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Springfield in 1852

From Directory of the City of Springfield
John W. Kees & Co., Springfield. 1852


SPRINGFIELD LYCEUM — Organized November 22, 1832. This institution was well sustained until 1849, when it was re-organized under new auspices. A large and convenient reading room was opened in Rhinehart's row, where the members of the society have access to a library of several hundred volumes, and different newspapers and periodicals. The members pay three dollars per year for the privileges and benefits arising from this institution. A course of lectures was commenced December, 1849, and have been continued during the winter season, to the present time, with good attendance and with much profit. The present officers are, R.R. McNemar, president; Geo. H. Frey, secretary; E.M. Doty, librarian.

MASONS. — Clark lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, No. 101. Instituted February, 1848 — meets the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of every month, in Union hall on Market street.

Springfield chapter — Instituted December, 1851 — meets first and third Monday evenings of each month, in the hall of Clark lodge.

ODD FELLOWS. — Springfield lodge, No. 33 — instituted October 24, 1844 — meets every Thursday evening, in Union hall, Market street.

Ephraim lodge — instituted February 25, 1850 — meets every Friday night, in Union hall, Market street.

Mad River Encampment — instituted December 3, 1843 — meets the first and third Tuesday evenings of every month, Union hall, Market street.

TEMPERANCE SOCIETIES. — Langley division — instituted March 5, 1845 — meets every Monday evening, in King's building, Main street, third story.

Temple of Honor — instituted November 5, 1847 — meets the first and third Friday evenings of every month, in King's building, third story, entrance on Main street.

Social Degree — instituted December 10, 1850 — meets the first and third Tuesday evenings of every month, King's building, Main street.

ANCIENT ORDER OF PERDONS. — Council No. 1 — Instituted in Springfield, October 5, 1850, at midnight, by a dispensation granted from the Enchanted Circle, of Heidelberg, Germany, to the following gentlemen, viz: E.C. Mason, C.F. Knott, George Hatch, Henry Snyder, J.B. Shepherd, John Stout, E.A. Williams. Beside Subordinate council, No. 1, the Enchanted Circle for the west, is located in this city — consisting of the following members, viz: Edwin C. Mason, Joshua B. Shepherd, Henry Snyder, George Hatch, Cyrus F. Knott, John Stout, E.A. Williams. The annual incantation is celebrated on the 14th of August, at midnight. Council No. 1 meets every Saturday evening, in their halls, third story of King's building, corner Main and Limestone streets.

Clark county branch of the Ohio State Medical Society — organized in May 30, 1850 — meets on the first Tuesdays in May, November and February; the May meeting to be considered the annual meeting. Present officers are Dr. R. Houston, president; Dr.'s B. Gillett and G.H. Bunyan, vice presidents; Dr. E. M. Buckingham, secretary, and Dr. R. Rodgers, treasurer.


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