Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1859

From Springfield & Urbana Directory, C. S. Williams, 1859

al alley or allopathic.
atty attorney.
b between.
bar k barkeeper.
bds. boards.
b. h. boarding house.
bk book or brick.
b. k. book keeper.
bldr builder.
bldg. building.
bo botanic.
c. corner.
cab. mkr. cabinet maker.
carp. carpenter.
clk clerk.
cof h coffee house.
com commission.
confec confectioner.
e east
ec eclectic.
eng. engineer.
ex. exchange.
h. house.
ho. homeopathic.
lab. laborer.
manuf. manuf'ry or manuf'er.
mer. merchant.
mkr. maker.
n. north.
not. pub. notary public.
nr. near.
opp. opposite.
prov. provision.
prop'r. proprietor.
res. residence.
s. south.
servt. servant.
w. west.
wh. wholesale.

Eagle Wm. machinist, wks Lagonda, h s s High b Limestone and Market

East Union School, n e c High and Water

Eby E. G. saddles, harness, &c. 135 Main

Eby Wm. family grocery, e s Market b High and Washington

Edmonson Thos. tanner, n s Washington b Market and Centre

Edwards Mrs. Eliza, bds s e c Market and Pleasant

Edwards O. J. coach mkr. s s Mulberry b Centre and Factory

Ege Geo. E. Printer, wks Republic office

Ehrnfeld Chas. L. teacher, Wittenburg College

Eipber Hy. stone cutter, e s Centre b Columbia and North

Eiper Hy. wagon mr. wks 252 Main, bds 244 Main

Eisenberger Geo. carp. s s Main b Centre and Factory

Elfritz Mrs. Elizabeth, s s Columbia b Centre and Market

Elifritz Byron, printer, wks News and Journal office

Elifrits Upton, printer, wks Ohio Press office

Ellis A. shoemkr. e s Factory b Main and Columbia

Ellsworth Rev. W. J. pastor Meth. Church, n s Washington b Centre and Factory

Elphingston Miss M. milliner, wks 81 Main

Enoch Wm. carp. n s High b Plumb and Yellow Spring

Enter Hy. machinist, n s North b Plumb and Yellow Spring

Eric Peter, lab. e s Market n of North

Etchison Miss E. dress mkr. e s Factory b Main and Columbia

Eugle Albert, potter, e s Yellow Spring n of North

Evans Washington, e s Spring b High and Washington


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