Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Members of Congress

From 20th Century History of Springfield and Clark County, Ohio by Hon. William A. Rockel
Chicago: Biographical Publishing Co., 1908

Joseph Vance, Urbana 1818-1835
Samson Mason, Springfield 1835-1843
Joseph Vance, Urbana 1843-1847
R. S. Canby, Bellefontaine 1847-1849
M. B. Corwin, Urbana 1849-1851
Beni. Stanton, Bellefontaine1851-1853
M. B. Corwin, Urbana 1853-1855
Benj. Stanton. Bellefontaine 1855-1861
Sam'l Shellabarger, Springfield 1865-1869
S. S. Cox, Columbus 1863-1865
Sam'l Shellabarger, Springfield 1865-1869
J. J. Winans, Xenia 1869-1871
Sam'l Shellabarger, Springfield 1871-1873
Wm. Lawrence, Bellefontaine1873-1877
J. Warren Keifer, Springfield1877-1885
John Little, Xenia 1885-1887
R. P. Kennedy, Bellefontaine1887-1891
R. E. Doan, Wilmington 1891-1893
G. W. AVilson, London 1893-1897
W. L. Weaver, Springfield 1897-1901
Thos. B. Kyle, Troy 1901-1905
J. Warren Keifer, Springfield 1905-


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Battle of Piqua



City Charter

County Politics and Roster of Officers

Early Clark County

George Rogers Clark

Clark-Shawnee Centennial

Education in Clark County

Ghost Towns

Indians in Clark County

Pioneers and Pioneer Days

Simon Kenton

Military History


The National Road


The Old Northwest




Springfield in 1852

Springfield in 1859

Springfield in 1863

Springfield in 1868

Springfield History

SHS 1951 Yearbook

State and County Government

Then & Now

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