey. Terms, $2.00 per annum in advance.

Sunday School Protestant

Office, west side of Limestone, between High and Washington. Published by Rev. A. H. Bassett on the 1st and 15th of each month. Edited by D. B. Dorsey.

The Springfield News

Hastings, Nichols & Co., Proprietors; C. M. Nichols, editor. Office, west side of Limestone, near Dayton Railroad. Published every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Terms, $3.00 per annum in advance.


Springfield Bank, west side of Limestone, between Main and High. Incorporated May, 1851. Authorized Capital, $500,000. Paid in Capital, $150,000. J. Ludlow, President; C. A. Phelps, Cashier; Wm. Rodgers, N. F. Stone, J. S. Muzzy, John Ludlow and C. a. Phelps Directors.

State Bank of Ohio, Mad River Valley Branch, at Springfield. Organized 1847. Authorized Capital, $100,000. Paid in Capital, $100,000. John Bacon, President; Thomas F. McGrew, Cashier; T. R. Norton, Teller; John Bacon, Samuel Barnett, Wm. Berry, Charles M. Clark and Wm. Werden, Directors.

Fire Department

Silver Grey No. 2. House north side of Main, between Centre and Factory. (Disbanded.)

Independent Fire Company No. 4. Engine House west side of Centre, between Main and High, G. W. Michael, President; N. Crager, Secretary; D. L. Croft, Treasurer; Eli Johnson, Foreman of Hose.

Springfield Hook and Ladder Company. House south side of High, between Market and Limestone. James Rodgers, Secretary; Wm. A. Barnett, Treasurer.

Union Fire Company No. 3. Engine House east side of Spring, between Main and High. R. D. Harrison, President; G. W. Dalie, Vice President.


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Springfield in 1863

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