Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Springfield in 1859

From Springfield & Urbana Directory, C. S. Williams, 1859

al alley or allopathic.
atty attorney.
b between.
bar k barkeeper.
bds. boards.
b. h. boarding house.
bk book or brick.
b. k. book keeper.
bldr builder.
bldg. building.
bo botanic.
c. corner.
cab. mkr. cabinet maker.
carp. carpenter.
clk clerk.
cof h coffee house.
com commission.
confec confectioner.
e east
ec eclectic.
eng. engineer.
ex. exchange.
h. house.
ho. homeopathic.
lab. laborer.
manuf. manuf'ry or manuf'er.
mer. merchant.
mkr. maker.
n. north.
not. pub. notary public.
nr. near.
opp. opposite.
prov. provision.
prop'r. proprietor.
res. residence.
s. south.
servt. servant.
w. west.
wh. wholesale.

Dagan Michael, hostler, w s Spring b Columbia and North

Dale Danl. lab. n s Main e of Spring

Dalie Geo. W. carp. s s Washington opp. Spring

Dangler Albert, carp. bds Hagenbuch House

Dash Hy. cab. mkr. s s North al b Yellow Spring and Plumb

Daugherty Jacob, cooper, wks s s Collumbia b Centre and Market, h n s Main b Plumb and Race

Davidson Jno. plasterer, n s Pleasant b Centre and Factory

Davidson Job, cooper, wks n s High b Factory and Mechanic

Davidson Otho, cooper, wks n s High b Mechanic and Factory

Davidson Thos. printer, wks News and Journal office

Cooper Shop, n s High b Factory and Mechanic

Davis Marshall P. watch mkr. w s Mechanic b High and Washington

Davis Miss Nellie, teacher, Springfield Female College

Davis Smith, lab. n s Jefferson b Market and Centre

Davis Wilson, watch mkr. bds w s Mechanic b High and Washington

Davison Jos. carp. n s North b Limestone and Market

Davison Thos. driver, bds Hagenbuch House

Deam Andrew, family grocery, s s Main b Race and Light

Deam Jno. wagon mkr. bds s s Main b Race and Light

Dean Sherman, fireman, bds n s Washington e of Spring

Dean W. K. carriage painter, s w c Spring and Main

Deane Thos. clk. L. M., C. & X. RR. depot, bds Willis House

Deardorff J. M. carp. shop, e s Centre b High and Main

Deffenbaugh A. tailor, w s Spring nr Pleasant

Deffenbaugh Mrs. Henrietta, millinery and dress making, w s Market b Main and High

Dempsall Abner, barber, w s Market s of Pleasant

Deutro Chas. clk n e c Pleasant and Factory

Devault Hy. cooper, n s Main b Mechanic and Yellow Spring

Devling Jno. machinist, wks Buckeye Works

Dial E. G. atty. office King's Bldg. over 93 Main

Dias Godfrey, moulder, wks Novelty Works

Dilbert Geo. bk mkr. w s Plumb nr Jefferson

Diehl Rev. M. Prof. Languages Wittenburg College

Stoves, Tin and Hollow Ware, 88 Main

Dietzel Chas. locksmith, wks n s Main e of Water

Dietzel F. locksmith, n s Main e of Water

Dietzel Hy. chair mkr. wks n s Main e of Water

Digan Sylvester, tailor, n s Washington b Yellow Spring and Plumb

Dinwiddie J. A. clk wkse s Market b Main and High

Editor Ruralist, Office rear 111 Main

Dodge Miss Lizzie E. teacher, Springfield Female Academy

Dodsworth David, shoemkr. s s Washington b Centre and Factory

Dolan Mary, servt. s s High e of Railroad

Donahoe P. lab. w s Sring b Washington and Jefferson

Donoghue Pat. lab n s Main e of Spring

Donovan Robt. pump mkr. s s Columbia e of Spring

Dorwin Lyman, Ins. agt. bds s s High b Factory and Centre

Dorsay Bridget, sevt. c Pleasant and Limestone

Doty E. M. (D. & Rinehart)

Doty & Rinehart, (E. M. D. & J. W. R.) hardware and iron store, 113 Main

Douglass John G. saloon, n s Washington b Spring and Hill

Downey Michael, lab. e s Hill s of RR.

Downs Wm. plasterer, e s Spring b High and Washington

Doyle Mrs. Bridget, e s Hill s of RR.

Doyle Jno. lab. s s Pleasant nr Corp Line

Doyle Pat. b. h. 40 Main

Dozen Augustus, templer, wks oil mill

Drake Miss Elizabeth, bds w s Hill s of Clifton

Drake Mrs. Harriet, w s Hill s of Clifton

Driscoll Danl. carriage mkr. bds American House

Driscoll E. & J. carriage manufs. n s Main b Market and Factory

Driscoll Elias, (E. & J. D.)

Driscoll Jas. (E. & J. D.)

Driscoll Josiah, livery stable, s s Main b Factory and Centre

Drum Mrs. Elizabeth, n s Clifton e of Spring

Drury J. agricultrual implement mkr. s s Jefferson b Centre and Factory

Dryer Geo. machinist, wks e s Limestone b High and Washington

Duane Mary, servt. n e c High and Foster

Duchar Mrs. Elizabeth, n s North b Market and Limestone

Dudley Miss Emma, milliner, wks 81 Main

Dudley E. T. pump mkr. n s Pleasant nr Corp. Line

Blacksmith Shop, s s Washington b Market and Centre

Dudley Smith, lab. n s Pleasant nr Corp. Line

Duficy Jno. lab. s s Columbia e of Spring

Duke Geo. family grocery and oyster saloon, 80 Main

Dulf Wm. bk mkr. w s Centre b Clark and Pleasant

Dunn Jas. lab. e s Spring nr Buck Creek

Dunnegan Manus, lab. e s Pleasant n of Columbia

Dunlap Alex. phys. e s Market opp Pleasant

Dunlap C. W. student with Dr. A. Dunlap

Durgens Mrs. Angeline, bds s s Columbia e of Spring

Dushane Jno. shoemkr. s s High b Plumb and Yellow Spring

Dutro Chas. clk wks Western Meth. Prot. office

Dutton Miss Hattie, milliner, wks 81 Main

Dwyer Catharine, servt. s s North b Limestone and Spring

Dye Thos. atty, bds n s Main nr Limestone


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