Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1859

From Springfield & Urbana Directory, C. S. Williams, 1859

al alley or allopathic.
atty attorney.
b between.
bar k barkeeper.
bds. boards.
b. h. boarding house.
bk book or brick.
b. k. book keeper.
bldr builder.
bldg. building.
bo botanic.
c. corner.
cab. mkr. cabinet maker.
carp. carpenter.
clk clerk.
cof h coffee house.
com commission.
confec confectioner.
e east
ec eclectic.
eng. engineer.
ex. exchange.
h. house.
ho. homeopathic.
lab. laborer.
manuf. manuf'ry or manuf'er.
mer. merchant.
mkr. maker.
n. north.
not. pub. notary public.
nr. near.
opp. opposite.
prov. provision.
prop'r. proprietor.
res. residence.
s. south.
servt. servant.
w. west.
wh. wholesale.

Gaffney Owen, lab. n s Main e of Water

Gaffney Patrick, dray, w s Cherry s of High

Gallagher Andy, lab. s s Columbia e of Spring

Gallagher H. L. c Clifton and Hill

Grocery, n s Washington e of Spring

Galloway Rev. John S. Bible agt. e s Factory s of RR.

Galloway Wm. medical sudent with Dr.E. M. Buckingham

Gamble Wm. wool worker, n w c North and Spring

Gammer George, lab. e s Centre al b Clark and Pleasant

Gano Richard M. artist, w s Market b Jefferson and Washington

Ganson ——, conductor, n s Main opposite Foster

Garber Samuel, billiard rooms, s w c Centre and Main, up stairs

Gardner Henry, loccksmith, wks 22 Main, bds 25 Main

Gassaway John W. barber, wks 150 Main

Gates John, bds Travelers Rest

Gebhart J. P. student, bds n s Main nr Limestone

Gedney James, machinist, bds e s Limestone b Main and High

Gee Wm. machinist, bds e s Limestone b Main and High

Geiger H. R. prof. of mathematics, Wittenburg College

Gelwicks C. clk. wks 97 Main

Gelwicks Charless, lab. wks News and Journal Office

Gelwicks W. T. & J. M. (Wm. T. & Jacob M.) cigars and tobaccco, 158 Main

German School, s w c Market Alley and Columbia

Gerwert John P. cutter wks 104 Main

Gibbons Martin, lab. 28 Main

Gilbert J. P. sale stable, w s Spring b Main and Columbia, h w s Spring

Gilbert Miss Maria, bds w s Spring b Main and Columbia

Gillen Mrs. Margaret, e s Taylor s of Harrison

Gillett Mrs. Sophia, e s Vine opposite Mulberrry

Saloon, 65 Main

Gibson Mrs. Virginia, e of Cherry n of Corp. Line

Givens Henry, lab. wsk n e c Columbia and Spring

Glenn James, servt. e s Market s of Jefferson

Goode James S. attorney at law, s s High b Spring and Hill

Goodrow John, chair mkr. e s Factory b Main and Columbia

Gould Ellen, servt. n s Main nr Limestone

Gore Miss Emma M. bds w s Centre b Mulberry and Pleasant

Gore Henry, n s Jefferson b Centre and Factory

Gore Joshua, dealer in fruit trees, w s Centre b Mulberry and Pleasant

Gore Samuel, clk n s Jefferson b Centre and Factory

Gore Wm. inventor, w s Jefferson Centre and Factory [sic]

Gottschalk Gotlieb, lab. wks n s Buck Creek

Goudy Wm. A. bds s s Pleasant nr Vorp. Line

Goudy Andrew, farmer, s s Pleaant nr Vorp. Line

Gough Francis, bds n w c North and Market

Graham Mary, servt. n s High b Centre and Market

Graham Ross, servt. 72 Main

Gramer George, lab. wks n s Buck Creek

Gramer John G. lab. wks n s Buck Creek

Grant Alexander, (A. C. Black & Co.)

Grant William H. clk wks e s Market b Main and High

Grant Wm. (Leuty & G.)

Grant Wm. grocer, w s Yellow Spring n of North

Gray Miss Eliza A. s s Pleasant nr Corp. Line

Gray Milton, dealer in leather, &c., h w s Centre b Mulberry and Plesant

Green David, w s Cherry nr Corp. Line

Green Grove W. carriage mkr. w s Factory b Main and Columbia

Green Henry, carp. bds n e c Main and Spring

Green Matthew, lab. n s High nr Corp. Line

Greenwood John, lab. s s Pleasant nr Corp. Line

Gridley Chester P. carp. s s Pleasant nr Corp. Line

Griffin, ——, driver, wks saw mill

Griffin John, lab. n s Columbia nr Corp. Line

Griffin Margaret, servt. n s Mound nr Corp. Line

Griner John, lab. w s Market b North and Columbia

Griswold Mrs. H. N. n e c Jefferson and Factory

Griswold Lawrence, printer Republic Office

Groblinghoff W. lab. Spring Hill

Gross Samuel E. family grocery, n e c High and Market

Grossmann Wm. watches and jewelry, 148 Main

Grove G. carp. wks Novelty Works

Groves James, carp. n w c North and Market

Grove Wm. J. n w c Jefferson and Factory

Grup Jacob, cooper, e s Race b North and Columbia

Gunder Joseph, lab. n s Columbia e of Spring

Gunn Mrs. L. n s North b Factory and Mechanic

Gustin W. T. phys. s s Main b Centre and Factory

Gay G. G. foreman News and Journal Office, h n s High b Mechanic and Factory

Gay J. R. family grocery, e s Market b Main and High

Gay Miss Phoebe, bds e s Limestone b Kiser and Miller


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