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From 20th Century History of Springfield and Clark County, Ohio by Hon. William A. Rockel
Chicago: Biographical Publishing Co., 1908

In the Congressional and judicial districts, as generally mapped out, Springfield was the largest city in the district. Being from a reliable Republican county, it would naturally claim recognition from the candidates for those positions.

In 1884 when General Keifer was defeated as the choice of this county Asa S. Bushnell was the candidate.

In 1886, the county in the meantime having been placed in another Congressional district, and by reason of General Kennedy's popularity in this county, no candidate was presented.

In 1890 Edward S. Wallace was the choice of our delegation. The Congressional Convention met at Washington C. H. After casting a large number of votes, each county for its own candidate, the Convention adjourned without nomination.

A second convention was called and proceeded in much the same manner as the first, but finally, after a large number of ballots had been cast and the delegates tired out, about 2 o'clock in the morning of a night session "Bob" Doan, of Wilmington, was made the candidate.

At this convention General Keifer might have been nominated, but those in control of the Clark County delegation would not permit that result.

When the Circuit Court was first established, J. K. Mower, afterwards Common Pleas judge, was Clark County's candidate without success, and when Judge Williams declined to be candidate for reelection because nominated for Supreme judge. Judge Chas. R. White was presented as the choice of this county, likewise without success.

In 1899 Chase Stewart, former prosecuting attorney, and representative from this county, made a very respectable but unsuccessful campaign for attorney general of the state.

Not only in Republican politics has our county been prominent, but on several occasions the opposition have come to Springfield for their candidates.

Notable in this respect was the action of the Prohibition party. On at least three different occasions that party, came here for their candidates for governor—at one time nominating Rev. M. J. Firey, the distinguished Lutheran minister, at another time, in 1885, Dr. A. B. Leonard, a noted Methodist divine, and in 1881, A. R. Ludlow, an old time and prominent manufacturer. At one time the Prohibition ticket received as high as seven hundred votes in this county.

In 1881 the Democrats nominated Hon. John W. Bookwalter, a prominent manufacturer and distinguished traveler, of this city, for governor, who was defeated in the election by Governor Charles Foster.


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