Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1863

From Directory of the City of Springfield
John W. Kees & Co., Springfield. 1863

County Officers.

John H. Littler, Probate Judge, Term Expires October, 1863.
John Newlove, Auditor, Term Expires October, 1865.
William S. Meranda, Recorder, Term Expires October, 1865.
Theodore A. Wick, Treasurer, Term Expires October, 1863.
John C. Miller, Prosecuting Attorney, Term Expires October, 1863
Absalom Mattox, Clerk Court, Term Expires October, 1863
James Fleming, Sheriff, Term Expires October, 1864

Justices of the Peace, Clarke County.

James Anderson, Term Expires April 19th, 1865
Washington Buffinbarger, Term Expires April 19th, 1865.
James V. Balentine, Term Expires May 3d, 1864.
William B. Barr, Term Expires Oct 22d, 1865.
Daniel Baker, Term Expires March 11th, 1866.
E. G. Coffin, Term Expires April 19th, 1865.
C. K. Clark, Term Expires July 7th, 1866.
William Drummond, Term Expires April 19th, 1865.
Robert Elder, Term Expires Oct. 22d, 1865
John C. Gillett, Term Expires April 19th, 1865.
D. K. Hubbard Term Expires april 13th, 1866.
John Henry, Term Expires April 19th, 1865.
Dixon A. Harrison, Term Expires Feb. 24th, 1866.
William Hains, Term Expires March 11th, 1866.
William K. Jordon, Term Expires Nov. 17th, 1863.
William W. Lee, Term Expires april 19th, 1865.
Reuben Miller, Term Expires Oct. 30th, 1865.
Milton M. Miller, Term Expires April 12th, 1864.
John Meranda, Term Expires Dec. 5th, 1864.
D. H. Randall, Term Expires April 13th, 1866.
Perry Stewart, Term Expires April 11th, 1864.
Joseph D. Wood, Term Expires April 11th, 1864.
Joseph Whiteley, Term Expires April 13th, 1864.
Jeremiah Yeazel, Term Expires April 13th, 1864.
Silas Trumbo Term Expires April 19th, 1865.

Judges of the District and Common Pleas Courts.

The following are the names of Judges for the District and Common Pleas Courts for the First, Second and Third Sub-Divisions, composed of the following Counties, to-wit: Butler, Preble, Darke, Champaign, Montgomery, Miami, Clinton, Clarke, Warren and Greene:

William White, E. Parsons, George J. Smith,
Alex. H. Hume, D. L. Meeker.  

Notaries Public, Clarke County

Almon Bradford, Term Expires Jan. 30th, 1865.
A. P. Linn Cochran, Term Expires Aug. 7th, 1864.
Edward P. Christie, Term Expires Aug. 31st, 1864.
Aaron Cochran, Term Expires Oct. 14th, 1864.
David M. Cochran, Term Expires April 18th, 1865.
James W. Cummings, Term Expires May 15th, 1865.
James S. Christie, Term Expires March 11th, 1866
Finley O. Cummings, Term Expires May 7th, 1866.
L. C. Dorwin, Term Expires Oct. 11th, 1864.
B. H. Dye, Term Expires Sept. 7th, 1865.
Lamar J. Foos, Term Expires Dec. 16th, 1864.
Henry C. Houston, Term Expires Nov. 26th, 1865.
Irving Halsey, Term Expires March 23d, 1864.
J. K. Mower Term Expires Oct. 16th, 1865.
John Meranda, Term Expires Dec. 11th, 1864.
John McGaffey, Term Expires Feb. 9th, 1866.
J. D. Moler, Term Expires March 5th, 1866.
S. J. Pringle, Term Expires Jan. 8th, 1866.
George C. Richardson Term Expires July 27th, 1863.
H. S. Showers, Term Expires April 17th, 1864.
John J. Snyder, Term Expires Dec. 20th, 1864.
Robert B. Stephenson, Term Expires Jan. 31st, 1865.
James L. Torbert, Term Expires Aug. 13th, 1864.
Bennett Whiteley, Term Expires Dec. 27th, 1864.


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