Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1859

From Springfield & Urbana Directory, C. S. Williams, 1859

al alley or allopathic.
atty attorney.
b between.
bar k barkeeper.
bds. boards.
b. h. boarding house.
bk book or brick.
b. k. book keeper.
bldr builder.
bldg. building.
bo botanic.
c. corner.
cab. mkr. cabinet maker.
carp. carpenter.
clk clerk.
cof h coffee house.
com commission.
confec confectioner.
e east
ec eclectic.
eng. engineer.
ex. exchange.
h. house.
ho. homeopathic.
lab. laborer.
manuf. manuf'ry or manuf'er.
mer. merchant.
mkr. maker.
n. north.
not. pub. notary public.
nr. near.
opp. opposite.
prov. provision.
prop'r. proprietor.
res. residence.
s. south.
servt. servant.
w. west.
wh. wholesale.

Kadel Geo. cooper shop, n s North b Race and Plumb

Kaifsnyder Jno. shoemkr. s s Jefferson b Centre and Factory

Kain Jas. tailor, wks 111 Main

Kalt Adam tailor, wks 123 Main

Kaufman Michael, clothing, &c. w s Market s of Main

Kauffman W. H. clk 143 Main

Kaus Jacob, baker, n s Main opp Foster

Kay Isaac, phys. bds n s High b Market and Centre

Kearney Jno. lab. s s Hill nr RR.

Keifer J. W. law office, over 113 Main

Keirce Jno. lab. s s Washington b Spring and Limestone

Keller Chas. bakery, 155 Main

Kelly Bridget, servt. 267 Main

Kelly Danl. lab n s Washington e of Spring

Kelly Jno marble polisher, wks s w c Market and High

Kelly Jno. lab. w s Spring b Columbia and North

Kelly Mary, servt. s s Jefferson b Market and Centre

Kelly Oliver, (Whitely, K. & Fassly,) s w c Pleasant and Market

Kelly Pat. lab. c of Cherry nr Corp. Line

Kennedy Mary, servt. s s High b Spring and Hill

Kennedy Michael, lab. s of Harrison nr Taylor

Kennedy Nathan, stone cutter, e s Market b Main and Columbia

Kershner Miss Hannah, milliner, wks w s Market b Main and High

Kershner Hezekiah, carp. n w c Centre and Pleasant

Kershner Philip, (Thos. Mast & Co.)

Kersting Mrs. Harriet, e s Vine n of Clifton

Kidder J. L. tobacconist, bds s s Main b Centre and Factory

Kiefer J. W. atty. bds n s Main nr Limestone

Kiefhaber Catharine, servt. American House

Kiefhaber Mrs. J. w sMarket b Main and Columbia

Kiffeler H. H. clk. bds Western Hotel

Killifer H. H. clk s w c Main and Centre

Kills Jacob W. (J. W. K. & Son,) b Columbia and North e of Factory

(J. W. K. & Wm. A. K.) Paper and Blank Book Manufacturers, s s North b Centre and Market

Kills John M. bk binder, wks Springfield Paper Mills

Kills Wm. A. (J. W. K. & Son)

Kills Wm. paper mkr. n s North b Market and Factory

Kimbert Daniel, turner, bds American House

Kindle Isaac, blksmith, wks s s Main w of RR

Blacksmith Shop, s s Main w of RR.

Kindleberger & Reeves, (T. J. K. & W. H. R.) phys. office 134 Main

Kinebert Danl. turner, wks n w c Limestone and Washington

Kink Levi, bk mkr. s s Washington b Plumb and Yellow Spring

King Oliver, painter, bds Western Hotel

Kinsley J.E. student, bds n s Main nr Limestone

Gas Fitting, &c. e s Limestone b Main and High, h s s High e of Spring

Kinsman Nathan, bds n s Main nr Limestone

Kipkin C. finisher, wks Novelty Works

Kipley Lewis, lab. n s Columbia e of Spring

Kirby Tim. lab. wks n e c Columbia and Spring

Kirchner Philip, carp. sho, n s North b Yellow Spring and Plumb, h n w c Yellow Spring and North

Kirkpatrick Jos. blksmith, s s High b Centre and Factory

Kirshner Hezekiah, carp. wks Buckeye Works

Kirshner Leonidas, carp. wks Buckeye Works

Kizer Mrs. Eva, n s Main b Plumb and Race

Kizer Geo. W. tailor, w s Centre b Main and High

Kizer Mrs. Susan, n s Main b Plumb and Race

Kizer Thos. surveyor, e s Mechanic b RR. and Washington

Klein Conrad, lab. s s Columbia s of Spring

Kline Conrad, pressman, wks Oil Mill

Klinefelter B. clk. n e c Jefferson and Limestone

Klinefelter Benjamin, distiller, s s Wshington b Centre and Factory

Klinefelter J. alcohol, burning fluid &c. works n e c Jefferson and Limestone

Klotz Frank, lab. Hagenbuch House

Knaub Wm. family groceries, &c. e s Limestone b Main and High

Kneuff Joel, lab. e s Taylor s of Harrison

Knight Danl. bk mkr. n s Main b Factory and Mechanic

Knox S. H. moulder, wks Buckeye Works

Koepge Elizabeth, servt. w s Centre b Washington and Jefferson

Kolb fred. shoemkr. 167 Main

Kolfret August, shoemkr. w s Market n of North

Kollaprat August, shoemkr. shop, e s Market nr High

Korn Jacob, saloon, n s Washington e of Spring

Physician, s w c Centre and High

Kraft Geo. machinist, n s North b Market and Limestone

Kraus Mrs. J. dress mkr. w s Market b Columbia and Main

Kraus Jno. mason, w s Market b Main and Columbia

Kredel Michael, cab. mkr. wks n w c Limestone and Washington

Kriegbaum Nicholas, (Kolbratt & K.)

Kriner Jacob, coach mkr. w s Centre b Clark and Pleasant

Krouse Hy. butcher, e s Taylor s of Harrison

Krowser Jno. lab. wks n e c Columbia and Spring

Kuhl Anthony, brewer, wks n e c Columbia and Spring

Kuiser G. W. (Zittle & K.)

Kuiert Anna, servt. 244 Main

Kurtz, ——, n s High b Centre and Factory

Kurtz Danl. lab. s s Columbia b Market and Factory

Kurtz Danl. weaver, wks s s Main opp Centre

Kurtz Jas. M. clk.

Grocery, w s Market b Washington and High


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