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Springfield in 1852

From Directory of the City of Springfield
John W. Kees & Co., Springfield. 1852


COURT HOUSE — The present court house, on the northwest corner of Limestone and Columbia streets, or rather what is designated as the public square of the old town plat, was built in 1821 or 1822. After its completion, the public offices were kept in it until the year 1831, when suitable buildings were erected on the public square for their accomodation. The bell in the cupola of the court house, was the first in the place.

A market house, on the present site, was built in the center of Market street, and on the south side of High street, in the year 1830 or 1831. In 1848 the council sold this building at public sale, and it was removed to make room for the present new market house and city hall. This latter building is of brick, two stories high, about 120 feet in length, 42 feet wide, and cost about $7,800, including the bell. The lower part, or first story furnishes ample room for market purposes, is well paved with brick, contains stalls, and can be comfortably heated during cold weather. The upper part, a second story, is divided into a small, yet convenient council chamber, and a large hall suitable for all kinds of exhibitions and public assemblies.

UNION HALL — This large and handsome building was erected in 1850, by the different orders of Odd Fellows and Masons of this place. It is three stories high. The lower story is divided into four large store rooms and a main entrance to the upper apartments. The second story furnishes a large hall for public entertainments, and two or three other large rooms. The third story is occupied with halls for the different orders to whom the building belongs.

BUSINESS ROWS. — Murray's row, on the northeast corner of Main and Limestone streets, and "Linn's building," now known as "Rinehart's row," were immediately rebuilt after being destroyed by the fire of Feberuary 21st, 1840. King's row, on Limestone street, was built in 1847.

WAREHOUSES.— The warehouses formerly occupied by Harrison & Co. and A. Mattox, at the south end of Limestone street, were built in 1847; Fankhouse's on the corner of Market and Washington streets, in 1850; Peter Murray's, on the corner of Limestone and Washington, in 1851. The warehouses for the use of the Little Miami and Mad river & Lake Erie railroad companies, were built the year of the completion of those roads to this place.

There has also been a new jail built on an eminence, opposite the Catholic Church, the past year, and the erection of a new court house, with public county offices, on the same beautiful site, is also contemplated.


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