Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1859

From Springfield & Urbana Directory, C. S. Williams, 1859

al alley or allopathic.
atty attorney.
b between.
bar k barkeeper.
bds. boards.
b. h. boarding house.
bk book or brick.
b. k. book keeper.
bldr builder.
bldg. building.
bo botanic.
c. corner.
cab. mkr. cabinet maker.
carp. carpenter.
clk clerk.
cof h coffee house.
com commission.
confec confectioner.
e east
ec eclectic.
eng. engineer.
ex. exchange.
h. house.
ho. homeopathic.
lab. laborer.
manuf. manuf'ry or manuf'er.
mer. merchant.
mkr. maker.
n. north.
not. pub. notary public.
nr. near.
opp. opposite.
prov. provision.
prop'r. proprietor.
res. residence.
s. south.
servt. servant.
w. west.
wh. wholesale.

Fachlin Geo. baker, wks 64 Main

Fahl Francis, lab. n e c Race and Columbia

Fairchild Almon, lab. bds w s Market b High and Washington

Faist G. W. student, bds n s Main nr Limestone

Fankhouse Jno. omnibus driver, s s Washington b Centre and Market

Fankhouse Mrs. E. s s Columbia b Market and Limestone

Fannon Jno. lab. w s Spring b Washington and Jefferson

Farrell Alphonso, foreman, w s Mechanic b RR. and Washington

Fassler Jerome, (Whitley, F. and Kelly,) s s High b Limestone and Market

Fee Rev. W. J. n s High b Spring and Foster

Fehrenz Chas. blksmith, wks n s Main b Mechanic and Factory

Felix Josiah, conf. and oyster saloon, 143 Main

Feltman Victor, lab. e of Cherry nr Corp. Line

Fenton Richard, carp. Spring Hill

ferrell Alphonso, moulder, wks Thos. Mast & Co's

Ferrence Chas. blksmith, s w c Main and Factory

Fickes Jacob, tree mer. s s Mulberry bFactory and Centre

(W. S. F. & N. F. Stone,) Iron Stone and Agricultural Ware House, 116 Main

Field W. S. (F. & Co.) bds n s Main nr. Limestone

Fieldmann V. brewer, wks s s High e of Foster

Fields George, carp. wks n s Columbia b Centre and Market

Filler J. C. miller, s s Clifton e of Spring

Filbert Jacob, cab. mkr. wks n w c Limestone and Washington

Finch Absalom, shoemkr. s e c RR. and Mechanic

Findley Rev. William, 269 Main

Finley James, lab. s s Main b Plumb and Race

Fischer Christ. lab. e s Taylor s of Harrison

Fish John B. civil engineer, s e c High and Cherry

Fish John, stone cutter, s e c Main and Yellow Spring

Fishe Charles, brewer, w s Water, nr Corp Line

Fisher C. B. clk, wks 97 Main

Fisher Jacob, bk layer, e s Plumb b Main and High

Fisher Mary, servt. n s Main nr Corp. Line

Fisher M. W. s w c Main and Limestone

Fitzgerald Mrs. Ann E. n s North b Factory and Mechanic

Fix John, shoemkr. bds Western Hotel

Flanagan John, lab. e s Spring b Main and Collumbia

Fleming James, plasterer, n s High b Market and Centre

Floyd Henry, blksmith, n s Washington b Spring and Limestone

Floyd Peter, lab. s s Main e of Spring

Fogle Daniel, cooper, bds s s Main b Race and Light

Folckenner Samuel, carp. wks e s Centre b High and Main

Foler James, clk bds 124 Main

Folkeimer Daniel, carp. bds American House

Foltz Barnard, agt. n s Main e of Spring

Follinghaus Geo. H. lab n s Main opposite Foster

Follrath Henry, family grocery, s s Main b Yellow Spring and Mechanic

Follrath & Kriegbaum, (M. F. & N. K.) family grocery, 165 Main

Follrath Michael, (F. & Kriegbaum)

Foos Gustavus, n s High e of Penn

Dry Goods and Carpets, 107 Main

Foos Wm. mer. s s High b Spring and Hill

Ford M. lab. w s Spring b Washington and Jefferson

Ford Winnifred, servt. Spring Hill

Forgy J. N. dealer in fruit trees, &c., w s Mechanic b High and RR.

Foster Mrs. w s Hill nr RR.

Foster Edward, cigar mkr. wks 118 Main

Fountain L. S. barber, wks 150 Main

Fowler Miss Mary, bds n e c Main and Spring

Fowler, Mrs. Sarah J. n e c Main and Spring

Fox Julius, carp. w s Buck Creek nr Factory

Frank Adam, baker, wks 155 Main

Frank Peter, cooper, wks n s North b Race and Plumb

Frankel Benjamin, (B. & W. F.) 149 Main

Frankel B. & W. (Benj. & William,) ready made clothing &c., 149 Main

Frankel William, (B. & W. F.) 149 Main

frankenburg Henry, n s Columbia b Limestone and Spring

Frankenstein George L. artist, w s Spring b Clifton and Mulberry

Frankenstein Godfrey N. artist n w c Spring and Clifton

Frankenstein Gustavus, artist, n w c Spring and Clifton

Frankenstein Mrs. Laura, e of Cherry nr Corp. Line

Franklin Benjamin, clothing mer. s w c Main and Factory

Freeman A. A. butcher, wks s w c Market and High

Freeman John, carp. bds s s Main b Mechanic and Yellow Spring

Freemon Otis L. s w c Centre and Pleasant

French L. bk layer, bds American House

Editor Springfield Republic, e s Limestone b Main and High

Frey Jacob, carp. w s Yellow Spring b Main and Columbia

Frey S. C. associate editor of Republic, res. Spring Hill

Frick Mrs. Julia, Millinery, e s Market b Main and Collumbia

Fritch Hiram, shoemkr. wks 175 Main, bds Western Hotel

Fritchie Paul, shoemkr. bds s s North b Factory and Mechanic

Fry Franklin N. blksmith, s w c Main and Factory

Frye William C. county treasurer, s s High b RR. and Cherry

Fullerton Wm. B. hatter, s s Columbia b Fatory and Mechanic

Fulleston William B. hatter, wks 84 Main

Fulmer George, wagon mkr. wks 7 Main

Funk H.J. groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes, s w Main and Centre

Funk John, (F.& Stoner)

Funk R. cooper, wks n s Columbia b Centre and Market

Funk & Stoner, (John F. & H. G. S.) wholesale liquor store, s s Main b Centre and Factory

Furniss Benjamin H. B. K. n e c Centre and Jefferson


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